Toyota Yaris Engine Oil Capacity

2020 Toyota Yaris Engine Oil Capacity
2020 Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Yaris is a popular subcompact car produced by the Japanese automaker Toyota Motors. It’s important to understand your vehicle’s Engine Oil Capacity and type when performing routine maintenance.

When it comes to engine oil, the Toyota Yaris requires 4.4 quarts of 5W-30 engine oil for regular service intervals. The recommended oil type is full synthetic 5W-30 motor oil or equivalent API-rated “energy conserving” gasoline engine oils meeting ILSAC GF-2 and ACEA A1/B1 standards.

It’s also important to note that you should never overfill engine oil beyond the manufacturer’s specified capacity. Overfilling the engine oil can lead to problems such as higher oil consumption, lower fuel efficiency, and damage to the oil pump or internal components.

For best results, use quality engine oil with the right viscosity grade and change it every 7500 miles or six months for normal driving conditions. If you drive in stop-and-go traffic or under extreme hot or cold weather conditions, consider changing the oil more frequently to keep your engine running in peak condition.

If your vehicle is still under warranty, Toyota advises drivers to take their car to an Authorized Toyota Dealer for an engine oil change.

Toyota Yaris Engine Oil Capacity Chart For All Generations

2020 Toyota Yaris Engine Oil Capacity

The 2020 Toyota Yaris 1.5l Engine Oil Capacity is 4.4 quarts. The oil type is 0W-20.

EngineEngine Oil Capacity (with filter)Oil type
1.5L 4-cyl Engine P54.4 quarts (4.2 liters)0W-20

2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Toyota Yaris Engine Oil Capacity

The 2012 – 2018 Toyota Yaris holds between 3.9 quarts and 4.5 quarts of 5W-30 oil with a filter change.

EngineEngine Oil Capacity (with filter)Oil type
1NZ-FE Yaris 1.5 16V3.7 L (3.9 US Quarts)5W-30, 10W-30

2012 – 2018 Toyota Yaris Engine Oil Change

2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Toyota Yaris Engine Oil Capacity

The 2007 – 2011 Toyota Yaris holds 3.9 quarts or 3.7 liters of 5W-30 oil with a filter change.

EngineEngine Oil Capacity (with filter)Oil type
1NZ-FE Yaris 1.5 16V3.7 L (3.9 US Quarts)5W-30, 10W-30

2007 – 2011 Toyota Yaris Engine Oil Change

How Much Oil Does a Toyota Yaris Take?

The 2020 Toyota Yaris with the 1.5L 4-cyl engine (engine code P5) takes 4.4 quarts (with filter) of 0W-20 synthetic oil. A new oil filter and a crush washer are required.

What Kind Of Oil Does A Toyota Yaris Take?

Toyota recommends using 0W-20 synthetic oil for the 2020 Toyota Yaris with the 1.5L 4-cyl engine (engine code P5). Synthetic oils are designed to provide superior performance and maximum protection compared to conventional motor oils.

Toyota Yaris Oil Change Intervals

Toyota Yaris owners need to change the engine oil every 6,000 miles (10,000 km), which is optimal when operating in favorable conditions. In the worst case, the service interval is reduced to 8-7 thousand km (5,000 miles) if there is a suspicion of deterioration of the oil’s beneficial properties, which it usually begins to lose after 7-8 thousand km. In more severe conditions, the replacement may be needed after 3,500 miles (6,000 km).

Oil Replacement Guidelines

  1. Having found the filter, put an oil drain pan under it.
  2. Applying a filter wrench, take the filter off by twisting it counterclockwise. Keep in mind that the filter keeps some hot oil on it, and so does that operation very cautiously.
  3. Having removed the filter, put it upside down in the drain pan and give it about 10 minutes to get rid of oil remnants.
  4. Do the proper oil filter disposal after placing it in a plastic bag. Don’t forget to wipe off any oil spots on the motor or frame by applying a rag.
  5. Check if the oil filter seal isn’t connected to the motor. Then, clean the connection zone. Inspect if your fresh filter’s seal is completely seated prior to affixing it to the automobile.
  6. Moving clockwise, mount a fresh oil filter employing a filter wrench. Never over-tighten it.
  7. Now, fresh oil can be added to your automobile. Inspect for leaks after the oil is added. Note that you shouldn’t overflow the oil.
  8. Finally, do the old oil disposal in a responsible way. If you follow our instructions correctly, your Yaris will drive faultlessly for above 5,000 miles and may even go for 10,000 miles with no oil substitution required. Note that a fresh filter must prevent any oil leakage. So, examine the filter and drain plug if you detect drops on the ground. They must sit tight and be well-sealed.

Does The Toyota Yaris Have A Dipstick?

The 2020 Toyota Yaris has a dipstick that should be checked after each oil change to ensure the engine’s oil level is correct. Additionally, on your dashboard, there is an oil level indicator. However, this one may not be very precise. Therefore it’s best to double-check by yourself to make sure the level is where it needs to be.

How Much Does An Oil Change Cost For Toyota Yaris?

A Toyota Yaris oil change range is $110, not including taxes and fees. Labor costs are usually $35-$44, whereas parts cost about $66-$78.Depending on your location and model year, these prices could be higher. Additional repairs might also be needed in some cases.


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