Jeep Commander Engine Oil Capacity and Transmission Fluid Capacity

The Jeep Commander SUV was codenamed YK. It is noteworthy that initially, the concern planned to give its new model the name Jeep Wagoneer. The car premiere occurred at an exhibition in New York in the spring of 2005. The car is developed on the platform of the latest version of the Grand Cherokee. It has the same basic structure: the uniframe monocoque body, independent double-wishbone front suspension, and a five-link rear axle.

The car’s exterior traces the brand’s army roots – the body is replete with straight lines, flat surfaces, and chopped shapes. Round headlights and a seven-slot grille make it instantly recognizable as a Jeep.

The car weighs more than 2.3 tons, but a seven-seater SUV with a boot capacity of up to 1950 liters looks massive and monumental. The car was produced in three modifications: Standard 4×2, Laredo 4×4, and Limited 4×4. One of three engines with 210 to 326 horsepower capacity was installed under the car’s hood.

The Jeep Commander was discontinued in 2010. From 2006 to 2009, almost 192 thousand cars were sold in the United States.

2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2020 Jeep Commander Engine Oil Capacity

EngineEngine Oil Capacity (with filter)Oil type
3.7L 6-cyl Engine4.7 liters (4.9 quarts)5W-20
4.7L 8-cyl Engine5.7 liters (5.9 quarts)5W-20
4.7L 8-cyl Engine Flex5.7 liters (5.9 quarts)5W-20
5.7L 8-cyl Engine6.6 liters (6.9 quarts)5W-20

3.7L 6 -cyl Engine Drain Plug Torque: 25 ft/lbs

2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2020 Jeep Commander Transmission Fluid Capacity

TransmissionFluid CapacityFluid Type
5-speed 545RFE 4WD automatic transmissionTotal Fill 13.3 liters (14.1 quarts)Mopar ATF+4 P/N 05013457AA
5 speed 545RFE RWD automatic transmissionTotal Fill 13.3 liters (14.1 quarts)Mopar ATF+4 P/N 05013457AA
5-speed W5A580 automatic transmissionTotal Fill 7.7 liters (8.1 quarts)Mopar ATF+4 P/N 05013457AA

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By the way, it’s no secret that the Commander is a slightly stretched Grand Cherokee to fit the third row of seats, which no one, except very young children, will fit on. It is only 37 mm longer with an equal wheelbase, and it will be heavier.

But, I remember, at the presentation of the new Wrangler, I asked the guys from DaimlerChrysler to rank their models by the degree of off-road.


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