Ford Fiesta Oil Capacity

YearsEngineOil capacity with filterOil Type
2003-20101.3L 4.64 qt (4.4 L)5W30 (WSS-M2C913-B)
2003-20101.25L and 1.4L (Sigma)4 qt (3.8 L)5W30 (WSS-M2C913-B)
2003-20101.6L and 2.0L (Sigma and Zetec)4.54 qt (4.3 L)5W30 (WSS-M2C913-B)
2003-20101,4L and 1,6L diesel (Duratorq-TDCi)4.1 qt (3.9 L)5W30 (WSS-M2C913-B)
YearsAggregateRecommended fluidCapacity (L)Capacity (Quarts)
2011-20191.0L (Duratec)5W20 (WSS-M2C948-B) or 5W30 (WSS-M2C913-C)4.14.3
2011-20191.0L turbo (EcoBoost)For Europe: 5W20 (WSS-M2C948-B)
For North America: 5W20 (WSS-M2C945-A)
2011-20191.25L, 1.4L, 1.5L, and 1.6L (Sigma, Duratec)For Europe: 5W20 (WSS-M2C948-B) or 5W30 (WSS-M2C913-C)
For North America: 5W20 (WSS-M2C945-A)
2011-20191.6L turbo (EcoBoost)For Europe: 5W20 (WSS-M2C948-B) or 5W30 (WSS-M2C913-C)
For North America: 5W20 (WSS-M2C945-A)
2011-20191.4L and 1.6L diesel engines (Duratorq)5W30 (WSS-M2C913-C)3.94.1
2011-20191.5L diesel engine (Duratorq)0W30 (WSS-M2C950-A) or 5W30 (WSS-M2C913-C) ACEA C23.94.1
YearsEngineRecomeded fluidCapacity Intervals
2020-1.0L turbo (EcoBoost)5W20 (WSS-M2C948-B) 4.9 qt (4.6 L)5000 – 8000 km (3000 – 5000 miles) or 6 months
2020-1.1L (Duratec)5W20 (WSS-M2C948-B)4.3 qt (4.1 L)5000 – 8000 km (3000 – 5000 miles) or 6 months
2020-1.5L (EcoBoost)5W20 (WSS-M2C948-B)5.9 qt (5.6 L)5000 – 8000 km (3000 – 5000 miles) or 6 months

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When it comes to maintaining your Ford Fiesta, the engine’s oil capacity is one of the most crucial elements to keep in check.

We understand that discerning the right Ford Fiesta oil capacity, the specific Ford Fiesta oil capacity chart applicable to your model, and Ford Fiesta oil capacity specifications can seem daunting.

Key Takeaways

  • The correct oil capacity is fundamental for the optimal performance of your Ford Fiesta.
  • Consistency is key – 2014 through 2019 Fiesta models maintain a common engine oil capacity of 4.3 quarts.
  • SAE 5W-20 is the recommended oil type for several Fiesta engines, including the 1.6L DURATEC and 1.0L ECOBOOST.
  • The adaptability of oil type to climate conditions is essential for Fiesta’s engine health.
  • Using motor oils that meet Ford specifications and API SN requirements is mandatory for proper maintenance.
  • Regular oil changes at intervals of 5,000 to 10,000 miles prevent engine issues and preserve performance.
  • Consult with certified mechanics or Ford service centers before performing accurate and safe maintenance.
2018 Ford Fiesta ST hatchback

2011-2019 Ford Fiesta Engine Oil Capacity

EngineEngine Oil Capacity with filterOil type
1.6L DURATEC-16V TI-VCT (SIGMA)4.3 qt (4.1 L)SAE 5W-20
1.6L ECOBOOST4.3 qt (4.1 L)SAE 5W-20
1.0L ECOBOOST4.3 qt (4.1 L)SAE 5W-20

If you operate your vehicle in temperatures below -20 °C, you must not use SAE 10W-40 engine oil.

Understanding the Importance of Correct Oil Capacity in Ford Fiestas

For Ford Fiesta owners, knowing the Ford Fiesta recommended oil capacity and Ford Fiesta engine oil capacity is not merely a suggestion—it’s a necessity for the health and performance of your vehicle. Whether you’re driving a classic 2013 Ford Fiesta with a 4.0L 4 Cyl. engine or cruising in a more recent 2017 model with a turbocharged 3 cyl. engine, being aware of the specific oil capacity for your engine is fundamental.

Across various Ford Fiesta models, the oil capacity spans a range between 4.2 quarts (4.0 liters) and 4.9 quarts (4.6 liters).

