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No. 1
ESUPPORT Car 2' 52mm Digital Water Temp Gauge Blue LED Fahrenheit F
1,850 Reviews
ESUPPORT Car 2" 52mm Digital Water Temp Gauge Blue LED Fahrenheit F
  • Diameter: 2"/52mm.
  • Waring light: >212 ℉
  • Power: DC(10-15V) 12V Professional.
  • Sensor Mounting Thread: NPT 1/ 8 "
  • READ:104-300 ℉ Water Temp Gauge
No. 2
Actron SP0F000054 Bosch Style Line 2' Triple Gauge Kit (Black Dial Face, Black Bezel)
363 Reviews
Actron SP0F000054 Bosch Style Line 2" Triple Gauge Kit (Black Dial Face, Black Bezel)
  • 2" Triple Gauge Kit with black dial face and black bezel
  • Oil/Water Temperature SP0F000053, Electrical Voltmeter SP0F000051, and Mechanical Oil Pressure SP0F000052 gauges
  • Includes 72" high temperature nylon tubing with 1/8" and 1/4" NPT thread fittings
  • Also includes mounting hardware and 12 volt internal lighting
  • Only for 12 volt negative ground systems
No. 3
wiiyii Car HUD Head Up Display P6, OBD+GPS Smart Gauge, Works Great for All Cars
360 Reviews
wiiyii Car HUD Head Up Display P6, OBD+GPS Smart Gauge, Works Great for All Cars
  • SAFE IS THE FIRST---Just focus on your driving, could read speed at a glance with the digital numbers but without having to look down; This unit simply displays directly to you at whatever angle you set it up, no need to make effort to have a look, which may lead to make distractions or even cause accident.
  • NEW DRIVING EXPERIENCE---10 kinds interface, free switch, LCD meter, clear fault code, read data stream; 2 install way with adjustable bracket, put on dashboard or stick to windshield, easy operation, non-destructive installation.
  • A MUST HAVE---If you don't want your driving record to have points on it or pat hundreds of dollars in speeding tickets; If on a major highway, you really want to know how fast you are going; If your wife get worried and want to see you're not driving so fast as she feels; Or if you would like to solve your problem of never knowing how fast you are going, this speedometer perfectly matches your need.
  • DRIVING MORE COMFORTABLE---When driving normally, the ambient light is blue color(automatically adjusts the brightness according to the environment ); when driving abnormally, such as speeding, the ambient light will be changed to Red color for alarming.
  • MORE SMOOTH & STABLE---Common meter only has OBD mode, but ours is dual mode: OBD+GPS 2-in-1, the default display OBD+GPS function at the same time, and data display is more abundant. OBD system, can read more than 100 kinds of data in the car. If the vehicle doesn't have OBD2 protocol, only displays GPS function.
No. 4
127 Reviews
  • Brand New Edge Insight CTS3 Digital Gauge, Compatible with 1996 & Up OBD-II Vehicles, Produced by Holley Performance Products (Holley Part #84130-3)
  • Upgrade from bulky gauges with this multi-gauge, touch-screen data logger to track important vehicle parameters including EGT, regen cycles, trans temp, boost, RPM, etc. This Insight CTS3 Digital Gauge Monitor by Edge is compatible with most domestic 1996 and newer (OBDII) gas and diesel vehicles, and the full-color 5-inch capacitive touchscreen provides crystal-clear readouts with auto-dimming for night-time use.
  • The Insight is the #1 preferred digital gauge monitor in the market today, used by daily drivers and enthusiasts everywhere. The Insight is the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art, multi-gauge touch-screen display on the market. It is an instantaneous and inexpensive alternative to bulky, analog gauges that would otherwise cost hundreds of dollars and take hours to install.
  • This is the perfect tool for those who want to monitor their vehicle performance and prefer not to program their vehicle, or for those who already have significant performance upgrades and want to safely monitor their vehicle performance. Not only can the Insight monitor vehicle performance, but it can also be intelligently configured to provide audible and visual alerts to help you protect your vehicle.
  • NOTE: Compatibility with 1998-2005 Dodge/Ram has not been released yet.
SaleNo. 5
Equus 8200 2' Volt Triple Gauge Kit
490 Reviews
Equus 8200 2" Volt Triple Gauge Kit
  • Oil gauge measures from 0-100 PSI with 270 degree sweep
  • Voltmeter measures from 8-18 volts with 90 degree sweep
  • Water gauge measures from 130 to 280 degree F with 270 degree sweep
  • Twist-on cup design
  • Includes dash mount
No. 6
Slim gauge cars
2 Reviews
Slim gauge cars
  • Used Book in Good Condition
  • Harold H. Carstens (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 111 Pages - 05/15/1991 (Publication Date) - Carstens Publications (Publisher)
No. 7
MOTOR METER RACING EVO Series Digital 6 Gauge Set Includes GPS Sensor mounting kit
214 Reviews
MOTOR METER RACING EVO Series Digital 6 Gauge Set Includes GPS Sensor mounting kit
  • Specification Speedometer & Tachometer: Standard 3-3/8" (85mm) dial and 3-3/4" (95mm) opening. EVO Gauge Set requires any 1 to 9 cylinder gas powered engine & 12-volt negative ground systems. Red, Blue, White & Green to be select as displaying light color, brightness adjustment; 4 types of dimmer setting where the color can be shift according to users' needs in different conditions.
  • Specification Water Temp, Volt, Oil Pressure & Fuel Gauge: Standard 2"(52mm) dial 2-1/16"(52.4mm) opening. Red & Blue to be select as displaying light color, brightness adjustment.
  • Features: EVO 6 Gauge Set applying the latest LCD movement technology with the display of precision. It is designed for in-dash usage, while suitable on-dash mounting cups available to be ordered — flat clear acrylic lens with plastic housing, designed to be installed with ease.
  • Packaged: Speedometer GPS sensor and convector, fuel level sender, water temp sensor (Thread size: 1/8 NPT), oil pressure sensor (Thread size: 1/8 NPT), 3-3/8" mounting stand (2 pcs), wiring harness, installation manual.
  • Warranty: One-year for non-human factor damage and free lifetime technical support; Made in Taiwan.

