Subaru Outback Steering Wheel Size: Your Guide

Year & ModelStandard Steering Wheel Size (in.)Standard Diameter (in.)Standard Grip Circumference (in.)Steering Wheel Cover Size
202014.5 x 4.514.5 (368 mm)4.5 (114 mm)Custom size
201914.5 x 4.514.5 (368 mm)4.5 (114 mm)Custom size
201814.5 x 4.2514.5 (368 mm)4.25 (108 mm)Custom size
201714.5 x 4.2514.5 (368 mm)4.25 (108 mm)Custom size
201614.5 x 4.2514.5 (368 mm)4.25 (108 mm)Custom size
201514.5 x 4.2514.5 (368 mm)4.25 (108 mm)Custom size
201414.5 x 4.2514.5 (368 mm)4.25 (108 mm)Custom size
201314.5 x 4.2514.5 (368 mm)4.25 (108 mm)Custom size
201215 x 415 (381 mm)4 (102 mm)C
201114.5 x 414.5 (368 mm)4 (102 mm)Custom size
201014.5 x 414.5 (368 mm)4 (102 mm)Custom size
200914.5 x 414.5 (368 mm)4 (102 mm)Custom size
200814.5 x 414.5 (368 mm)4 (102 mm)Custom size
200715 x 415 (381 mm)4 (102 mm)C
200615 x 415 (381 mm)4 (102 mm)C
200515 x 415 (381 mm)4 (102 mm)C
200415 x 415 (381 mm)4 (102 mm)C
200315 x 415 (381 mm)4 (102 mm)C
200215 x 415 (381 mm)4 (102 mm)C
200115 x 415 (381 mm)4 (102 mm)C
200015 x 415 (381 mm)4 (102 mm)C

As a passionate owner of a Subaru Outback, I understand the importance of a comfortable and functional steering wheel in enhancing your driving experience. A steering wheel that fits perfectly in your hand can provide greater control and comfort on every journey. Therefore, I would like to discuss the significance of Subaru Outback steering wheel size, which is often ignored until a replacement or upgrade is needed.

Have you ever wondered if your Subaru Outback’s steering wheel size conforms to the size it was designed with from the factory? Or consider the precise Subaru Outback wheel diameter to ensure an after-market cover will fit seamlessly?

Knowing the exact measurements is key whether you’re looking to maintain that pristine driving feel or simply aiming to give your Subaru’s cabin a fresh look.

Key Takeaways

  • Subaru Outback steering wheel sizes have changed slightly over the years, necessitating precise knowledge when replacing or covering the wheel.
  • The steering wheel’s diameter and grip are essential dimensions that affect driving ergonomics and safety.
  • All Subaru Outback models have a unique steering wheel size classification, ensuring each wheel feels bespoke to the driver.
  • Choosing the right steering wheel cover involves careful consideration of the Subaru Outback’s specific wheel diameter and grip circumference measurements.
  • Proper fitment of steering wheel covers is not just about aesthetics; it’s about maintaining control and safety while driving.

Understanding Subaru Outback Steering Wheel Dimensions Over the Years

As a longtime advocate for the Subaru Outback, I’ve observed firsthand the subtle yet significant evolution of its steering wheel dimensions. It’s fascinating to see how these changes mirror the brand’s design evolution and how they’ve altered the driving experience.

For those of us keen on every detail of our vehicle, staying informed about the Subaru Outback steering wheel dimensions is as much about maintaining the vehicle’s integrity as it is about ensuring our personal comfort behind the wheel.

To provide a detailed understanding, let’s explore the steering wheel specs over the years, which will satisfy the curious mind and assist those seeking to replace or cover their Outback’s steering wheel.

  • Early 2000 Models boasted a generous 15 inches in diameter, which set the stage for the Outback’s robust and commanding presence on the road.
  • Transitioning into the late 2010s, the Subaru Outback adopted a sleeker 14.5-inch steering wheel, aligning with the preferences of a driver looking for a tighter, more responsive feel.
  • More recently, the Subaru Outback has introduced steering wheels with unique dimensional characteristics, particularly with variations in size between the top/bottom and the sides.

Knowing the exact Subaru Outback wheel measurements is invaluable for those of us considering a Subaru Outback steering wheel replacement or perhaps customizing with an aftermarket cover. It affects the aesthetics and tactile connection we have with our vehicle as we navigate it through diverse landscapes.

Year and ModelStandard Steering Wheel Size (in)Standard Diameter (mm)Standard Grip Circumference (mm)Steering Wheel Cover Size
2020 Subaru Outback14.5 X 4.5368114Custom Size
2018 Subaru Outback14.5 X 4.25368108Custom Size
2012 Subaru Outback15 X 4381102C
2005 Subaru Outback15 X 4381102C
2001 Subaru Outback15 X 4381102C

The above table reflects the standardization throughout the different model years, noting a shift in Subaru Outback steering wheel specs from a 15-inch diameter to a more controlled 14.5-inch diameter with a slight variability in grip circumference. Customization for cover size is prevalent, emphasizing the unique size classification for each model year.

