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2017 Jeep Renegade 2.4 Oil Type

2017 Jeep Renegade 2.4 Oil Type

Regular engine oil maintenance is crucial for the overall health and performance of your 2017 Jeep Renegade 2.4. Engine oil serves as a lubricant, protecting vital engine components from wear and friction. It also helps to regulate engine temperature and prevent the buildup of harmful deposits. By maintaining proper engine oil levels and using the recommended oil type, you can ensure optimal engine performance, fuel efficiency and extend the life of your vehicle.

The 2017 Jeep Renegade 2.4 is a compact SUV that offers a combination of ruggedness, versatility, and modern features. Powered by a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine, this vehicle delivers a balance of power and efficiency. Whether you’re tackling city streets or venturing off-road, the Renegade 2.4 provides a smooth and capable driving experience. To keep this impressive performance consistent, maintaining the engine oil is of utmost importance.

By understanding the significance of regular engine oil maintenance and gaining insights into the specific requirements for the 2017 Jeep Renegade 2.4, you can ensure that your vehicle operates at its best and remains reliable throughout its lifespan. Let’s dive deeper into the recommended oil type, oil change intervals, and essential maintenance tips for your Renegade 2.4.

What Oil Does A 2017 2.4 L Jeep Renegade Take?

For the 2017 Jeep Renegade 2.4, it is recommended to use SAE 0W-20 API Certified Engine Oil. This oil type provides the ideal viscosity and lubrication properties to ensure optimal engine performance across a wide range of temperatures. The “0W” designation indicates excellent low-temperature flow, allowing for easier cold starts and improved fuel economy.

When selecting engine oil for your Renegade 2.4, it is important to choose a product that meets the requirements of FCA Material Standard MS-6395. This specification ensures that the oil meets the performance standards and quality levels specified by the manufacturer. Adhering to these requirements helps maintain the reliability and longevity of your vehicle’s engine.

To ensure the best performance and protection for your engine, it is recommended to use engine oils from reputable brands that meet the specified requirements. Brands like Mopar, Pennzoil, and Shell Helix are well-known for their high-quality lubricants and compliance with the necessary standards. These brands offer a range of SAE 0W-20 API Certified Engine Oils that are suitable for the 2017 Jeep Renegade 2.4.

By using the recommended SAE 0W-20 API Certified Engine Oil that meets FCA Material Standard MS-6395, and choosing reputable brands such as Mopar, Pennzoil, and Shell Helix, you can ensure that your Renegade 2.4’s engine receives the appropriate lubrication and protection it needs for optimal performance and longevity. Always refer to your engine oil filler cap or consult your owner’s manual for the correct SAE grade and brand recommendations specific to your vehicle.

Understanding the Engine Oil Change Indicator System

The 2017 Jeep Renegade 2.4 is equipped with an engine oil change indicator system to assist you in maintaining proper oil change intervals. This system helps monitor the condition of the engine oil and provides a reminder when it’s time for an oil change. When the “Oil Change Due” message appears on the instrument cluster display and a single chime sounds, it indicates that the next scheduled oil change interval has been reached.

The engine oil change interval in the Renegade 2.4 may vary depending on your personal driving style. The oil change indicator system is duty cycle-based, meaning it takes into account various factors such as engine load, temperature, and driving conditions to determine the optimal oil change interval. If you engage in more severe driving conditions, such as frequent towing, off-road adventures, or stop-and-go city driving, the system may prompt you for more frequent oil changes.

Resetting The Oil Change Indicator System

To reset the oil change indicator system after performing the scheduled maintenance, follow these steps:

  1. Without pushing the brake pedal, push the ENGINE START/STOP button and cycle the ignition to the ON/RUN position (do not start the engine).
  2. Fully push the accelerator pedal slowly three times within 10 seconds.
  3. Without pushing the brake pedal, push the ENGINE START/STOP button once to return the ignition to the OFF/LOCK position.

It’s essential to note that if the indicator message illuminates when you start the vehicle, it indicates that the oil change indicator system was not reset properly. In such cases, it is recommended to visit an authorized dealer to have the oil life reset.

