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honda pilot roof rack

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Honda Pilot is a mid-size crossover SUV that had been marketed by Honda since 2002. This model is one of the most convenient and family-friendly Honda models ever produced by the brand. Apart from the appealing exterior and functional interior, there are several other performance and capacity features that make Pilot a very good automobile.

For cars like this, a roof rack is a very appropriate accessory. The ones from Brightlines require no drilling. These racks are easy to install and they are built according to OEM specifications.

Best Honda Pilot Roof Rack

A roof rack is a set of bars positioned on the roof of a car. Roof rack for Honda Pilot, like for any other car, is designed to carry passenger items and make it easy to transport items on the roof of a vehicle without sacrificing interior space for passengers. Roof rack components consist of fitting pieces, crossbars, and gear mounts.

The nature of its design makes the Honda Pilot Roof rack suitable to transport objects such as skis, bicycles, containers, and other luggage.

Features of the Honda Pilot Roof rack

Aerodynamic Qualities The roof rack’s aerodynamic shape helps it minimize wind noise. Due to the aluminum wind deflector and its angle, the Honda Pilot Roof rack alleviates noise and drag. The use of aluminum makes it highly corrosion resistant since aluminum can create a protective oxide coating.
Easy Installation The roof rack for Honda Pilot is also easy and fast to install. Crossbars are adjustable in position and can be installed in minutes. The package comes with a pair of crossbars, four mounting towers and instruction. (installation instructions are provided below)
Load Capacity The Honda pilot roof rack can hold up to 132lbs load capacity (when load is evenly distributed). its high strength to weight ratio also provides this rack a solid structure to hold extra weights.
Lightweight With a weight of 2.7 g/cm3, (one third the weight of steel), aluminum is a very light metal which means the reduction of energy consumption and increased load capacity.
BRIGHTLINES Roof Rack Cross Bar Replacement for Honda Pilot 2009-2015
323 Reviews
BRIGHTLINES Roof Rack Cross Bar Replacement for Honda Pilot 2009-2015
  • High grade aluminum constructed. Light weight and durable.
  • Aero-dynamic in shape to minimize wind noise.
  • crossbars are adjustable in position. Installed in minutes.
  • Load capacity 132lbs when load is evenly distributed.
  • Package comes with a pair of crossbars, four mounting towers and instruction.

The Crossbars from Brightlines are designed to fit for the 2014 Honda pilot roof rack, the 2015 Honda pilot roof rack, as well as the 2016 Honda pilot roof rack. These Honda Pilot roof rack cross bars enhance the easy transportation of luggage such as cargo bags, snowboards, kayaks, and canoes.

The crossbars for both the rear and the front are the same length.

The dimensions for these crossbars are:

Front: 46 ½ in L x 2 5/8 in W x 4/5 in H
Rear: 46 ½ in L x 2 5/8 in W x 4/5 in H

Purchase and Installation

The ability to travel long distances in relatively short time periods is one of the luxuries of the new century. However, there are times when we are needing to transport a number of luggage without sacrificing interior space. This is where the roof rack plays a role. Installing a roof rack enables a convenient and comfortable trip.

Whether you’re on a cross country trip, vacation tour, or outdoor adventure, you shouldn’t be limited on what you can bring. The Honda Pilot cross bar roof rack avails you the liberty to take along extra luggage.

The installation of a roof rack is relatively easy. To install your Honda Pilot Roof Rack, you’d need the following tools: Flat-tip screwdriver, Shop driver, as well as a T-30 Torx driver. Ensure the roof rails are clean before installing the Crossbars.

Honda Pilot Roof Rack installation involves the following steps:

  1. Apply a plastic trim tool to remove the rear roof rail covers on both sides (right and left rear roof rail covers; two clips for each cover).
  2. Place the Crossbars into the roof rails with the adjustment screws on the passenger side of your car. Align the marks on the Crossbars with the marks on the roof rails. Ensure the Crossbars are inserted in the correct position and direction. Installed incorrectly, the Crossbars can induce noise.
  3. Fasten the thumbwheel screws (eight of them) secure the crossbars to the roof rails.
  4. Place a Torx bolt in each rail and fasten the bolts securely.
  5. Reinstall the roof rail covers. Ensure they are securely snapped into place.

Ensure you frequently check the roof rails and Crossbar mounting bolts. There are times they may need to be Retightened. Also, ensure you don’t exceed the maximum weight capacity.

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