Ford Duratec 1.8 HE Engine Specs And Problems

Ford Duratec HE 1.8 l 125 hp engine is also known as Mazda MZR L8, developed by the Japanese manufacturer, and is the next generation of Mazda engines «F» series. Ford originally placed it into Mondeo, but then it was upgraded, appeared with intake manifold channels control system with turbulence, the system of direct ignition of the ignition coil, the electronic throttle, and more.

Unlike the other Duratec with smaller volume and power, there is already a chain timing drive, significantly increasing reliability. But at the same time, the 1.8-liter engine has a congenital disease floating idle speed (intermittent operation of the engine).

The problem is solved by washing the throttle or changing the firmware up, in extreme cases comes to drilling holes in the throttle. In addition to motor problems inherent in all other Duratec and the HE, like triplets, different vibrations, knocks, and noise, the causes of these phenomena are described here in the section “Troubleshooting”.

To sum up, this engine is one of the most problematic among all Duratec’s, and it is better to look in the direction of the two-liter engine.

Ford Duratec HE 1.8 Engine Specs

Manufacturing Valencia Engine
Production Years 2001- 2010
Cylinder block alloy Aluminum
The power supply system Injector
Configuration Row
Valvetrain Valves per cylinder – 4
Number of cylinders 4
Piston stroke, mm (inch) 81.3 (3.27)
Cylinder bore, mm (inch) 83 (3.26)
Compression ratio 10.8
Displacement, cc. (cu. in) 1798 (109.72)
Power output 115-125 hp / 6000 rpm
Torque output 155 nm / 4000 rpm
Fuel type 95 Gasoline
Environmental standards Euro 4
Fuel consumption, L/100 km (mpg)

City – 9,5 (24.75)

Highway 5.6 (42.00)

Combined 7,0 (33.60)

Oil consumption, L/1000 km up to 0.5
Dry weight Focus Duratec, lbs 205
Oil type in engine 5W-20, 5W-30

How Long Will A Duratec Engine Last?

  • According to the manufacturer – 217 480 miles
  • Real – 310 500 miles

The resource of the Ford Duratec engine / Mazda MZR 1.8 according to the plant is 217,000 miles. The actual service life of up to 310,000, is subject to regular maintenance.

What Cars Have A Ford Duratec 1.8 Engine?

  • Ford C-Max Mk I
  • Ford Mondeo Mk III
  • Ford Focus Mk II
  • Mazda 5
  • Mazda 6
  • Mazda MX-5

Ford Duratec 1.8 HE (Mazda L8) Engine Problems

The Ford Duratec HE 1.8 L 125 hp is a Mazda MZR L8 engine that was designed and produced in Japan. It’s derived from the F-series of engines from Mazda, after which it received a direct ignition system based on ignition coils, an electronic throttle valve, and other modifications.

Duratec are very reliable and has a timing chain drive, which improves durability. The 1.8-liter engine, on the other hand, has a congenital defect of floating idle speed (unstable engine operation). Flushing the throttle valve or upgrading the firmware in extreme situations entails drilling a hole in the throttle valve as a solution. Other Duratec and Duratec HE problems include tripping, vibrations, knocks, and noises that are caused by faulty components; see HERE for details about “Malfunctions”

This engine is one of the most difficult to repair among Duratec, and it’s best to go with a two-liter engine.

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