Chevy Volt Oil Capacity

YearEngineOil capacity (with filter)Oil type
2011-2015LUU3.5 L (3.7 US Quarts)5W-30
2016-2019L3A4 L (4.23 US Quarts)0W-20 (dexos1)

The Chevrolet Volt, a pioneering electric vehicle, requires specific attention when it comes to engine oil. We delve deep into the 2016 Chevy Volt specifications and Chevy Volt engine oil capacity to provide you with accurate and detailed information.

Oil Type and Capacity for Different Volt Models

  • 2011-2015 Chevrolet Volt (LUU Engine): The recommended oil type for this model is 5W-30, with an oil capacity of 3.5 L (3.7 US Quarts).
  • 2016-2019 Chevrolet Volt (L3A Engine): This model requires a slightly different oil type, 0W-20 (dexos1), with a capacity of 4 L (4.23 US Quarts).

Importance of Choosing the Right Oil

Selecting the appropriate synthetic motor oil for the Chevrolet Volt is crucial. The right oil ensures smoother engine performance, better fuel efficiency, and engine longevity.

Chevrolet Volt Oil Change and Maintenance

Volt Oil Change Intervals

For optimal Chevrolet Volt engine health, regular oil changes are essential. The recommended Volt oil change intervals are every 7,500 miles or 12 months for LUU engines and the same for L3A engines.

Factors Affecting Oil Change Frequency

  • Mileage and Time: Generally, after 7,500 miles or one year, the oil life monitor will indicate a need for an oil change.
  • Driving Conditions: More frequent changes might be necessary in areas with varying temperatures and heavy traffic, like the Northeast.

Oil Life Monitoring in Chevrolet Volt

The Chevrolet Volt oil life reset feature is a handy tool for drivers to monitor the health of their engine oil. It uses various criteria, including mileage, time, and engine temperature, to accurately predict when an oil change is due.

FAQs on Chevrolet Volt Engine Oil

A: For the 2016 Chevrolet Volt, it is advisable to use 0W-20 (dexos1) synthetic motor oil.

Q2: How often should I change the oil in my Chevrolet Volt?

A: Oil changes should be done every 7,500 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first.

Q3: Can I use regular motor oil in my Chevrolet Volt?

A: Using synthetic motor oil specifically designed for Chevrolet Volt is recommended to ensure optimal engine performance and health.

Q4: Does the Chevrolet Volt require a special type of oil filter?

A: Yes, it is recommended to use the Chevrolet Volt oil filter that is specifically designed for your vehicle model.

Q5: Is there a difference in oil capacity between different Volt models?

A: Yes, the 2011-2015 Volt models have an oil capacity of 3.5 L, while the 2016-2019 models have a capacity of 4 L.

By following these guidelines and understanding the specific needs of your Chevrolet Volt, you can ensure the longevity and efficiency of your vehicle. Regular maintenance and the right choice of oil and filters are key to keeping your Volt running smoothly.


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