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Acura ILX Engine Oil Capacity

For me, the health and performance of my Acura ILX are paramount. With each model year bringing its unique characteristics and needs, understanding the Acura ILX engine oil capacity is essential for any owner committed to proper vehicle maintenance.

Engine oil is the vehicle’s lifeblood, and the Acura ILX uses distinct capacities depending on its engine range. From the 1.5L 4-cyl LEA2 to the 2.4L engines K24Z7 and K24V7, each requires 0W-20 oil type in varying quantities. As an owner, knowing these Acura ILX oil capacity specifications ensures my car runs like the sophisticated machine it was designed to be.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn the specific Acura ILX engine oil capacity for various model years to ensure optimal vehicle health.
  • Recognize that maintaining the proper engine oil level is non-negotiable for peak performance.
  • Familiarize yourself with the different engines of the Acura ILX and their respective oil requirements.
  • Embrace the use of 0W-20 oil type for superior engine function across the Acura ILX range.
  • Remember that the Acura ILX engine oil capacity is integral to the longevity and reliability of your car.
  • Knowing your vehicle’s needs can save time and avoid unnecessary service costs.
  • Understand that regular checks and adherence to recommended capacity is key for maintaining high performance.

2013-2024 Acura ILX Engine Oil Capacity

Engine typeEngine Oil Capacity with filterOil type
1.5L 4-cyl Engine LEA23.6 liters (3.8 quarts)0W-20
2.0L 4-cyl Engine R20A53.7 liters (3.9 quarts)0W-20
2.4L 4-cyl Engine K24Z74.2 liters (4.4 quarts)0W-20
2.4L 4-cyl Engine K24V74.4 liters (4.6 quarts)0W-20

Understanding the Importance of Correct Engine Oil Capacity in Acura ILX

As an Acura ILX owner, I am acutely aware of the importance of maintaining the correct engine oil capacity. Since its debut, the Acura ILX has experienced several updates to its engine specifications, necessitating a clear understanding of how much oil does an Acura ILX take. It’s not just about keeping the engine running; it’s about ensuring its longevity and performance through appropriate lubrication, which safeguards against wear and failure.

During routine maintenance or an Acura ILX engine oil change, using the recommended oil type and adhering to the precise capacity is vital. Too little oil can result in inadequate lubrication, leading to increased friction and overheating. Conversely, overfilling can cause excessive oil pressure, leading to leaks and damage. Thus, knowing the perfect quantity for each engine variant is essential.

Synthetic oil is highly recommended due to its resilience against high temperatures and ability to maintain its properties longer, albeit with a higher price tag than conventional oil. Balancing these factors, the investment in quality synthetic oil is one I value for the benefits it brings to my Acura ILX.

Engine TypeOil Capacity with Filter (liters/quarts)Recommended Oil Type
1.5L 4-cyl Engine LEA23.6 liters / 3.8 quarts0W-20
2.0L 4-cyl Engine R20A53.7 liters / 3.9 quarts0W-20
2.4L 4-cyl Engine K24Z74.2 liters / 4.4 quarts0W-20
2.4L 4-cyl Engine K24V74.4 liters / 4.6 quarts0W-20

Reflecting on the journey of my Acura ILX, the metamorphosis from its initial design, equipped with a rather modest engine, to the current models that command greater presence, only underscores the necessity of attentive care. As someone who takes pride in my vehicle’s condition, I strive to execute an oil change with precision, guaranteeing that every Acura ILX engine oil change aids in fortifying the engine’s health and my car’s overall driving experience.

  • The correct quantity of engine oil is a safeguard against engine complications.
  • Its superior qualities and engine protection benefits justify synthetic oil’s cost.
  • A tailored approach to each ILX engine variant ensures peak operation and longevity.

“Knowing how much oil my Acura ILX takes and providing it with the care it deserves is not a mere act of maintenance; it’s an investment in my vehicle’s future performance and reliability.”

Year-by-Year Breakdown of Acura ILX Oil Capacity Specifications

Delving into the Acura ILX oil capacity by year, I have meticulously tracked changes to ensure my Acura remains at the pinnacle of performance. Insights from 2013 through to the latest models display the brand’s evolving commitment to engineering excellence.

