8.1 Vortec Engine

8.1 vortec specs

GM’s 8.1L motor, referred as 8100 Vortec and first produced in 2001, was employed for Chevy Avalanche 2500, Silverado 2500HD and 3500HD plus their GMC Sierra doubles in 2001-2006. In 2007, smaller but more high-performance 6.0L V8 substituted it. Basically, GM created these motors for pickups to work steadily for a long time. Being a …

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VH45DE Engine

Nissan VH motors, released between 1989 and 2001, are available in 4.1L and 4.5L (4,130 cc and 4,494 cc) variations. They comprise a 90-degree V8 with aluminium cylinder block, featuring a closed top deck plus a deep skirt. Aluminium cylinder heads keep a dual overhead camshaft with four valves construction and pentroof combustion chambers. The …

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5.7 V8 LS1 Engine

gm ls1 engine specs

Motors of LS series, nicknamed by GM as Gen-III Small-Block, first appeared in 1997. They were available in iron-block variations for trucks while all-aluminum LS1 was applied for C5 Corvette automobile. While the company prefers to call its contemporary V8 motors Gen III and Gen IV, the real car enthusiasts, who has got excited by …

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LM7 5.3 Vortec Engine

5.3 vortec specs

GM’s 5.3L Vortec motor is built on the small block V8 framework, applied for the creation of many LS lineup motors for Chevrolet Corvette. However, the 5.3L is mainly employed for trucks and SUVs. 5.3L Vortec has minimum 9 variations, but in general, they are either Generation III or Generation IV V8 small block motors. …

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22R-E Engine

toyota 22re engine specs

Toyota 22R is a 2.4L 4-cylinder motor, manufactured between 1981 and 1995. In 1982, the brand presented 22RE, a fuel-injected modification, plus, from 1985 to 1988, 22RTE, a variant with turbocharging, was built. Having troubles with timing chain, the motor passed through some updates. Consequently, many 22RE components aren’t compatible with 22R and 22RE motors, …

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4.8 Vortec Chevy LR4 Engine

chevy 4.8 vortec

Being very alike from a mechanical point of view, GM’s LS motors and Vortec ones, built on their framework, were employed for almost every brand of the company, comprising Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, Saab, Izuzu and Hummer. As both LS and Vortec motors are pretty widespread, they are treated as contemporary motors of high …

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N55B30 Engine

n55b30 engine specs

BMW N55, an inline-six petrol engine, started to be produced in 2009 as a substitution for BMW N54 and was applied for F07 5 Series Gran Turismo. Being the first brand’s motor featuring a twin scroll turbocharger, it was called the best engine for three consecutive years, in 2011-2013, according to Ward. Its production started …

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K20 Engine

honda k20 specs

Honda initiated the production of K-series, 4-cylinder 4-cycle motors, in 2001. Keeping dual overhead camshaft valvetrains, they reach lower attrition thanks to roller rockers. K-series motors employ coil-on-plug ignition system without distributor but featuring a coil for every spark plug. Refraining from application of classic ignition timing system with distributor, these motors feature a computer-controlled …

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RB20 Engine

rb20 engine specs

Nissan RB, released from 1985 to 2004, is a 2.0-3.0L inline-six four-stroke gasoline motor. Aluminum head is applied for both single and dual overhead camshaft versions. Single overhead camshaft motors keep two valves per cylinder while the ones with dual overhead camshaft feature four valves per cylinder. Each camshaft lobe controls just one valve. RB …

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VG33E Engine

nissan vg33e engine specs

Nissan VG are 2.0-3.3L V6 piston motors, employed for a number of vehicles from the brand’s range. The debut motor of lineup appeared in 1983 and soon, VG turned into the first assembly line V6 motors in Japan. Keeping iron block plus aluminum heads, primary motors of the range received a single overhead camshaft with …

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VQ40DE Engine

nissan vq40de

Nissan VQ is a 2.0-4.0L V6 piston motor, keeping aluminum block with dual overhead camshaft featuring 4 valves per cylinder plus aluminum heads. It’s supplied with the brand’s EGI/ECCS sequential multi-port fuel injection while its subsequent variations keep different modifications of variable valve timing and direct fuel injection. The latter are often referred as NEO-Di. …

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3RZ-FE Engine

3rz-fe engine soeces

Manufacture of Toyota 3RZ-FE motor was initiated in 1994 as a substitution for 22R-E. Being destined for off-road and commercial automobiles, it kept pretty large capacity for inline-four configuration, reached by application of 95 mm cylinder bore plus forged crankshaft featuring 8 counterbalances and 95 mm stroke. 3RZ utilizes crankcase with two balancer shafts, serving …

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J32A Engine

j32 engine specs

Honda J-series is the 4th generation of V6 gasoline motors, production of which was initiated in 1996, following the C-line with its 3 different modifications. Being constructed by the brand’s American engineers, these motors were manufactured at Anna, Ohio and Lincoln plants in Alabama. While C motors were 90° V6, these ones are 60°, being …

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B18C Engine

b18c engine specs

Honda B-series, first presented in 1988, are inline 4-cylinder automotive motors with dual overhead camshafts. They were for sale contemporaneously with economical D-line motors, featuring single overhead camshaft, but B-lineup had better performance thanks to double overhead camshafts and the brand’s VTEC system, which was applied for the first time. Along with letter B, the …

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4AC Engine

Toyota A-series are 1.3-1.8L inline-4 internal combustion motors featuring cast iron blocks plus aluminum cylinder heads. Cylinders were siamesed to make a motor shorter. Thus, 1A motor had a length of 550 mm (21.6 inches). Toyota initiated production of this lineup in the late 1970s, aspiring to create an absolutely fresh version of the motor to …

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