Ensuring the correct oil volume is more than just a matter of filling to the recommended level; it’s about safeguarding your engine. Signs such as a burning odor, unusual engine noise, or decreased gas mileage can often signal improper oil management.

Regular oil changes are advised at 5,000 to 10,000 miles to circumvent such issues. This maintains your Fiesta’s engine health, efficiency, and reliability.

Keeping your Ford Fiesta’s engine running smoothly requires attention to detail and an uncompromising diligence in following manufacturer guidelines. By ensuring the recommended oil capacity, you’re taking a significant step towards preserving the life and performance of your vehicle.

Below, we provide a comprehensive table demonstrating the engine oil capacity for various Ford Fiesta models. This essential information is a reference for scheduling your next oil change, ensuring that your Fiesta is always running at its best.

Model YearEngine TypeOil Capacity (quarts)Oil Type
20134.0L 4 Cyl.4.2SAE 5W-20
2014-20191.6L 4 Cyl. Turbo4.3SAE 5W-20
20174.6L Turbo 3 Cyl.4.9SAE 5W-20
20191.0L 3 Cyl. Turbo4.3SAE 5W-20

Remember, using incorrect oil or not maintaining the optimal level can lead to severe damage and costly repairs. As part of thorough vehicle maintenance, using only motor oils that meet API SN requirements and carrying the API Certification Mark for gasoline engines is crucial.

Ford Fiesta Oil Capacity Specifications Through the Years

As we examine the Ford Fiesta oil capacity by year, it’s evident that precision is paramount. Staying informed on these critical specifications contributes to your vehicle’s durability, efficiency, and overall performance. Our extensive Ford Fiesta oil capacity guide shows that the capacities have a nuanced variance across different models and years. Let’s delve deep into the engine oil capacities for Ford Fiesta models, ensuring you’re equipped with accurate data to maintain your car effectively.

For instance, while the 2013 Ford Fiesta with a 4.0L 4 Cyl. engine may have an oil capacity of 4.2 quarts, we see a steadfast consistency from 2014 through 2019 models, all of which possess an oil capacity of 4.3 quarts for each engine configuration. This reflects Ford’s commitment to standardization and highlights the importance of consulting specific model year data for precise maintenance procedures.

Regarding transmission fluid capacity, distinctions arise between manual and automatic transmissions—a critical aspect to consider when performing a fluid service. For the sake of clarity and convenience, we’ve compiled the corresponding capacities into an informative table below, which includes transmission oil capacities for various configurations:

Model YearEngineTransmission TypeOil Capacity (quarts)
20161.6L 4 Cyl. TurboManual (B6 6-SPD)3.6
20161.6L 4 Cyl.Manual (CIB5 5-SPD)4.9
20191.6L 4 Cyl.Automatic (6 Spd DPS6)1.9
2014-2019Various EnginesManual (Various)Up to 4.9

Knowing your vehicle’s oil capacity is not just about topping off—it’s about ensuring that your car operates within the parameters set to achieve peak efficiency and preserve its longevity. As such, consultation of your Ford Fiesta’s specific oil capacity details is more than practical—it’s a safeguard against future mechanical concerns.

To this end, we must emphasize the significance of adhering to oil capacities and specifications set forth by Ford. Whether refreshing your 2019 Fiesta’s automatic transmission with the correct 1.9 quarts of fluid or the manual counterparts with up to 4.9 quarts, these details are not to be overlooked.

Understanding the recommended oil for your Ford Fiesta is key to ensuring your vehicle runs efficiently and maintains its longevity. There’s a variety of engine types across different models of the Ford Fiesta, and they each require specific types of oil, especially based on the climate they operate in.

For instance, the Ford Fiesta oil type recommended for the 1.6L DURATEC-16V TI-VCT (SIGMA), 1.6L ECOBOOST, and 1.0L ECOBOOST engines is SAE 5W-20—a common viscosity that’s suited for a range of temperatures and consistent performance.

Using the right oil isn’t just about meeting Ford’s standards; it’s about adapting to your environment to provide the best protection and efficiency for your engine.

When temperatures drop significantly, switching to a more suitable Ford Fiesta recommended oil is crucial to improve cold start performance. For climates where the thermometer dips to -22°F (-30°C) or below, alternative oil types are necessary to preserve engine functionality.

While it’s not mandatory to use synthetic or synthetic blend motor oils, if they meet or exceed the specifications laid down by Ford, they can provide additional benefits such as improved engine performance and longer oil change intervals. Below is a table that outlines the recommended oil types for various Ford Fiesta models based on their engine configurations.

