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link to 1MZ-FE Engine

1MZ-FE Engine

Engine 1MZ-FE - it's the middle brother in the line, its cylinder capacity is about 3.0 liters (2994 cc.). Bore and stroke of 87.5 mm and 83 mm, respectively. Power output varies from model year and...

link to 1JZ Engine

1JZ Engine

JZ-series engines were manufactured from 1990 to 2007, these engines dates back to the "second wave" of Toyota engine's manufacturing when the first wave of the engines (and earlier years, as in this...

link to N54B30 Engine

N54B30 Engine

N54 is the first BMW engine with turbocharging and direct injection of the fuel under high-pressure, which is different from its predecessor's outstanding combination of performance and fuel...