4AC Engine

Toyota A-series are 1.3-1.8L inline-4 internal combustion motors featuring cast iron blocks plus aluminum cylinder heads. Cylinders were siamesed to make a motor shorter. Thus, 1A motor had a length of 550 mm (21.6 inches). Toyota initiated production of this lineup in the late 1970s, aspiring to create an absolutely fresh version of the motor to …

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VK56DE Engine

nissan vk56de engine specs

The Nissan VK engine (previously called the ZH) is a V8 piston motor, featuring an aluminum dual overhead camshaft with four valves. Actually, VK56 was built on the framework of the brand’s VQ V6 motor but not VH V8, applied for Q45/Cima vehicles. Among the main differences are a variable intake manifold of polymer, restyled …

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LM4 Engine

lm4 engine specs

Having the capacity of 5.3 liter (325 cu in), GM/Chevrolet LM4 is a naturally aspirated V8 90° 4-stroke gasoline motor. It’s a representative of Generation Three V8 truck motors with small blocks. LM4 resembles LM7 (released between 2003 and 2005), but it differs by having an aluminum block. Chevrolet LM4 (Vortec 5300) keeps V8 90° …

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2.3 Ecoboost Engine

ford 2.3 ecoboost engine

EcoBoost series are turbocharged gasoline motors with direct injection, manufactured by Ford. The debut motor of this type was a joint venture of FEV Engineering (Germany) and Mazda (Japan). Ford 2.0-liter and 2.3-liter motors are turbocharged modifications of Mazda L motors. Motors of this range were created to reach the identical efficiency with naturally aspirated …

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VG30DETT Engine

vg30dett engine specs

VG30DETT is a 3.0-liter V6 motor. Being for sale in the United States between 1990 and 1996, it was applied for Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo for the American market and Nissan Fairlady Z in Japan (till 2000). Though 300ZX automobile could be also equipped with VG30DE motor, VG30DETT became the most widespread choice thanks to …

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2AR-FE Engine

toyota 2ar-fe engine

In 2008, Toyota launched the production of 2AR-FE motor as an alternative to 2.4L 2AZ. The brand applied high technologies while designing this item, making 2AR-FE reach the identical power but consume less fuel than its forerunner. Besides the 2.5L motor, Toyota also manufactures 2.7L 1AR-FE. 2AR keeps aluminum cylinder block featuring thin cast iron …

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D16 Engine

honda d16b engine

In 1986, Honda decided to expand its D series by creating D16A, a motor with greater capacity. It was built on the framework of 1.5L D15A featuring aluminum cylinder block and block height of 212 mm. The motor kept stroke camshaft of 90 mm, connecting rods of 137 mm plus pistons of 75 mm with …

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D15B Engine

honda d15b engine

In 1984, Honda launched the manufacture of D15A motor, the debut engine from the D-series, for its CRX automobile. Having the block height of 207 mm, this 1.5L engine featured aluminum cylinder block and cast iron sleeves. Its other characteristics comprised stroke crankshaft of 85.5 mm, pistons of 74 mm and connecting rods of 134 …

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1.8 TSI EA888 Engine

vw ea888 1.8 tsi

1.8 TSI/TFSI EA888 motor was first manufactured by Audi AG in 2007. EA888 1.8 TSI plus 2.0 TSI were constructed as alternatives to 1.8 and 2.0L motors from EA113 lineup. Being a 4-cylinder gasoline engine featuring turbocharger and direct fuel injection, this motor was modernized three times. So, let’s find out a bit more about …

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VQ37VHR Engine

VQ37VHR engine problems

Nissan VQ engines, successors of VE and VG motors, were first released in 1994, but they still remain among the most reliable and powerful motors, constantly getting to Ward’s 10 Best Engines list. They are V6 motors with the capacity ranging from 2.0 to 4.0L and featuring aluminum block and heads. Being constantly updated, engines …

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SD25 Engine

nissan sd25 engine

SD25, a variation of Nissan SD engines, is a 2.5L (2.488 cc) inline-4 diesel motor with water cooling. Having compression index of 20.7 and 21.4 for Datsun and Nissan (non-California) and 21.9 for these vehicles within California standards, motor’s output is 70 hp (71 PS, 52 kW) at 4,000 rpm. SD25 is the largest motor …

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M112 E32 Engine

m112 engine

M112 E32 is an engine from V6 range, first released in 1997 as a substitution to M104 E32. Other motors from 112-lineup are E24 M112, M112 E26, E28 M112, M112 E32 ML plus M112 E37. Having V-shape with cylinder back’s angle of 90 degrees, motor was supplied with basic components of V8 M113. M112 features …

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KA24DE Engine

nissan ka24de engine

Manufacture of KA24, an alternative to Z24, was launched in 1988. Its first modification, KA24E, is a four-cylinder inline engine with cast-iron cylinder block, having cylinder diameter of 89 millimeters. Forged crankshaft features piston stroke of 96 millimeters plus forged connecting rods of 165 millimeters. It gained aluminum cylinder head featuring single overhead camshaft plus …

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VR6 Engine

vw vr6 engine

VR6 and subsequently VR5 are internal combustion engines, first released in 1991. They are known for narrow-angle (10.5 or 15 degrees) V shape. Having 6 cylinders, VR cylinder block contains 2 cylinder banks (left 1-3-5 and right 2-4-6), covered by sole cylinder head cover. R32 is a famous representative of EA390 series. This VR6 3.2L …

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4B11 Engine

mitsubishi 4b11 engine

4B11 is a 2.0L motor, released in 2007 as an alternative to legendary 4G63 owing to stricter emission demands. Having naturally aspirated and turbocharged modifications, it was applied for Mitsubishi Lancer and EVO X cars. As a result, 4B11 turns out to be an aluminum motor featuring modern electronics, used in latest 4G6 versions. Gaining …

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