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What are the common symptoms of a failing car engine?

Hey everyone, I’ve been having some issues with my car lately, and I’m worried the engine might be failing. Can anyone tell me what the common symptoms of a failing car engine are? Thanks!

Hey there! If your engine is failing, you might notice a few things. Look out for unusual noises like knocking or tapping, a significant drop in power or performance, and excessive smoke from the exhaust. Another big sign is if your engine overheats frequently or if your oil has a milky appearance, which could indicate a blown head gasket. Hope this helps!

I had a similar issue with my car last year. Besides the noises and smoke, one of the first signs I noticed was that my fuel efficiency dropped significantly. Also, if you feel your car vibrating more than usual or it’s stalling often, it could be the engine. Definitely get it checked out by a mechanic ASAP to avoid further damage.

Hi! Common symptoms of a failing engine include rough idling or misfiring, strange smells (like burning oil or coolant), and check engine lights coming on frequently. You might also notice oil spots under your car due to leaks. If any of these symptoms match what you’re experiencing, it’s best to have a professional take a look.


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