What Does the Wrench Light Mean on a Honda?

Although it may not be what you want to see, the wrench light appearing on your Honda’s dashboard is actually nothing serious. In fact, it’s just a reminder that some maintenance might be needed soon. So don’t worry next time this happens, take your car in for service at your earliest convenience.

What Causes A Wrench Light To Come On?

What Causes A Wrench Light To Come On?

The lighted wrench on your Honda is part of the Maintenance Minder system, which notifies you when your car needs service so you can schedule an appointment. The Maintenance Minder measures and records sensor readings at various points in your car to determine when it’s time for service.

When the light comes on in your car, it’s the computer trying to tell you something is wrong. Save time and money by having your dealer check it out immediately.

Does The Wrench Light Mean Oil Change?

Depending on your driving conditions, newer Honda models will tell you when it’s time for service. For example, if you typically make short trips or drive in hilly areas, your engine will run at higher temperatures and use oil more quickly than normal.

When the oil life reaches 15% on a Honda, the wrench light turns on automatically and remains on until you reset the oil life. The motor oil is referred to here as “oil.”

  • Oil life 15% – The indicator wrench for maintenance comes on. A maintenance code will show on your dashboard with the wrench indicator, advising you of which components need servicing.
  • Oil life 5% – Service is due now.
  • Oil life 0% – Your Honda’s service is overdue, and the number of miles past due is shown with a negative sign in front of it. The number will flash until your vehicle has been serviced.

After you change the oil, you must manually reset the oil life back to 100%. The wrench light will be cleared and disappear after successfully resetting the oil life.

However, it’s not always about the oil change. Your car relies on codes to assist you in determining what is required for maintenance. Two examples of these codes are the major code alone or the main subcode.

You’ll find more information about maintaining your vehicle in the Honda Owner’s Manual. Because different Honda models have their own set of codes, please refer to your owner’s manual for further details.

Honda CR-V Maintenance Minder Codes

AReplace engine oil*1
BReplace engine oil*1 & oil filter
 Inspect front & rear brakes
 Inspect these items:
Tie rod ends, steering gear box, and boots
Suspension components
Driveshaft boots
Brake hoses and lines (including ABS/VSA)
All fluid levels and condition of fluids
Exhaust Systems
Fuel lines and connections
1Rotate tires, and check tire inflation and condition
2Replace air cleaner element*2
Replace dust and pollen filter*4
Inspect drive belt
3Replace M/T fluid
Replace CVT fluid
Replace A/T fluid
4Replace spark plugs
Inspect valve clearance (cold)
5Replace engine coolant
6Replace rear differential fluid
7Replace brake fluid*5

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*1 If a Maintenance Minder indicator does not appear more than 12 months after resetting the display, change the engine oil annually.
*2 If you drive in dusty conditions, replace the air cleaner element every 15,000 miles (24,000km).
*3 If you drive primarily in urban areas with high concentrations of soot in the air from industry and diesel-powered vehicles, replace the dust and pollen filter every 15,000 miles (24,000 km).
*4 Driving in mountainous areas at very low vehicle speeds or trailer towing results in higher transmission temperatures. This requires transmission fluid changes more frequently than recommended by the Maintenance Minder. Regularly driving your vehicle under these conditions changes the transmission fluid every 25,000 miles (40,000km).
*5: If a Maintenance Minder Indicator does not appear more than 36 months after the display for item 7 is reset, change the brake fluid every 3 years.

Is It Safe To Drive With Wrench Light On?

Yes, it is safe to drive your car for a short period of time after the wrench light comes on. However, we recommend that you take your vehicle in for service as soon as possible to avoid any potential issues down the road.

What Does A Yellow Wrench Light Mean On A Honda CR-V?

The yellow wrench light on a Honda CR-V means that the vehicle is due for an oil change or other routine maintenance. This light is part of the Maintenance Minder system, which notifies the driver when the vehicle needs service. The Maintenance Minder measures and records sensor readings at various points in your car to determine when it’s time for service.

Here are some simple maintenance tasks you should complete regularly:

  • Oil and filter changes every 7,500 miles are essential for the health of your car – be sure to replace the filter as well!
  • Have major systems examined on a regular basis: Check your transmission fluid, shocks, and brakes, as well as struts, every 15,000 miles (or at the next oil change).


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