QR25DE Engine

Nissan QR25DE Engine

The QR25DE is a 2.5 L (2488 cc) variant of QR20D engine built with cast steel connecting rods, a steel timing chain, counter-rotating balance shafts, and an aluminum intake manifold. The engine bore is 89 mm with a stroke of 100 mm and a compression ratio ranging from 9.5:1 to 10.5:1 depending on the vehicle.



Nissan QR25 engine specs

Manufacturer Nissan Decherd Powertrain Plant
Yokohama Plant
Also called Nissan QR25
Production 2001-present
Cylinder block alloy Aluminum
Configuration Straight-4
Valvetrain DOHC
4 valves per cylinder
QR25DE Pistons stroke, mm (inch) 100 (3.94)
Cylinder bore, mm (inch) 89 (3.50)
Compression ratio 9.1
Displacement 2488 cc (151.8 cu in)
Power output 112 kW (152 HP) at 5,200 rpm
118 kW (160 HP) at 5,600 rpm
127 kW (173 HP) at 6,000 rpm
131 kW (178 HP) at 6,000 rpm
134 kW (182 HP) at 6,000 rpm
147 kW (200 HP) at 6,600 rpm
190 kW (250 HP) at 5,600 rpm
Torque output 245 Nm (181 lb·ft) at 4,400 rpm
240 Nm (177 lb·ft) at 4,000 rpm
234 Nm (173 lb·ft) at 4,000 rpm
244 Nm (180 lb·ft) at 4,000 rpm
244 Nm (180 lb·ft) at 4,000 rpm
244 Nm (180 lb·ft) at 5,200 rpm
329 Nm (243 lb·ft) at 3,600 rpm
Redline 7,000 (Sentra SE-R Spec V)
HP per liter 61.1
Fuel type Gasoline
Weight, kg (lbs)
Fuel consumption, L/100 km (mpg)
for Sentra SE-R
13.0 (18)
8.4 (28)
10.7 (22)
QR25DE Supercharger  Naturally aspirated
Oil consumption , L/1000 km
(qt. per miles)
up to 0.5
(1 qt. per 1200 miles)
Recommended engine oil 5W-30
Engine oil capacity, L (qt.) 5.1 (5.4)
Oil change interval, km (miles) 5,000-10,000
Normal engine operating temperature, °C (F) 90 (195)
Engine lifespan, km (miles)
-Official information

200,000+ (120,000)
Tuning, HP
-Max HP
-No life span loss


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QR25DE Problems and malfunctions

  1. Stretching of the timing chain.
  2. Oil leak and high oil consumption.
  3. Vibrations.
  4. Overheating.

The most common mechanical problem of aluminum motors QR20DE- QR25DE is associated with overheating. Causes by the failure of the cooling pump. The result of overheating (even micro overheating) is a “gap” of the head unit. Micron leaks allow antifreeze to get into the combustion chamber.

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Thus oxygen sensors tend to register a rich composite fuel. Some problems when starting the engine, stall, speed floating.

The solution of this problem is rather expensive. Replacing the cylinder head gasket may cost some money. Grinding head and the block, the new gasket head bolts. To avoid this it is necessary to monitor the condition of the radiator honeycombs inside and out, monitor the temperature of the motor, monitor the level of antifreeze and its color. Ensure proper operation of the cooling fans. Or simply visit regularly the diagnostics, where all the specialists will check and fix any problems found.


QR25DE first start up after rebuild


Timing set nissan qr25de 2.5


Nissan Altima Turbo QR25DE to QR25DET


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