Mitsubishi Outlander Transmission Fluid Capacity

Mitsubishi Outlander Transmission Fluid Capacity

ModelTransmission TypeFluid TypeCapacity (US Quarts)Change Interval
Outlander CU (2003-2006)4-speed automatic (W4A4B, S4FA/T)Mitsubishi / DIAQUEEN ATF SP-III8.5648000 km (30000 miles)
Outlander CU (2003-2006)5-speed manual (F5M42 and W5M42)75W80/75W85/75W90 API GL-42.4348000 km (30000 miles)
Outlander CU (2003-2006)5-speed manual (W5M51, Turbo models)75W80/75W85/75W90 API GL-42.9648000 km (30000 miles)
Outlander CW/ZG/ZH (2007-2013)Manual75W-80 GL-32.32 – 2.6448000 km (30000 miles)
Outlander CW/ZG/ZH (2007-2013)AutomaticDIA QUEEN ATF-J38.6648000 km (30000 miles)
Outlander CW/ZG/ZH (2007-2013)CVTDIA QUEEN CVTF-J17.548000 km (30000 miles)
Outlander CW/ZG/ZH (2007-2013)Twin Clutch SST (Getrag 6DCT470)DIA QUEEN SSTF-I8.0248000 km (30000 miles)
Outlander GF/GG/ZJ/ZK/ZL (2013-2021)AutomaticMitsubishi Motors ATF-J38.6648000 km (30000 miles)
Outlander GF/GG/ZJ/ZK/ZL (2013-2021)CVTMITSUBISHI CVTF-J47.2948000 km (30000 miles)
Outlander GF/GG/ZJ/ZK/ZL (2013-2021)Manual75W-80 GL-32.32 – 2.6448000 km (30000 miles)
Outlander GN (2022-present)Continuously Variable Transmission (Jatco CVT8 INVECS-III)MITSUBISHI MOTORS GENUINE CVTF-J48.3448000 km (30000 miles) or 24 months
Outlander GN (2022-present)Transfer case75W-90 API GL-50.3248000 km (30000 miles) or 24 months

The Mitsubishi Outlander, a versatile and reliable vehicle, requires specific transmission fluids to maintain its high performance and longevity.

Transmission fluids serve as lubricants and coolants, preventing the wear and tear of transmission components. Selecting the right fluid type is crucial for the smooth operation of your Outlander.

2003-2006 Mitsubishi Outlander Transmission Fluid Capacity And Type

2004 Mitsubishi Outlander

The transmission fluid requirements for the Outlander CU series from 2003 to 2006 vary based on the model and transmission type. The 4-speed automatic models (W4A4B, S4FA/T) demand the Mitsubishi / DIAQUEEN ATF SP-III, with a capacity of 8.56 US quarts and a change interval of 48000 km (30000 miles).

The requirement for the 5-speed manual models (F5M42 and W5M42, including Turbo models W5M51) is 75W80/75W85/75W90 API GL-4 with capacities ranging from 2.43 to 2.96 US quarts.

2007-2012 Mitsubishi Outlander Transmission Fluid Capacity And Type

The CW/ZG/ZH series, spanning from 2007 to 2013, includes different transmission types, each requiring specific fluids. Manual transmissions use 75W-80 GL-3, with a 2.32 – 2.64 US quarts capacity. The automatic transmissions require DIA QUEEN ATF-J3, holding 8.66 US quarts.

For the CVT and Twin Clutch SST transmissions, DIA QUEEN CVTF-J1 and DIA QUEEN SSTF-I are used respectively, with capacities of 7.5 and 8.02 US quarts.

2013-2021 and 2022-Present Mitsubishi Outlander Transmission Fluid Capacity And Type

2022 Mitsubishi Outlander

The more recent Outlander models, including the GF/GG/ZJ/ZK/ZL (2013-2022) and the GN series (2022-present), continue to emphasize the importance of using specific transmission fluids.

The automatic transmission models use Mitsubishi Motors ATF-J3, with a capacity of 8.66 US quarts. The manual models require 75W-80 GL-3, and the capacity ranges from 2.32 to 2.64 US quarts.

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The latest GN series also introduces the Continuously Variable Transmission (Jatco CVT8 INVECS-III), which uses MITSUBISHI MOTORS GENUINE CVTF-J4 with a capacity of 8.34 US quarts.

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FAQs on Mitsubishi Outlander Transmission Fluids

Q: What type of transmission fluid does a Mitsubishi Outlander require?
A: The type depends on the model and transmission type, ranging from Mitsubishi / DIAQUEEN ATF SP-III for automatic transmissions to 75W80/75W85/75W90 API GL-4 for manual transmissions.

Q: How often should I change the transmission fluid in my Mitsubishi Outlander?
A: The general recommendation is every 48000 km (30000 miles), but this can vary based on the specific model and transmission type.

Q: Can I use a different brand of transmission fluid in my Outlander?
A: Using the specific fluid type recommended for your model is crucial to ensure optimal performance and avoid potential damage.

Q: Is the transmission fluid capacity the same for all Mitsubishi Outlander models?
A: No, the capacity varies depending on the model and transmission type, ranging from 2.32 to 8.66 US quarts.

Using the correct transmission fluid and adhering to the recommended service intervals are key to maintaining the performance and longevity of your Mitsubishi Outlander.

Refer to your vehicle’s manual or consult a professional mechanic to ensure you’re using the right products for your specific model.


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