Car lovers and racers like you look for the accessories and ideas that can make their car more stylish. You want to improve the appearance of the car from the outside and inside. This is the reason why you are recommended to replace the gauges installed in the factory with custom gauges and gauge faces.

They not only add a stylish look to your car but also show you the numbers and information about the health of your car’s engine and other vital parts. This article describes how to choose custom gauges.

Types of gauges

The gauges make your dashboard an important interior section of your car. They help you monitor the health and operations, i.e. speed, oil pressure, fuel, temperature, and other measures.

There are many types of gauges and each of them has individual functionality. But they can be classified into two groups, i.e. specific and universal. The specific gauges are useful for racing cars, while the universal gauges can be used in all kind of vehicles. They are also available in digital and analog types. You can select digital for your modern car or analog if you have a vintage car.

If you look at the style side of the gauges, they are available in many types of different styles, size, and quality. However, while choosing the gauges, you have to consider some aspects i.e. current electrical system and wiring harness under your car dashboard. You may need to upgrade these things before you can get some custom gauges installed. The shops from where you buy them can help you in this case.


Understanding the gauges and their purposes will help you make smart choices. To provide you with the in-dash information you need before you go ahead with the custom-fit electronic instrument cluster, we have listed some of them with description and purpose.


This is a required gauge for all vehicles on the road as its purpose is to shows you the rate of speed while you are driving. It’s very important that you have a properly functioning speedometer installed on your car dashboard. To test and make it sure, you can drive on a freeway at a rate of 60 MPH for a few minutes. You should pass one mile per minute in this test.


If you are concerned about the engine health and mileage, the tachometer can be very useful to you. It shows you the RPM. Running at a higher RPM for a longer distance makes your engine work harder and reduces the fuel mileage. So monitoring the RPM help you maintain optimum speed and achieve a maximum mileage of your car or SUV.

Fuel level meter

You would never want to get yourself in trouble with an empty gas or fuel tank. So every vehicle has a fuel level gauge. However, sometimes this gauge works incorrectly, i.e. shows empty when your fuel tank is full, and full when it is actually having a very little fuel. So the quality of this gauge is very important along with its stylish look.