Keeping close tabs on these metrics is not just for the mechanically minded—it’s for any Outback owner who wants their ride to feel exactly as it was designed to, down to the last millimeter.

Analyzing Subaru Outback OEM Steering Wheel Size and Aftermarket Options

As someone who appreciates the nuances of driving a well-engineered vehicle like the Subaru Outback, I recognize the significance of Subaru Outback OEM steering wheel size. Acknowledging how this fundamental feature significantly impacts safety and the driving experience is essential.

When considering an upgrade or replacement, the compatibility of aftermarket options with the OEM specifications takes precedence to ensure the Outback’s reliable handling characteristics remain consistent.

The Importance of Accurate Steering Wheel Measurements for Safety and Comfort

I can’t overemphasize the importance of accurate steering wheel measurements for safety and comfort. The steering wheel is the driver’s principal connection with their Subaru Outback; it’s where hands rest and control the vehicle’s path. The correct Subaru Outback steering wheel size can increase ergonomics, allowing for more confident maneuvering and reducing driver fatigue during extended outings.

Maintaining Subaru Outback steering wheel safety is as important as finding a comfortable steering wheel size for Subaru Outback.

Comparing OEM Steering Wheel Size with Aftermarket Steering Wheel Options

Customizing a Subaru Outback with aftermarket parts can be enticing, but compatibility is of utmost importance when it comes to changing the steering wheel. The essential Subaru Outback steering wheel aftermarket compatibility hinges on matching the precise measurements of the OEM wheel.

In comparing options, it’s not just about choosing a style that suits your personal taste—it’s about ensuring the new component retains the vehicle’s inherent safety and functionality. My approach involves a thorough steering wheel size comparison for Subaru Outback, prioritizing products that adhere to stringent specifications.

  • Original steering wheel size must align with Subaru’s design for optimal control and safety measures.
  • Aftermarket options must closely match OEM size to preserve handling dynamics.
  • A precision-based search for a compatible steering wheel enhances comfort, steering feedback, and overall driving pleasure.

For visual reference, let’s review a table showcasing various years and models of the Subaru Outback and their respective steering wheel dimensions which spotlight the key differences and consistencies amongst them:

Year and ModelOEM Steering Wheel SizeAftermarket OptionsCompatibility Notes
2020 Subaru Outback14.5 in. X 4.5 in.Custom-size cover optionsNo standard cover size, precise fit required
2016 Subaru Outback14.5 in. X 4.25 in.Limited aftermarket variantsFocus on grip circumference for snug fit
2012 Subaru Outback15 in. X 4 in.Generic “C” designation for cover sizeBroad compatibility with this year model
2001 Subaru Outback15 in. X 4 in.Generic “C” designation for cover sizeConsistent wheel size simplifies search
1999 Subaru Outback15 in. X 4 in.Early model limited optionsVital to check compatibility with vintage parts

Reviewing the table above, Subaru Outback owners might note that recent models have adopted a slightly smaller steering wheel diameter, transitioning to 14.5 inches.

Aftermarket options thus vary, and selecting the correct size ensures one’s Outback retains the intended handling characteristics and the driver, a sense of control and security.

Adhering to these crucial details aligns with Subaru Outback enthusiasts’ values, who seek to protect their automotive investment and cherish the trustworthy and responsive feel of their vehicle’s original design. I understand the importance of maintaining that integrity, which is why I’m meticulous about steering wheel size and compatibility.

Ensuring Perfect Fit: A Look at Subaru Outback Steering Wheel Size Chart and Compatibility

Ensuring the right fit for your Subaru Outback’s steering wheel is not merely a matter of aesthetics; it’s a commitment to safety and comfort. The steering wheel is the first point of contact between you and your Subaru, translating your commands into action. This is why, like many Subaru Outback enthusiasts, I rely heavily on the accuracy of a Subaru Outback wheel size chart.

Being informed about the precise size of your steering wheel is essential, particularly when considering changes like a new cover or looking for that Subaru Outback steering wheel perfect fit.

Compatibility is not to be taken lightly; the wrong size or ill-fitting cover may dampen the tactile joy of driving and pose a risk on the road.

Below, you’ll find a comprehensive size chart that illustrates the steering wheel compatibility Subaru Outback features across various years and models. Subaru has been meticulous in ensuring that every Outback has a steering wheel designed to offer a custom feel and unrivaled comfort.

However, variations do exist, especially between models from different years, making it imperative to check the compatibility of potential upgrades against a reliable size chart.

YearModelStandard Steering Wheel Size (Diameter X Grip Circumference)Steering Wheel Cover Size Classification
2020Subaru Outback14.5″ X 4.5″Custom
2019Subaru Outback14.5″ X 4.5″Custom
2018Subaru Outback14.5″ X 4.25″Custom
2012Subaru Outback15″ X 4″C
2006Subaru Outback15″ X 4″C
2000Subaru Outback15″ X 4″C

The chart shows a consistent trend where Subaru Outback models typically feature a standard steering wheel size that is ideal for its respective era. Notably, the later models tend to have a slightly smaller diameter, emphasizing a trend toward more sporty and compact designs.

