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Mini Cooper Transmission Fluid Capacity

Mini Cooper Transmission Fluid Capacity

Mini Cooper Transmission Fluid Capacity

Model YearsModel CodeTransmission TypeTransmission ModelOil TypePart NumberCapacity (US quarts)
2001-2006R50/52/535-speed ManualGS5-65GHBMW MTF 2832223445892.11
2001-2006R50/52/535-speed ManualGS5-52BGBMW MTF LT-4832223392231.8
2001-2006R50/52/536-speed ManualGS6-85BG/DGBMW MTF 2832223445892.11
2001-2006R50/52/536-speed Auto6F21WA/TF60SNATF JWS33094.76 (Service), 6.34 (Overhaul)
2001-2006R50/52/53CVTGACVT16ZBMW ATF 5 or Mobil CVT EZL 799832223442074.76
2007-2014R56/57/58/596-speed ManualGS6-55BGBMW MTF-LT-4832223392231.8
2007-2014R56/57/58/596-speed ManualGS6-53BG/DG (Up to 02.2007)BMW MTF 2832223445892.01
2007-2014R56/57/58/596-speed ManualGS6-53BG/DG (From 03.2007)BMW MTF-LT-4832223392232.01
2007-2014R56/57/58/596-speed Auto6F21WA/TF60SNATF JWS33094.76 (Service), 6.34 (Overhaul)
2014-onwardsF55/56/576-speed ManualGS6-58BG/DG or GS6-59DG (Up to 07.2017)BMW MTF2832223445892.11
2014-onwardsF55/56/576-speed ManualGS6-58BG/DG or GS6-59DG (From 08.2017)BMW MTF3832224552102.11
2014-onwardsF55/56/576-speed AutoGA6F21AWBMW ATF6832223555994.76 (Service), 6.34 (Overhaul)
2014-onwardsF55/56/577-speed DTCGetrag / Magna 7DCT300BMW DCTF-2832224331574.23
2014-onwardsF55/56/578-speed AutoGA8G45AWBMW ATF7832224134773.17 – 4.23 (Service), 7.4 (Overhaul)

The Mini Cooper, an emblem of style and efficiency, has evolved through various models, each with distinct transmission systems. From the classic R50/52/53 series to the contemporary F55/56/57 line-up, understanding the nuances of each model’s transmission is crucial.

These range from the robust 6-speed manual transmissions, known for their precise control, to the advanced automatic transmissions that offer a seamless driving experience. Key models include the Mini Cooper Countryman and Paceman, each boasting unique transmission specifications.

Maintaining the correct transmission fluid capacity is vital for the longevity and performance of your Mini Cooper. The right amount of fluid, whether it’s the Redline Synthetic ATF Oil for automatic transmissions or the MTF LT-4 Extended Life for manual systems, ensures optimal lubrication and cooling.

As seen in the Mini Cooper S and other models, variations in fluid capacities necessitate a thorough understanding of specific requirements.

Utilizing the appropriate Mini Cooper Automatic Transmission Guide and adhering to the recommended Mini Cooper Routine Maintenance FAQ can significantly enhance your vehicle’s transmission life and efficiency.

 Mini Cooper R50 Automatic Transmission Change

Transmission Fluid Capacities by Model Year

Early Models (2001-2006): R50/52/53 Series

The R50/52/53 series, hallmark early models of Mini Cooper, necessitate precise fluid management. The transmission capacity for these models varies, with the 6-speed manual transmission requiring Mini Cooper Manual Transmission Fluid MTF LT-4 Extended Life.

Understanding the specific requirements for these early models is crucial for maintaining their classic efficiency.

Mid-Range Models (2007-2015): R56/57/58/59 Series

The mid-range R56/57/58/59 series introduced more advanced transmission systems. This period saw the Mini Cooper transmission capacity transition, particularly in the 6-speed automatic models.

Utilizing the Automatic Transmission Fluid NMG7302 and adhering to the Mini Cooper Automatic Transmission Guide ensures optimal performance.

Latest Models (2014-Onwards): F55/56/57 Series

The latest F55/56/57 series embodies modern Mini Cooper design advancements. These models often require specialized fluids like the Redline Synthetic ATF Oil for automatic transmissions or bespoke solutions for manual types.

The Mini Cooper F55 F56 capacity and the Mini Cooper S Transmission Fluid Parts are pivotal in these contemporary vehicles.

Transmission Fluid Capacities

Step-by-Step Guide on Checking Fluid Levels

Begin by assembling the necessary tools: a clean rag, safety gloves, and a level surface to park your Mini Cooper. Ensure the engine is cool before proceeding to avoid burns from hot components.

For models equipped with a dipstick, locate it near the transmission. It’s typically marked distinctly for easy identification.

Pull out the dipstick, wipe it clean, reinsert it, and then remove it again to check the fluid level. The fluid should be between the marked indicators. Examine the fluid color and texture; it should be clear without any debris or burnt smell.

Regularly checking the transmission fluid levels is integral to the Mini Cooper’s maintenance, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of the vehicle’s transmission system.

Common FAQs on Mini Cooper Transmission Fluid

Can I Use a Universal Transmission Fluid in My Mini Cooper?

Using the specific fluid recommended for each Mini Cooper model is essential. Universal transmission fluids might not meet the required specifications for Mini Cooper transmission systems.

How Often Should I Change My Transmission Fluid?

Refer to the Mini Cooper Routine Maintenance FAQ for specific intervals. Generally, fluid changes depend on driving conditions and transmission type.

Signs of Low Transmission Fluid in Mini Coopers

Watch for symptoms like erratic shifting, transmission noise, or a burning smell, which might indicate low fluid levels or a need for a transmission fluid change. Regular checks of Mini Cooper transmission capacity and fluid quality are recommended for optimal performance.

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your Mini Cooper, understanding the specifics of transmission fluid, from the Mini Cooper Manual Transmission Fluid for manual models to the Redline Synthetic ATF Oil for automatics, is essential.


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