BMW X4 Transmission Fluid Capacity

The BMW X4 is for people looking for a sporty vehicle that can accommodate passengers and goods. The X4 offers more cargo capacity than a sedan but less than the X3 because of the sloping roofline. The X4 handles well, although it does not handle as well as a sports saloon. Consider the more conventional BMW X3 or bigger BMW X5 if you want plenty of rear passenger room and cargo volume.

2019 2020 2021 2022 BMW X4 Transmission Fluid Capacity

Transmission typeFluid capacityFluid type
8 speed GA8HP76Z Automatic TransmissionTotal fill 9.9 quarts (9.4 liters)SL188
8 speed GA8HP51Z Automatic TransmissionTotal fill 9.8 quarts (9.3 liters)SL188

2015 2016 2017 2018 BMW X4 Transmission Fluid Capacity

Transmission typeFluid capacityFluid type
8 speed GA8HP45Z Automatic TransmissionTotal fill 9 quarts (8.5 liters)SL093

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The X4’s powerful engines and dynamic handling capabilities back up its sporty appearance, which is uncommon with sporty-looking SUVs. All-wheel drive is standard, allowing light off-roading.

The X4 isn’t the only premium fastback SUV on the market; it competes against rivals such as the Mercedes-Benz GL Coupe and Porsche Macan in the premium fastback SUV category. For a thorough evaluation from our testing team, check out the Expert Rating below.


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