Nissan Armada Transmission Fluid Capacity

Changing the oil in the Nissan Armada gearbox is most often associated with the repair of the automatic transmission itself, or it is replaced with a new one in the course of work to eliminate oil leaks since it must be drained for work. The oil in the automatic transmission is filled in by the manufacturer once for the entire service life of the car. It is recommended to entrust the oil change in the Nissan Armada automatic transmission to professionals, but in some cases, you can handle this operation on your own.

The color of ATF oil for automatic transmission Nissan Armada not only distinguishes oils by type but helps to find out in case of a leak, from which system the fluid escaped. For example, oil in automatic transmission and power steering has a red tint, antifreeze is green, and in the engine it is yellowish.

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TransmissionFluid capacityFluid type
Automatic 5-speed RE5R05ATotal Fill 11.2 quarts (10.6 liters)SL083

You can check the oil level in the Nissan Armada automatic transmission using a dipstick. The oil dipstick has two pairs of marks – the upper pair Max and Min allows you to determine the level in hot oil, and the lower pair – in cold oil. Using the dipstick, it is easy to check the condition of the oil: you need to drip oil onto a clean white cloth.

When choosing a Nissan Armada automatic transmission oil for replacement, you should follow a simple principle: it is best to use the oil recommended by Nissan. In this case, instead of mineral oil, you can fill in semi-synthetic or synthetic, but in no case should you use oil “lower class” from the prescribed one.

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Transmission Fluid capacityFluid type
Automatic transmission 7 speed RE7R01B10.6 quarts (10 liters)SL083

The low oil level in the Nissan Armada automatic transmission is the main reason for the failure of the clutches. Due to the low fluid pressure, the clutches do not press well against the steel discs and do not contact each other tightly enough. As a result, the friction linings in the Nissan Armada automatic transmission become very hot, carbonized, and destroyed, significantly contaminating the oil.


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