How Much Oil Does A 2017 Jeep Renegade 2.4 L Take?

The engine oil capacity for the 2.4L engine in the 2017 Jeep Renegade is approximately 5.5 quarts or 5.2 liters. It is important to maintain the oil level within the recommended range for proper lubrication and cooling of the engine components. Regularly checking and maintaining the appropriate oil level is essential for optimal engine performance.

The optimal viscosity grade recommended for the 2.4L engine in the 2017 Jeep Renegade is SAE 0W-20. The “0W” designation represents the oil’s ability to flow smoothly and provide excellent lubrication even in cold temperatures. This ensures easier engine starts and reduces wear during cold starts, which is particularly beneficial in colder climates. The “20” indicates the oil’s viscosity when the engine is operating at normal operating temperatures, providing adequate lubrication and protection under varying driving conditions.

Benefits Of Using Approved Engine Oil Viscosity

Using the approved engine oil viscosity, such as SAE 0W-20, offers several benefits:

  1. Improved engine protection: The proper viscosity ensures that critical engine components receive adequate lubrication, reducing friction and wear. This helps to extend the engine’s lifespan and maintain its performance.
  2. Enhanced fuel efficiency: The recommended viscosity grade allows the engine to operate more efficiently, resulting in improved fuel economy. The oil’s low viscosity reduces internal friction, enabling smoother movement and reduced energy loss within the engine.
  3. Cold-start protection: The “0W” rating ensures that the oil flows smoothly during cold starts, minimizing wear and tear on engine components. It promotes faster oil circulation and provides vital lubrication when the engine is cold, preventing damage due to insufficient lubrication.
  4. Consistent performance: Using the recommended viscosity grade helps maintain consistent engine performance across different operating temperatures. The oil’s viscosity characteristics ensure optimal lubrication and protection regardless of weather conditions or driving demands.

Engine Oil Filter Selection and Replacement

2017 Jeep Renegade

When it comes to engine oil filters for your 2017 Jeep Renegade 2.4, it is highly recommended to use a Mopar Engine Oil Filter. Mopar filters are specifically designed and engineered to meet the requirements of your vehicle. They undergo rigorous testing to ensure optimal filtration efficiency and protection for your engine. Mopar filters are made with high-quality materials and designed to fit precisely, ensuring proper flow and preventing contaminants from entering the engine.

The engine oil filter should be replaced with a new filter at every engine oil change. Regularly replacing the oil filter helps maintain the cleanliness of the engine oil and prevents contaminants from circulating within the engine. It is important to adhere to the recommended oil change intervals and replace the oil filter accordingly to ensure continuous and effective filtration.

When selecting an engine oil filter, it is essential to choose a high-quality filter to ensure efficient service. High-quality filters are designed with advanced filtration technology to effectively trap and remove contaminants, such as dirt, metal particles, and sludge from the engine oil. They provide enhanced filtration performance, ensuring that only clean oil reaches the engine components. Using a high-quality oil filter promotes optimal engine performance, improves longevity, and helps maintain the cleanliness of the engine.

It is worth noting that Mopar engine oil filters are known for their superior quality and are recommended for use in the 2017 Jeep Renegade 2.4. However, if a Mopar filter is not available, selecting an equivalent high-quality filter from reputable brands can also provide efficient service and protection for your engine.

By using a Mopar Engine Oil Filter or an equivalent high-quality filter, and replacing it at every oil change, you can ensure effective filtration and maintain the cleanliness of the engine oil in your 2017 Jeep Renegade 2.4. This contributes to the overall health and longevity of your engine, promoting optimal performance and minimizing the risk of potential engine issues.

Prohibited Engine Oil Additives

The manufacturer of the 2017 Jeep Renegade 2.4 strongly advises against the addition of any supplemental additives to the engine oil, other than leak detection dyes. Engine oil is an engineered product that undergoes extensive research and development to meet the specific requirements of modern engines. It already contains a precise blend of additives that provide optimal lubrication, protection, and performance.

The use of unauthorized or unapproved additives in engine oil can have detrimental effects on its performance and the overall engine health. Engine oil additives, when not properly formulated or incompatible with the oil’s composition, may disrupt the delicate balance of additives already present in the oil. This can lead to decreased lubrication efficiency, compromised engine protection, and potential damage to engine components.

