Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Transmission Fluid Capacity

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is a compact crossover SUV that made its global debut in 2017 and quickly became a notable model within the Mitsubishi lineup. With its sleek design, modern technology features, and reliable performance, it has carved a niche for itself in the competitive SUV market.

Key Takeaways:

GearboxFluid capacityFluid type
CVT8.2 quarts (7.8 liters)Mitsubishi CVTF-J4
Manual2.8 quarts (2.6 liters)75W-80 API GL-4 New Multi-gear Oil Eco
Automatic8 quarts (7.6 liters)ATF-MA1
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

The name ‘Eclipse Cross’ is derived from Mitsubishi’s sport compact car ‘Eclipse,’ and the term ‘Cross’ signifies its crossover status, blending the aesthetics and performance of a coupe with the versatility and utility of an SUV.

The Eclipse Cross holds a significant place in Mitsubishi’s lineup as it represents a blend of innovation, design, and performance that showcases the brand’s commitment to creating superior vehicles. It’s a model that bridges the gap between the compact and mid-size SUV segments, offering a perfect balance for those seeking both performance and practicality.

The Eclipse Cross also embodies Mitsubishi’s continuous efforts to improve and adapt to the evolving market demands, showcasing modern design aesthetics, advanced safety features, and the latest in-car technology.

The appeal of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross lies in its ability to offer a premium driving experience at a competitive price point. Consumers appreciate its stylish exterior, comfortable interior, and the array of modern features that come standard. Its place in the compact SUV market is well-earned, as it provides a compelling alternative to other established models in this segment.

The Eclipse Cross offers a unique blend of style, efficiency, and reliability, making it a desirable choice for a wide range of buyers, from young professionals to small families. Its competitive pricing, coupled with Mitsubishi’s reputation for durability, makes the Eclipse Cross a value-packed option in a crowded market.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Transmission Fluid Capacity And Type

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross made its global debut in 2017, and was launched in the market in 2018. The initial reception was fairly positive, with many appreciating its modern design and robust performance. The model was seen as a fresh addition to the compact SUV segment, offering a blend of style and practicality that was well-received by consumers.

2022-Now Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

The transmission fluid capacity for the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross facelift models (2022 – Now) is as follows:

  • For models with a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), the transmission fluid capacity is 7.8 liters.
  • For models with a manual transmission, the transmission fluid capacity is 2.6 liters.
TransmissionFluid capacityFluid type
CVT8.2 qt (7.8 L)Mitsubishi Motors Genuine CVTF-J4
Genuine Mitsubishi J4 (J1) CVT Transmission Fluid – 4 Quarts – MZ320185 Lancer Outlander & Sport with CVT Transmission
  • The ONLY Fluid Mitsubishi Recommends for the CVT Transmission ! Fits Lancer, Outlander and Outlander Sport Models with CVT transmission 2008 – 2018
  • Includes 4 Quarts of J4 CVT Fluid
  • Mitsubishi Recommends the transmission be serviced every 36,000 Miles
  • NOTE: Capacity used for the transmission is 4.2 Quarts. DO NOT OVERFILL !

2018-2020 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Maintaining the right level of transmission fluid is essential for the smooth operation and longevity of your vehicle’s transmission. Here are the specifications for the 2018-2020 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross:

  1. Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT):
    • Fluid Capacity: 8.2 quarts (7.8 Liters)
  2. Manual Transmission:
    • Fluid Capacity: 2.7 quarts (2.6 Liters)
TransmissionFluid capacityFluid type
CVT8.2 qt (7.8 L)Mitsubishi Motors Genuine CVTF-J4
Manual2.7 qt (2.6 L)Mitsubishi Motors Genuine New Multi-gear Oil ECO API GL-4, SAE 75W-80

It’s crucial to use the specified type of transmission fluid to ensure optimal performance and to adhere to the maintenance schedule provided by Mitsubishi. Regular checks and changes of the transmission fluid can significantly contribute to the longevity and reliability of your Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Transmission Fluid Change Intervals

The interval at which the transmission fluid should be changed in a Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross can vary based on several factors including the type of transmission, the driving conditions, and the specific recommendations of Mitsubishi.

2023 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Here are some general guidelines:

  1. Manufacturer’s Recommendations:
    • It’s crucial to check the owner’s manual of your Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross for the manufacturer’s recommended transmission fluid change intervals. The manual will provide the most accurate information tailored to your specific model and year.
  2. General Recommendations:
    • Mitsubishi transmissions are designed to last longer, and the manufacturer suggests a change every 90,000 miles.
  3. Driving Conditions:
    • If you frequently drive in harsh conditions such as in heavy traffic, on hilly terrain, or tow heavy loads, you may need to change the transmission fluid more frequently. Harsh driving conditions can cause the transmission fluid to degrade faster and may also contribute to faster wear and tear of the transmission components.
  4. Transmission Type:
    • The type of transmission in your Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross can also influence the transmission fluid change interval. For instance, manual transmissions might have different fluid change intervals compared to automatic or continuously variable transmissions (CVTs).
  5. Regular Checks:
    • It’s a good practice to check the transmission fluid level and condition regularly, such as during oil changes. If the fluid appears dark or burnt or if the level is low, it might be time for a transmission fluid change.
  6. Consult with a Professional:
    • If you are unsure about when to change the transmission fluid, consulting with a reputable mechanic or a Mitsubishi dealership can provide personalized advice based on your vehicle’s condition and your driving habits.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Transmission Fluid Change Cost

The cost of changing the transmission fluid in a Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross can vary based on several factors including the location, the service provider, and the type of transmission fluid used.

2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Below are some estimates gathered from various sources:

  1. Average Cost Estimates:
    • The average cost for a Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Transmission Fluid Change is estimated to be between $152 and $410.
    • Some breakdowns of the costs include labor and parts, with labor costs ranging from $54 to $95 and parts costs ranging from $58 to $74.
  2. Cost Comparison by Service Provider:
    • Your Mechanic: $170 – $420
    • Midas: $159 – $352
    • Mr. Tire: $160 – $410
    • NAPA: $144 – $550
    • Walmart: $63 – $214 (Parts only)
    • Amazon: $55 – $224 (Parts only)
  3. Benefits of Transmission Fluid Change:
    • Regular transmission fluid changes can help keep the transmission in good working order, prolong the lifespan of the transmission system components, and potentially save on repair costs over time.
  4. Procedure:
    • The procedure for a transmission fluid change involves checking the current fluid color and levels, draining the old fluid, and replacing it with new transmission fluid. The mechanic may also inspect for any signs of transmission system issues during this service.


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