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Mitsubishi Outlander Engine Oil Capacity

Mitsubishi Outlander Engine Oil Capacity

A professional should perform any engine oil change. The data presented in this article were taken from official owner’s manuals, and recommendations are given based on our personal experience. If your car is still under warranty, contacting an official dealer to do the oil change is best. Otherwise, you need to know how much and what kind of engine oil to put in your engine.

We recommend changing the oil in the Mitsubishi Outlander engine every 6,000-10,000 miles. It is recommended to adhere to basic checks and the specified schedule so as not to encounter the following problems:

  • The lubricating properties of oil lose their relevance if the oil is outdated and now does more harm than good. As a result, there is a lack of lubrication between moving mechanisms, noise, and vibration, engine knocking, overheating, and increased fuel consumption.
  • Heat dissipation properties deteriorate in the oil, and there is insufficient ventilation, leading to overheating and melting engine components.
  • We reduced corrosion protection.
  • Combustion and wear products accumulate in the engine channels. They become clogged, and the engine fails.

How Much Oil Does A Mitsubishi Outlander Take?

The 2021 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport with the 2.4L 4-cyl engine (engine code 4B12) takes 4.9 quarts (with filter) of 0W-20 synthetic oil. The Mitsubishi Outlander with a 2.0L 4-cyl engine (engine code 4B11) takes 4.9 quarts (with filter) of 0W-20 synthetic oil. A new oil filter and a crush washer are required.

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Mitsubishi Outlander Engine Oil Capacity Chart

EngineEngine Oil Capacity (with filter)Oil type
2002-2006 4G63 2.0 L4.2 quarts (4.0 liters)5W-30, 10W-30
2002-2006 4G64 2.4 L 4.5 quarts (4.3 liters)5W-30, 10W-30
2007-2013 3.0 L4.5 quarts (4.3 liters)5W-20, 0W-20, 10W-30
2002-2006 2.4 L4.5 quarts (4.3 liters)5W-30, 10W-30
2014-2020 3.0 L4.5 quarts (4.3 liters)0W-20, 5W-20
2014-2020 2.4 L4.5 quarts (4.3 liters)0W-20, 5W-20
2022 PR25DD 2.5 L5.4 quarts (5.1 liters)0W-20
2022 4B12 2.4 L4.9 quarts (4.7 liters)0W-20

The information in this table is focused on the markets of USA and Canada.


Mitsubishi Motors Genuine 0W-20 Synthetic Engine Oil is recommended for optimum fuel economy and cold-weather starting. If Mitsubishi Motors Genuine 0W-20 Synthetic Engine Oil is not available, 5W-20 grade oils displaying the ILSAC certification can be used. However, Mitsubishi Motors Genuine 0W-20 Synthetic Engine Oil should be used at the next oil change to maintain optimum fuel economy and cold-weather starting.

Select engine oil of the proper SAE viscosity number according to the atmospheric temperature. Use engine oil conforming to the following classification:

  • API classification: “For service SM” or higher;
  • ILSAC-certificated oil;
  • ACEA classification: “For service A3/B3, A3/B4 or A5/B5”.

The engine oil used significantly affects the engine’s performance, service life, and startability. Be sure to use oil of the recommended quality and appropriate viscosity.

How Much Oil Does a 2.4 L Mitsubishi?

Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4 needs about 4.5 quarts of engine oil to change along with the oil filter. This procedure should occur at least once a year or 10,000 miles.

How Much Oil Goes From Low To Full On Dipstick?

To accurately assess your engine’s oil level, using a dipstick is the ideal option. To use it correctly, remove it and wipe clean with a cloth before placing back in its tube. On each side of the dipstick you will see two separate indicators: “low” and “full.” While how much oil needed varies depending on vehicle type, generally speaking between half way to full up should suffice when reading the stick.


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