Furthermore, the introduction of unauthorized additives can affect the oil’s viscosity, thermal stability, and its ability to disperse contaminants effectively. These additives can also impact the oil’s ability to meet the required industry standards and specifications, potentially voiding any warranty coverage related to engine damage.

It is essential to trust the expertise of the manufacturer and use only approved engine oils without adding any unauthorized supplemental additives. By following the manufacturer’s recommendations, you can ensure that the engine oil performs optimally and provides the necessary protection and lubrication for the 2017 Jeep Renegade 2.4’s engine.

Resist the temptation to use additional additives and rely on the quality of the recommended engine oil to provide the performance and protection your engine needs.

Proper Disposal of Used Engine Oil and Oil Filters

Proper disposal of used engine oil and oil filters is of utmost importance to protect the environment and prevent contamination. Used oil and oil filters, if not disposed of correctly, can have harmful effects on soil, water sources, and wildlife. It is crucial to follow safe disposal practices to minimize the environmental impact.

When handling used engine oil, always use a designated container that is leak-proof and resistant to corrosion. Avoid mixing used oil with any other substances such as solvents, fuels, or other chemicals. Additionally, it is essential to handle used oil filters with care to prevent oil leakage and contamination.

To ensure the proper disposal of used engine oil and oil filters, it is recommended to contact authorized dealers, service stations, or local governmental agencies. These entities can provide guidance on appropriate disposal methods specific to your area.

Authorized dealers or service stations often have designated collection points for used oil and oil filters, where you can safely drop off these materials. They may also provide additional information on recycling programs or local facilities equipped to handle used oil and oil filter disposal.

Alternatively, local governmental agencies, such as environmental departments or waste management authorities, can provide guidance on proper disposal practices, recycling centers, or authorized collection points in your area.

By following the recommended disposal practices and reaching out to the appropriate authorities, you can ensure the safe and environmentally responsible disposal of used engine oil and oil filters. By doing so, you contribute to the preservation of the environment and the protection of natural resources.


In conclusion, maintaining proper engine oil maintenance for your 2017 Jeep Renegade 2.4 is essential for optimal engine performance and longevity. Here are the key points to remember:

  1. Understand the Engine Oil Change Indicator System: Familiarize yourself with the system’s function, which provides reminders for oil changes based on driving style and conditions.
  2. Use the Recommended Engine Oil Type: Utilize SAE 0W-20 API Certified Engine Oil that meets FCA Material Standard MS-6395. Reputable brands like Mopar, Pennzoil, and Shell Helix are recommended.
  3. Pay Attention to Engine Oil Filter Selection and Replacement: Use a Mopar Engine Oil Filter or an equivalent high-quality filter at every oil change to ensure proper filtration and engine protection.
  4. Adhere to Engine Oil Capacity and Viscosity: Maintain the correct engine oil capacity of approximately 5.5 quarts or 5.2 liters and utilize the optimal viscosity grade, SAE 0W-20, for consistent engine performance.
  5. Avoid Prohibited Engine Oil Additives: Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation against using supplemental additives, as they may negatively impact engine oil performance and compromise engine health.
  6. Practice Proper Disposal of Used Engine Oil and Oil Filters: Ensure the environmentally responsible disposal of used oil and filters by contacting authorized dealers, service stations, or governmental agencies for guidance on safe disposal practices.

Following the manufacturer’s specifications for engine oil type, filter selection, capacity, and maintenance intervals is crucial for achieving optimal engine performance and longevity. These specifications are designed based on extensive research and testing to ensure compatibility and protection for your vehicle’s engine. By adhering to these guidelines, you can minimize the risk of engine issues, maximize fuel efficiency, and prolong the life of your 2017 Jeep Renegade 2.4.

Always consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual or seek advice from authorized dealers or service centers for any specific recommendations or updates regarding engine oil maintenance. By prioritizing proper engine oil care, you can enjoy a reliable and efficient driving experience in your 2017 Jeep Renegade 2.4 for years to come.


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