Model YearEngine TypeRecommended Oil TypeRecommended for Climate
2014 – 20191.6L DURATEC-16V TI-VCT (SIGMA)SAE 5W-20Above -22°F (-30°C)
2014 – 20191.6L ECOBOOSTSAE 5W-20Above -22°F (-30°C)
2014 – 20191.0L ECOBOOSTSAE 5W-20Above -22°F (-30°C)
Especially for Cold ClimateAll Applicable EnginesAlternative OilBelow -22°F (-30°C)

Always refer to your Ford Fiesta’s owner manual or consult a certified mechanic to ensure that the oil you use is appropriate for your specific model and environmental conditions. This information ensures you can make informed decisions about the Ford Fiesta oil type and Ford Fiesta recommended oil to keep your vehicle in prime condition.

Best Practices for Changing and Maintaining Your Fiesta’s Engine Oil

We recognize the importance of proper Ford Fiesta oil capacity maintenance to ensure your vehicle’s durability and smooth functioning. Regular oil changes are not only routine; they are a vital aspect of your Fiesta’s maintenance cycle. Sticking to the recommended oil change intervals is essential for the longevity and efficiency of your car.

Ford Fiesta models spanning from the MK V series to the latest releases require a service fill of approximately 3.75 to 4.3 liters (according to engine type), typically recommended at servicing intervals of 20,000 km/12 months.

Our comprehensive guide, replete with Ford Fiesta oil change instructions, aims to elucidate the significance of adhering to the specified oil capacity. Remember, an oil change isn’t merely a refill; it involves replacing the oil filter every single time to safeguard against impurities that might otherwise damage your engine.

It is an understatement to suggest that maintaining the correct oil level and viscosity can prevent potential mechanical malfunctions—it is a critical precautionary measure for any vigilant car owner. Before initiating any maintenance, consultation with a certified mechanic or an authorized Ford service center cannot be overstated.

Our approach to Ford Fiesta oil capacity maintenance centers on precision—an integral element to any maintenance work on sophisticated machinery like your Ford Fiesta. Staying vigilant about your vehicle’s specific needs and operational guidelines is the key to ensuring optimal vehicle performance and avoiding the inconvenience of unscheduled repairs.


What is the oil capacity for a Ford Fiesta?

The oil capacity for a Ford Fiesta varies depending on the model year and engine type, but typically ranges from 4.2 to 4.9 quarts (4.0 to 4.6 liters) when the filter is included. For example, the 1.6L DURATEC-16V TI-VCT (SIGMA), 1.6L ECOBOOST, and 1.0L ECOBOOST engines from 2014 to 2019 require 4.3 quarts (4.1 liters) of oil.

What type of oil should I use in my Ford Fiesta?

The recommended oil type for Ford Fiesta models, such as the 1.6L DURATEC-16V TI-VCT (SIGMA), 1.6L ECOBOOST, and 1.0L ECOBOOST, is SAE 5W-20. However, using oil that meets Ford specifications and suits the vehicle’s climate is important. A different oil type might be necessary for optimum cold start performance for very cold climates.

How often should I change the oil in my Ford Fiesta?

Changing the oil every 5,000 to 10,000 miles is recommended to maintain engine health and efficiency, although the specific interval can vary by model year and driving conditions. Refer to the owner’s manual or a certified service center for your vehicle’s maintenance schedule.

Can I use synthetic oil in my Ford Fiesta?

Yes, you can use synthetic or synthetic blend motor oils in your Ford Fiesta as long as they meet the specifications set by Ford. While synthetic oils are not mandatory, they may offer better performance and longer change intervals.

How does the oil capacity relate to other fluids in my Ford Fiesta’s transmission?

Transmission fluid capacities can vary and are separate from the engine oil capacity. For instance, automatic transmissions like the 6 Spd DPS6 have an oil capacity of 1.9 quarts. Always consult the model-specific guide to ensure you use the correct amounts of each fluid for your transmission type.

Yes, signs such as a burning odor, increased engine noise, or decreased gas mileage indicate your Ford Fiesta may require an oil change sooner than the normal maintenance interval. It is important to regularly check the condition of your oil and respond promptly to such signs to prevent potential damage to your engine.

Why is it important to replace the oil filter with every oil change in a Ford Fiesta?

Replacing the oil filter is crucial because it removes contaminants and dirt from the oil that can cause increased engine wear and reduce performance. An old filter may become clogged and restrict oil flow, so it should be replaced every time the oil is changed to maintain optimal engine health.

What should I do if I’m unsure about the oil capacity or type for my specific Ford Fiesta model?

If you have any doubts or concerns about the oil capacity or type for your Ford Fiesta, it’s strongly advised to consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual or contact a certified mechanic or your local Ford service center for accurate and model-specific information.


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