Boost pressure gauge

This is called Pressure gauge or boost gauge and generally installed on the pillar on driver’s side in a radio slot. It displays air pressure in an internal combustion engine. It shows that the boost pressure is excessive or normal while being modified to the higher than OEM standard levels on a turbocharged car. It is also called turbocharger or supercharger, and are engine-driven air compressors that provide various levels of boosts depending on RPM, load etc.

Air-fuel ratio meter

Air/fuel ratio meter is useful to monitor the ratio of air to fuel. It displays the ratio by reading the voltage output of an Oxygen sensor, and available in the narrowband or wideband. The narrowband sensor was a standard till the late 1970s to early 1980s. But the wideband sensor has been very popular in recent years due to its accuracy.


Water/methanol injection gauge

Water/Methanol injection gauge, that is also called water/methanol flow, is a must if you have water/methanol injection system installed in your car. It shows you exactly how much fuel is being injected into your engine.

Temperature meter

A temperature meter or temperature gauge is an important gauge used in cars and other vehicles. It indicates the temperature of your car’s engine. High temperature means your car coolant system is not working properly or maybe it’s leaking the coolant. If it is showing low reading even after the car has run a few miles, maybe your gauge is broken or not working at all. It may also be showing low reading if the thermostat is open or stuck open.

Dash display kit

Dash display kit is a compact Electronic Control Unit device that monitors and logs various parameters. Many companies are producing the dash display kit that can log up to 5000 hours data. The other features include diagnosis tools, adjustable alarm systems, smart control and operations of the system and more. It keeps you updated with various operational statistics and important data about your car’s health. This can help you prolong the life of your car’s engine as well as other parts.

Custom Gauge Faces

There are many companies manufacturing the aftermarket parts and components including the custom gauge faces. Most of them in the automotive industry installs standard dashboards which can be replaced by the custom faces to personalize the appearance.

A gauge face is an area with etched or printed numbers and markings for various parameters like speed, RPM, fuel, and many others. Its main purpose is to give you information about the various operations and functions of your car. If you have many useful gauges installed on your car’s dashboard, you would surely want customization to show them in a stylish manner. Here come the custom gauge faces to your help.

A gauge face is a place that catches the attention of any person. So you would want to have a stylish one to boost the appearance of your car’s dash and match with your modern retro. The custom gauge faces are available in many styles, sizes, shapes, and colors. You can select a matching or contrast gauge face depending on your car’s look.

Gauge face kit

Custom gauge face kit comes with a range of styles and allows you to choose from various colors like red, green, white, orange, pink, yellow, blue and many other colors to beautify your car dashboard.

Decorative elements used

It also comes in stainless steel, carbon fiber, and polycarbonate plastic materials. If you are looking for a beautiful overlay on your dashboard, the carbon fiber or polycarbonate plastic gauge face kit colored in different ways and styles with the nu image can be the best option. Those who like stainless steel plates on the dashboard may go for the one made of stainless steel.

Coatings options

The custom gauge faces come in different varieties according to your needs. You can pick from the chromed or colored plates if it matches your car and dashboard appearance. Stainless steel gauge faces come in brushed as well as polished form. To further improve your dashboard, you can also use coating bezel mounts, gauge panels, lens, and trim.

Top three companies that deal with Custom Gauges & Gauge Faces

There are numerous companies dealing with the custom gauges & gauge faces. The top three of them are as below. You can use the information given in this article as a buying guide and select the best quality gauges from top manufacturers like mentioned below.

US Speedo

Since its foundation in 1999, US Speedo has been leading the custom gauge faces industry with its high-quality gauge restyling products. Its stainless steel gauge faces, especially Aqua Edition and Aqua Mariner designs has been very popular since 2004.



Intellitronix was founded in 1996 by a team of engineers with inspiration from a James Bond movie. The movie displayed a car with a red light-up dash that caught their attention. The company’s LED Digital Replacement Gauge Panel is very popular among the racers as it is a perfect fit for drag racing.



With its finest automotive products, AutoMeter is among the leading manufacturers of custom gauges and gauge faces. This company has been manufacturing high-quality gauges like speedometers, tachometers, temperature meters, RPM, Boost, etc in stylish designs since 1957.

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