This is crucial information for any owner looking to replace or upgrade their steering wheel compatibility Subaru Outback features.

  • In most cases from 2012 and earlier, Subaru Outback models feature a 15-inch diameter, which is noted as size classification C, indicating a broader compatibility with standardized covers.
  • Subsequent years, specifically 2018 to 2020, showcase a consistent 14.5-inch steering wheel with varying grip, underlining the need for custom sizing to fit the Subaru Outback steering wheel perfectly.

It’s important to remember that even though some measurements have only slight differences, these distinctions are paramount when fitting a steering wheel cover. Incorrectly sized covers can slip or impair the driver’s control.

Therefore, always refer to a detailed Subaru Outback steering wheel size chart before making any changes. This is your best bet for preserving the Subaru Outback’s responsive handling and user comfort, making every drive a joy, just as it was intended.

How to Select the Right Steering Wheel Cover for Your Subaru Outback

As I navigate through the ins and outs of personalizing my Subaru Outback, I’ve found that selecting the right steering wheel cover is more pivotal than one might think. It’s not just about complementing the interior design but also about ensuring the utmost safety and maintaining the condition of the steering wheel.

For my fellow Subaru enthusiasts, I’d like to share some tips on making the right steering wheel cover selection for your Subaru Outback.

Finding the perfect Subaru Outback steering wheel cover involves understanding the specific dimensions of your model’s steering wheel. Subaru has crafted each Outback model with steering wheels ranging from 14.5 to 15 inches in diameter and grip circumferences between 4 and 4.5 inches.

To prevent potential hazards on the road, such as cover slippage, it’s imperative to purchase a cover that fits these measurements snugly and securely. This isn’t just about looks; it’s essential for keeping up the original handling qualities given by Subaru.

All this talk of compatibility and safety doesn’t overshadow the fact that the steering cover can be a statement piece – a touch of personality for your Subaru Outback. Whether you’re going for a luxurious leather feel or a sporty, breathability-focused mesh, ensure it’s equipped for the size identified for your specific model year.

My advice? Always measure twice, purchase once, and opt for a steering wheel cover that matches your style and is tailored to the unique dimensions of your Subaru Outback’s steering wheel. This is the correct course of action for the right steering wheel cover selection for your Subaru Outback.


What is the standard size of a Subaru Outback steering wheel?

The standard size of a Subaru Outback steering wheel typically ranges between 14.5 to 15 inches in diameter, depending on the model year. It’s essential to refer to the specific year’s size for accurate information, as sizes may vary slightly over different model years.

Can I replace my Subaru Outback’s steering wheel with an aftermarket option?

Yes, you can replace your Subaru Outback steering wheel with an aftermarket option, but choosing one that matches the original dimensions is crucial for safety and compatibility.

The aftermarket steering wheel should align with the OEM specifications to ensure the functionality and accountability of the vehicle’s controls.

When selecting a steering wheel cover for my Subaru Outback, what should I consider?

When selecting a steering wheel cover for your Subaru Outback, consider the cover’s size classification, which should match your steering wheel’s diameter and grip circumference. Additionally, ensure the cover is designed for a snug fit to avoid any slippage during use, which can be risky.

Is there a difference in steering wheel dimensions across different Subaru Outback model years?

Yes, there have been slight variations in steering wheel dimensions across different Subaru Outback model years. It’s important to consult the Subaru Outback wheel size chart for information specific to your model year to ensure proper fit and compatibility.

How do I measure my Subaru Outback’s steering wheel for a cover?

To measure your Subaru Outback’s steering wheel for a cover, use a tape measure to find the diameter (distance across the wheel from one edge to the opposite edge) and the grip circumference (distance around the wheel’s grip). Record these measurements to find a cover that corresponds for a proper fit.

Why is the OEM steering wheel size important for safety and compatibility?

The OEM steering wheel size is important for safety because it ensures that the steering wheel fits the vehicle’s design specifications, allowing the driver to maintain control comfortably and effectively.

Compatibility is essential for properly functioning integrated controls and maintaining the integrity of vehicle systems such as the airbag.

What should I do if an aftermarket steering wheel is not fitting correctly?

If an aftermarket steering wheel is not fitting correctly, it’s advisable not to use the steering wheel, as it could pose a safety risk.

Instead, double-check the size compatibility with your Subaru Outback model, and consider consulting with a professional to ensure correct installation or find an alternative that matches the OEM specifications.

Where can I find the wheel size chart for the Subaru Outback?

You can find the Subaru Outback wheel size chart in the vehicle’s owner manual, from a Subaru dealership, or on websites specializing in vehicle specifications and parts. These charts often list the steering wheel dimensions for each model year, helping you determine the correct size for your car.


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