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Genesis GV80 Transmission Fluid Capacity

Genesis GV80 Transmission Fluid Capacity

The automotive world has witnessed the advent of various luxurious SUVs over the years, and among these high-performance vehicles, the Genesis GV80 has carved out its unique space. A blend of comfort, elegance, and performance, the GV80 serves as a testament to Genesis’ commitment to providing a superior driving experience.

As an owner, prospective buyer, or automobile enthusiast, understanding the intricacies of this vehicle, such as the specifics of its transmission fluid type and capacity, can help ensure the SUV’s optimal performance and longevity.

Transmission fluid stands as a critical component in the smooth and efficient operation of any vehicle. This essential fluid’s primary role lies in lubricating the moving parts within the transmission system, reducing friction, wear and tear, and the likelihood of overheating. Moreover, it facilitates power transmission from the engine to the drive axle, hence directly influencing the vehicle’s performance.

Apart from lubrication and power transmission, the fluid also helps to maintain the health of the transmission system by cleaning and protecting its metal surfaces from corrosion, conditioning gaskets, enhancing cooling function, and improving rotational speed and temperature range.

The automatic transmission fluid color is red when new. As the vehicle is driven, the automatic transmission fluid will begin to look darker. This is a normal condition. It does not need to be replaced based on the color change.

Choosing the correct transmission fluid and keeping it at the right capacity in your Genesis GV80 is not merely a matter of routine maintenance; it’s an essential step towards ensuring your vehicle operates at its peak, prolonging its life span and giving you a more enjoyable driving experience.

Genesis GV80 First Generation (2020-2022) Transmission Fluid Type and Capacity

The first generation of Genesis GV80, introduced in 2020 and spanning until 2022, set a high standard for luxury SUVs with its sleek design and superior performance. At the heart of this performance is the 8-speed automatic transmission, designed to deliver smooth gear shifts and an optimized driving experience.

Genesis GV80 owner's manual

The Genesis GV80 (2020-2022) models require a specific type of transmission fluid known as ATF SP-IV-RR. This fluid is specifically formulated for Hyundai and Kia vehicles, designed to ensure that the transmission operates smoothly over a wide range of temperatures and driving conditions.

Genuine Hyundai Fluid 00232-19052 SP-IV-RR Automatic Transmission Fluid - 1 Quart
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Genuine Hyundai Fluid 00232-19052 SP-IV-RR Automatic Transmission Fluid – 1 Quart
  • The exact Original Equipment Manufacturer fluid that your vehicle came with
  • Designed for ideal performance
  • Approved and recommended by Hyundai Motor America
  • Use only the ATF specified in the vehicle owner’s manual

When it comes to the capacity of the transmission fluid, the first-generation Genesis GV80 requires approximately 9.8 quarts to fill the system from dry. However, keep in mind that a standard fluid change typically doesn’t replace all the fluid due to some residual fluid left in the transmission. Therefore, the amount of fluid used in a routine transmission fluid change may be less than the total system capacity.

From 2023 onwards, continues with the same 8-speed automatic transmission as its predecessor. Therefore, the recommended transmission fluid type remains the same: ATF SP-IV-RR. However, due to changes in the transmission system design, the fluid capacity has been slightly increased to about 10 quarts.

Common Signs Your Genesis GV80 May Need Transmission Fluid Change

The transmission fluid is an essential component in maintaining the optimal performance of your Genesis GV80. Over time, though, it can degrade and potentially exhibit symptoms indicating that a change is necessary. Here are some common signs:

  1. Difficulty in Shifting Gears: If you’re experiencing hard shifts or the vehicle is hesitating when trying to shift, this could be a sign of low or degraded transmission fluid.
  2. Slipping Gears: If your vehicle is unpredictably popping out of gear while driving, it could indicate a serious transmission problem. One of the causes could be low transmission fluid pressure due to a low fluid level.
  3. Overheating: The transmission fluid helps cool the transmission. If it’s low or old, it may not effectively cool the transmission, leading to overheating.
  4. Unusual Noise: If you hear unusual noise from the transmission while in neutral, this could be a sign of low or contaminated transmission fluid.
  5. Burnt Smell: Transmission fluid should have a slightly sweet or tart scent. If you notice a light, burnt scent, this might be a signal that the fluid is old and needs replacing.

How Often Should You Change Transmission Fluid in Your Genesis GV80?

Transmission fluid change intervals can vary based on the vehicle’s model, year, and driving conditions. However, for your Genesis GV80, Hyundai typically recommends changing the transmission fluid every 60,000 miles. This range is relatively broad due to factors such as your driving habits, the environment in which you drive, and the type of driving you do (city, highway, or mixed).

Always refer to your Genesis GV80 owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, or consult with a professional mechanic for personalized advice based on your specific driving conditions and habits.

How Much Does It Cost To Change The Transmission Fluid In Genesis GV80?

The cost to change the transmission fluid in your Genesis GV80 can vary based on a few factors, including your location, the specific model, and where you choose to have the service done. On average, though, you can expect the cost of a transmission fluid change to range between $150 and $250. This includes the cost of the fluid and the labor to change it.

Keep in mind that choosing to get your transmission fluid changed at a dealership might be slightly more expensive than an independent auto repair shop, but dealerships will be more familiar with the maintenance requirements of your Genesis GV80. Always ensure whoever performs the service uses the correct transmission fluid (SP-IV RR ATF) for your vehicle.


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