EZ30 Engine

This 3-liter engine was put into production in 1999 and was a successor of EG33 engine. At the time of its production, EZ30 was the flagman engine in the lineup and was installed on the biggest cars. This motor has been designed completely from scratch, he used an aluminum cylinder block height of 202 mm, …

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G4GC Engine


G4GC 2.0 Engine The Hyundai G4GC engine is used to install Kia Cerato, Kia Sportage, Hyundai Elantra, Kia Ceed, Kia Spectra, Hyundai Tucson, Hyundai Sonata EF, Hyundai i30, Hyundai Coupe, Hyundai Trajet, Kia Carens. The engine is equipped with the CVVT timing system. The engine is reliable and unpretentious, has a high resource of more …

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EA113 Engine


The EA113 engine series began to be established on cars of VAG concern in 2004 year. This series has been developed by engineers who have taken as the basis the 2.0 FSI engine with direct injection of the fuel. The most important difference is the presence of the turbo. Also on the turbocharged engine cylinder block is …

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4G63 Engine


The 4G63 motor is one of the Mitsubishi Sirius 4G6 range. The manufacture of this 2.0 L 4-cylinder naturally aspirated gasoline engine started in 1980. Besides, it has a version with a turbocharger, the 4G63T. 4G63 is built on the framework of G63B, an 8V motor with SOHC carburetor, employed for several Mitsubishi automobiles till …

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3SGE Engine


The production of Toyota 3SGE was launched in 1985 and ended in 2005. It was built as a variation of the 3S-FE engine, meant for sports cars. 3SGE differs from 3SFE by the restyled Yamaha cylinder head. For 20 years of production, this engine gained 5 modifications. Toyota 3SGE engine specs Manufacturer  Kamigo Plant Toyota …

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S52B32 Engine


The S52 engine — the high-performance version of the 6-cylinder engine developed on the basis of the M52 engine for the sedan, a coupe and a cabriolet of BMW M3 in E36 chassis. The engine was intended only for North America as an alternative to 3,2-liter S50B32. The power S52B32US unit was issued from 1994 …

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2AZ-FE Engine


The 2AZ-FE is a 2.4 L (2362 cc) version built in Japan (Kamigo Plant and by Toyota Industries Corporation), at TMMK in the USA and also built in China for select Scion xB models, obtains a total displacement of 2362 cc with 88.5 mm (3.5 in) bore and 96.0 mm (3.8 in) stroke, with a compression ratio of 9.6:1. Output is 160 …

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7A-FE Engine


The A-series engines, released by Toyota Motor Corporation, are inline-four internal combustion engines, varying from 1.3 L to 1.8 L. These engines have engine blocks made of cast iron and cylinder heads, which are made of aluminum. Toyota launched the manufacturing of the A-series engines in the end of 1970s, trying to find a substitution …

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Duratec 1.6 Ti-VCT 125hp


Ford Focus mkIII 1.6 125 hp Ford Focus Duratec Ti-VCT 1,6 l. 125 hp engine is the same as the Duratec Ti-VCT 1,6 105 hp with variable valve timing, but with different camshafts, modified valve timing and exhaust, earlier cut-off, here we have the power increase of 20 hp. The resource of Ford Focus 1.6 …

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Duratec Ti VCT 1.6 105 hp


Duratec Ti VCT 1.6 105 hp Engine Specs   Manufacturing Bridgend Engine Production Years 2010 – nowadays Cylinder block alloy Aluminum The power supply system Injector Configuration Row Cylinders/Valves 4/16 Piston stroke, mm (inch) 81.4 (3.20) Cylinder bore, mm (inch) 79.00 (3.11) Compression ratio 11.0 Displacement, cc. (cu. in) 1596 (97.39) Power output 105 hp …

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Duratec 1.8 HE Engine


Ford Duratec HE 1,8 l 125 hp engine is also known as Mazda MZR L8, developed by the Japanese manufacturer, and is a next generation of Mazda engines «F» series. Ford originally placed it into Mondeo, but then it was upgraded, appeared intake manifold channels control system with turbulence, the system of direct ignition of the …

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Duratec 1.6 16V Engine


Ford Focus engine 1.6 Duratec TI VCT differs from the 1.6 100 hp by variable valve timing, intake manifold, pistons in the bore and has a different firmware. Zetec SE series itself dates back to 1995 and developed with the help of the Japanese company Yamaha whose owners can be proud of. Engine resource of …

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