Clutch Kit: Everything You Need to Know

The choice of a clutch is a very serious issue that demands much attention and time as it goes in various forms. Thus, centrifugal clutches are employed for mopeds whereas many race cars utilize multiple plate clutches. However, no matter what type you need, you will always have many variants to select from.

What clutch brands are the most reputable ones? For instance, Exedy has already built a good reputation in the automotive world. Both professionals and amateurs trust this company and prefer its products above others. Another decent clutches brand is Flex-a-lite.

RAM manufactures and sells flywheels, pressure plates plus clutch disks. Additionally, pay attention to such manufacturers as Hillard, Max-Torque plus South Bend.

What Is a Clutch Kit?

Basically, any motor would stop working any time you braked to a stop if there was no way to disunite it from the transmission. Cars with automatic transmission feature torque converters allowing the motor to keep operating when the automobile stops. Simultaneously, automobiles with a manual transmission get assisted by clutch assemblies.

Nevertheless, while fluid coupling torque converter makes the motor operate autonomously of the driveline as soon as the automobile comes to a stop and the automatic transmission is put in motion without any driver’s input, the clutch must be fetched away by hand to dissociate the motor from the transmission when the automobile stops its movement plus every time a driver opts for another gear.

As it’s employed pretty often and wears out, it requires periodical replacement. Clearly, not only one component must be substituted and it’s advisable to employ clutch kits to do the job efficiently plus avoid spending extra money.

clutch kits

How does it work?

A classic clutch kit comprises a clutch disc plus a clutch pressure plate. The release bearing (also regarded as throw-out bearing, pilot bearing or bushing) along with clutch alignment are incorporated in different kits. Additionally, some kits may comprise a flywheel bolted to the crankshaft’s edge. It deals with storing the motor’s rotational energy plus smoothing of power delivery.

Starter’s drive gears flywheel’s circle’s teeth for crankshaft plus reciprocating assembly turning after the turn of the ignition key and the flywheel’s face serves as a medium between the clutch disc and threaded ports for clutch pressure plate cover adjusting bolts.

Due to friction material on both sides, the clutch disc is able to grip friction areas on flywheel plus pressure plate. It’s seized between flywheel and pressure plate, leading to its splined port engagement with the gearbox input shaft splines. Many discs feature springs adjoined to the disc’s center for dampening the shock to transmission once the clutch sets to work. Pilot bearing supports input shaft in the crankshaft’s edge or flywheel’s center.

When a car stops or when gears are shifted, a driver pushes down a clutch pedal, forcing clutch release bearing against pressure plate diaphragm spring through hydraulic or mechanical conjunction.  That spring moves pressure plate away from clutch disc, unlinking motor from the transmission. During speed-up from a stop or following shifting gears, a driver loses clutch pedal simultaneously with employing accelerator pedal.

After the release of pressure plate diaphragm spring, the plate initiates pressure on the disc by boosting it against the flywheel. Having gripped flywheel plus pressure plate, disc’s friction material initiates turning and spinning at motor speed, transmitting motor power to transmission input shaft plus driveline.

Clearly, constant disengagement and engagement produce friction causing heat plus wear. Thus, the clutch disc’s friction material wears out leading to flywheel and pressure plate surfaces becoming scratched plus distorted. Moreover, the pressure plate exposes hot spots plus rattle mark. That leads to hard spots plus heat fractures on the flywheel. Release bearing also wears out, harming pressure plate diaphragm fingers plus contributing to diaphragm spring’s weakening. As soon as a clutch wears out, it doesn’t perform its job properly.

While wear out is the most frequent reason for the latter condition, slippage may also be a consequence of improper regulation or oil contamination caused by motor or transmission leakage, plus problems with engagement may be caused by crooked or gripped adhesion. Additionally, worn out release bearing leads to a clutch uproar.

In any case, our replacement clutch kits will make your clutch function properly again. Our clutch kits comprise elements that were specifically built to work in conjunction plus fit original equipment specifications. So, you can have no doubts that once the entire job is over, your clutch will show its best possible performance.

Along with original specification clutch kits, you are free to acquire some updated kits comprising more efficient clutch disc friction material like hybrid aramid-organic and Kevlar, plus high-productive pressure plates with enhanced clamping load. These kits are perfect for towing, off-road employment as well as for motors restyled to reach more horsepower.

Note that when you start a wornout clutch repairs, it’s crucial to substitute clutch disc plus pressure plate while flywheel may be resurfaced for the restoration of its surface trim. Nevertheless, the majority of automobile brands point out that only a thin layer of material can be taken off during machining and if fractures are still visible, it’s advisable to substitute flywheel.

How to choose a clutch kit?

Some clutch kits already comprise a fresh flywheel. Keep in mind that Dual Mass Flywheels are usually not subjected to resurfacing.

Dual Mass Flywheels’ two parts are segregated by springs absorbing motor vibrations. Being initially manufactured for noise plus vibration reduction as well as enhancement of shifting process on diesel motor trucks, these flywheels are currently employed for passenger cars as well.

They have rather a complicated structure and that’s why they are pretty pricy in comparison with other flywheels and their replacement also costs more. If you are eager to save your money, you are free to purchase flywheel conversion kits instead of them.

These kits consist of clutch elements created to deal with solid mass flywheels mounted instead of original Dual Mass Flywheels for maintenance of driving comfort, clutch functioning plus shifting efficiency. These kits are sold with as well as without solid mass flywheels, permitting forthcoming clutch substitution on automobiles that have already been subjected to conversion and don’t need a fresh flywheel.

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