Best Spark Plugs For Cadillac XTS

Spark plugs light the fuel mixture in your car’s engine, allowing it to drive. It receives a spark from the electrical ignition in modern automobiles or the distributor cap and rotor in older vehicles, sitting on top of the cylinder head.

Conventional spark plugs will wear down at around 30,000 miles to as much as 40,000 miles, causing stalling, starting difficulties, and engine misfiring. The number of times platinum-tipped spark plugs have to be changed might differ. At the same time, it may be time for your oxygen sensor, spark plug wires, PCV valve, and fuel filter to be replaced.

The Cadillac XTS is a huge vehicle with a vintage look that hasn’t been erased by its current design. It has the attitude of a GM Lincoln Town Car and is popular among limousine firms because of its wonderful ride. It may be expanded, and it is frequently done so. We don’t know if this is outside of the XTS box or part of it, but it’s also available with armor plating. Or as a hearse.

The base engine is a strong and smooth 3.6-liter V-6 with 304 horsepower and 264 pound-feet of torque provided by a 6-speed automatic gearbox. However, an XTS V-Sport model exists to disprove the notion of a geriatric cruiser; it features a twin-turbo 3.6-liter V-6 with 410 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque mated to a 6-speed automatic all-wheel drive is standard on the V Sport, which may almost be considered a sport sedan.

Front-wheel drive is standard on all XTS models, with all-wheel drive available. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration assigns the XTS a five-star overall rating, and comprehensive crash avoidance technology is available.

Although not much is standard, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gives the XTS top Good grades in every area. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety currently gives the best Good ratings in each category, although no difficult small-overlap test has been conducted yet.


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Info/Engine 3.6L 6-cyl Engine LFX 3.6L 6-cyl Engine LF3 Turbo
OEM spark plug gap 0.044″ (1.11mm) 0.036″ (0.91mm)
Qty. needed 6 6
Change interval 97,500 miles 60,000 miles
Best spark plug NGK 90117 ILTR6E11 Laser Iridium Spark Plug NGK 96393 ILTR7Q9 Laser Iridium Spark Plug
Popular choice Denso 4719 ITV20TT Iridium TT Spark Plug NGK 96393 ILTR7Q9 Laser Iridium Spark Plug

What are the different types of spark plugs?

Keep in mind that you can’t just use any spark plug in any motor. Make sure your Owner’s Manual informs you of this and you’ll be fine!

  • Copper Spark Plugs: The most basic spark plugs are made of copper. However, since copper is a good conductor and has the lowest cost, they do not last as long as other materials.
  • Platinum Spark Plugs: Platinum is less susceptible to heat than copper (and helps prevent deposits from forming). Plugs with platinum tips, on the other hand, typically survive longer than those made of copper.
  • Double Platinum Spark Plugs: These are not required twice as effective as platinum spark plugs, but they do have platinum on two electrodes: the ground electrode and the center electrode.
  • Iridium Spark Plugs: Iridium is more difficult and durable than platinum. (It’s also more expensive!) The electrode is thinner because of the expense of iridium, but they still produce greater power, combustion, and life than other plugs.

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