Unveiling the Oil Capacity for Early Acura ILX Models (2013-2015)

The earlier Acura ILX models command respect for their pioneering role in setting the foundation for what has become a luxurious driving experience. During the years 2013-2015, each engine from the nimble 1.5L to the robust 2.4L demanded precise oil capacity to maintain their performance. When discussing the Acura ILX engine oil capacity 2013-2015, it’s vital to acknowledge both the advancement in engineering and the meticulous attention to detail that Acura maintained.

Updated Engine Oil Capacity for Acura ILX Models (2016-2020)

Enhancements in design and performance mark the evolution of the Acura ILX from 2016 through 2020. With this came an update in engine oil capacity, a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to refinement and reliability. The Acura ILX oil capacity specifications 2016-2020 reveal a thoughtful reevaluation and optimization to meet the demands of contemporary drivers.

Latest Acura ILX Models: Engine Oil Capacity Insights (2021-Present)

Reaching the latest model years, my examination of the Acura ILX engine oil 2021-present solidifies the meticulous craftsmanship Acura offers. Consistent in its demands for 0W-20 Acura Motor Oil, the recent ILX models encapsulate resilience and finesse within their engine systems. Adhering to these specific oil capacity requirements elevates the vehicle’s agility and ensures it remains a benchmark in its class.

Model YearEngine TypeOil Capacity with Filter (L/qt)Recommended Oil Type
2013-20151.5L 4-cyl Engine LEA23.6 liters / 3.8 quarts0W-20
2013-20152.0L 4-cyl Engine R20A53.7 liters / 3.9 quarts0W-20
2013-20152.4L 4-cyl Engine K24Z74.2 liters / 4.4 quarts0W-20
2016-20202.4L 4-cyl Engine K24V74.4 liters / 4.6 quarts0W-20
2021-Present2.4L 4-cyl Engine K24V7Maintained at 4.4 liters / 4.6 quarts0W-20

As evidenced by the table, the Acura ILX models, over the years, maintain a strong preference for 0W-20 oil type. It’s with this information I look towards maintaining my ILX, knowing I am equipped with the knowledge necessary to keep it thriving on the road.

“Each variant of the Acura ILX is a testament to precision. With each model year, from the early iterations to the cutting-edge present-day models, the oil capacity specifications are a chronicle of Acura’s devotion to performance and sophistication.”

For my Acura ILX, ensuring the use of recommended engine oil is a commitment to the vehicle’s health and performance. Through the years, Acura has consistently suggested using 0W-20 Acura Motor Oil or an equivalent to maintain the car’s integrity. This recommendation is based on the oil’s unrivaled ability to protect the engine against friction and wear while promoting fuel efficiency, a quality I greatly value.

Having followed Acura ILX engine oil recommendations throughout my car’s ownership, I’ve realized that the right oil type not only prolongs engine life but also supports smooth operation in various driving conditions. This ensures that my Acura ILX performs reliably and efficiently when navigating through city traffic or cruising on the highway.

“Using the recommended 0W-20 oil for my Acura ILX is a practice I follow religiously. It’s the certainty of optimum engine performance that makes it a non-negotiable aspect of my vehicle maintenance.”

Being diligent with an Acura ILX engine oil refill is about more than just topping up. It’s about using an oil that meets the specific demands of precision-engineered components. Choosing the correct oil type is an easy yet critical decision that echoes Acura’s guidelines and sustains the car’s functional elegance.

YearEngine TypeRecommended Engine OilAttributes
2013-Present1.5L, 2.0L, 2.4L models0W-20 Acura Motor Oil or equivalentHigh performance, Friction protection, Fuel efficiency
  • 0W-20 Acura Motor Oil ensures a harmonious balance between engine protection and fuel efficiency.
  • The consistent use of the recommended oil type is a testament to the oil’s enduring suitability and performance for the Acura ILX.
  • My commitment to following Acura’s maintenance recommendations underpins my vehicle’s dependability and longevity.

Each time I undertake an engine oil service, my choice is clear: the recommended 0W-20 oil that Acura itself has validated. By maintaining fidelity to this oil type, I safeguard my investment and preserve the driving joy of owning an Acura ILX. This discipline has made my Acura ILX not simply a mode of transportation, but a trusted companion on every journey.

