Nissan Armada Oil Capacity

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This huge off-road vehicle with the formidable name of Nissan Pathfinder Armada surpasses both Chevrolet Tahoe and Ford Expedition in length.

Actually, the idea of Armada is simple and clear. It is even surprising that it was born only in 2003. This car owes its appearance to the amazing situation in the American market. For decades, Japanese manufacturers have consistently squeezed the representatives of the “Big Three” in almost all segments.

Toyota Camry and Honda Accord topped the sales ratings among passenger cars, the specially created Lexus and Infiniti managed to take away a significant part of the buyers from Lincoln and Cadillac, and even in the class of midsize SUVs, Mitsubishi Montero, Nissan Pathfinder and Toyota 4Runner took good positions.

But in the segment of full-size, and simply put, giant SUVs and pickups, American companies continued to feel superior. Only Toyota decided to prepare its models Tundra and Sequoia to compete with Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Tahoe. They have made a good impression, but they have not made a revolution alone.

Therefore, after the triumphant debut of medium-sized Nissan Murano and Infiniti FX, Nissan USA has decided to enter the “super heavyweights” class and in some contrast with Toyota have tried to assert themselves loudly, having presented bright and interesting product.

Pathfinder Armada was officially shown for the first time at the New York Auto Show, and in the fall production began. And in December, its “fellow” pickup truck Titan joined the assembly line of the new Nissan plant in Mississippi. And Titan impressed the American journalists so much that it won several prestigious awards, and became the winner in annual competitions of authoritative automobile editions.


2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Nissan Armada Oil Capacity

Engine Oil capacity (with filter) Oil type (viscosity)
5.6L 8-cyl Engine VK56DE 6.6 quarts (6.3 L) 5W-30, 10W-30, 10W-40


2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 Nissan Armada Oil Capacity

Engine Oil capacity (with filter) Oil type (viscosity)
5.6L 8-cyl Engine VK56VD 6.9 quarts (6.6 L) 0W-20


How Much Oil Does a Nissan Armada take?

The 2021 Nissan Armada with the 5.6L 8-cyl engine (engine code VK56VD) takes 6.9 quarts (with filter) of 0W-20 synthetic oil. A new oil filter and a crush washer are required.

The engine oil viscosity or thickness changes with temperature. Because of this, it is important that the engine oil viscosity be selected based on the temperatures at which the vehicle will be operated before the next oil change. Choosing an oil viscosity other than that recommended could cause serious engine damage.

Your new vehicle is equipped with a high-quality genuine NISSAN oil filter. When replacing, use the genuine oil filter or its equivalent for the reason described in change intervals.

The oil and oil filter change intervals for your engine are based on the use of the specified quality oils and filters. Oil and filter other than the specified quality, or oil and filter change intervals longer than recommended could reduce engine life.

Damage to engines caused by improper maintenance or use of incorrect oil and filter quality and/or viscosity is not covered by the new NISSAN vehicle limited warranties.

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