Guidelines for Checking and Changing Your Acura ILX Engine Oil

Ensuring my Acura ILX runs smoothly involves a regular Acura ILX engine oil check. My approach to maintaining engine oil levels involves a methodical process that starts with parking the car on a flat surface to achieve an accurate reading. The importance of letting the engine cool cannot be overstated, as it prevents potential burns and ensures the oil settles, giving me the most reliable measurement.

After extracting the dipstick, I clean it thoroughly, reinsert it, then pull it once more to check the level. The oil streak must fall within the designated markings on the dipstick, guaranteeing that my Acura ILX engine oil level is where it should be for optimal performance.

Comprehending the Acura ILX maintenance minder messages for oil changes is also a staple in my maintenance routine. The Acura Maintenance Minder system simplifies the tracking of service needs, displaying vital messages – symbolized as A or B – indicating when to change the oil. Strict adherence to these prompts isn’t just a matter of following rules; it’s about preserving the sophisticated mechanics of this luxurious vehicle. I ensure that every engine oil service is executed promptly, guided by the accuracy of Acura’s own reminder system.

Considering the Acura ILX engine oil change cost is also part of my vehicle care budget. While costs can fluctuate, investing in quality engine oil and regular changes is non-negotiable. I avoid unnecessary repairs and costs in the long run by keeping a close eye on the engine oil level and responding to maintenance minder messages.

I treat my Acura ILX with the respect it deserves, keeping the engine’s lifeblood at its best, to ensure reliability and peak performance on all my journeys. This careful attention to detail is invaluable, safeguarding my Acura’s longevity and driving satisfaction.


What is the engine oil capacity for different years of the Acura ILX?

The Acura ILX engine oil capacity varies by engine and model year. The 1.5L 4-cyl LEA2 engine typically requires 3.6 liters or 3.8 quarts of oil, while the R20A5 2.0L 4-cyl engine needs 3.7 liters or 3.9 quarts. The capacity for the K24Z7 and K24V7 2.4L 4-cyl engines is 4.2 liters (4.4 quarts) and 4.4 liters (4.6 quarts) respectively. Always refer to the owner’s manual for the exact specifications for your vehicle model and year.

Why is it important to use the correct engine oil capacity for my Acura ILX?

Using the correct engine oil capacity is essential for properly lubricating your vehicle’s engine. It ensures the engine operates efficiently, minimizes wear and tear, and helps prevent potential engine damage or failure.

Overfilling or underfilling the engine oil can lead to serious issues, including reduced engine performance or increased risk of mechanical complications.

How do I know when to change the engine oil in my Acura ILX?

Your Acura ILX has a Maintenance Minder system that alerts you when it’s time for an oil change. The system displays messages with the symbol A or B indicating the need for service. It is crucial to follow these reminders to maintain your engine’s health and extend the lifespan of your vehicle.

Additionally, always refer to your Acura ILX’s owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommended oil change intervals.

What type of engine oil should I use for my Acura ILX?

Acura recommends using 0W-20 Acura Motor Oil or an equivalent for the Acura ILX across all its models and years. This oil type is chosen for its high performance in providing the right engine protection and fuel efficiency balance. Ensure you use the recommended oil type to maintain optimal engine health.

How can I check the engine oil level in my Acura ILX?

To check the engine oil level in your Acura ILX, ensure that the vehicle is parked on a level surface and the engine is cool. Remove the oil dipstick, wipe it clean, reinsert it fully, and then remove it again to inspect the oil level. The oil should fall within the marked safe area on the dipstick. If it is low, add the appropriate amount of oil as specified in your owner’s manual.

What is the cost of an engine oil change for an Acura ILX?

The cost of an engine oil change for an Acura ILX can vary depending on factors such as your location, the type of oil used, and the service provider. Generally, the cost could range from a relatively modest expense for standard oil changes to a higher price if opting for full synthetic oil or dealer services.

Always check with local service centers or your Acura dealership for the most accurate and current pricing.


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Thomas is our expert in the field of motor oils and lubricants. He worked for more than 15 years at the dealer service station and has the vast practical experience, so he gladly agreed to be the editor and co-author of our articles about motors and motor oils.

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