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The 2022 Audi Q8 is a great mid-size luxury SUV. The Q8 has a lavish interior with luxurious materials, an elegant dual-screen infotainment system, and ample seating inside both rows. It’s a quiet and comfortable vehicle to drive on a daily basis, but it becomes more lively when the road gets twisty. Around turns, the Q8 has a surefooted feel about it, and each of its turbocharged engine options has plenty of power. Heavier towing capacity and a variety of active safety systems only sweeten the deal for the Q8.

That said, the Q8 has its drawbacks. For this sector, it has an extremely low fuel efficiency, which isn’t exactly a high bar to clear. The Q8 also has a tiny cargo area for a vehicle of its size.

2019 2020 2021 2022 Audi Q8 Oil Capacity and Oil Type

Engine Oil Capacity (with filter) Oil Type
3.0L 6-cyl Engine DCBD Turbo 8 quarts (7.6 liters) 0W-20

If you live in an area where no synthetic oil that meets the required Audi, Volkswagen oil quality standard and viscosity grade is accessible, be sure to utilize a viscosity grade suited for the climate, season, and operating conditions where the automobile is utilized. Make sure the oil meets the Audi, Volkswagen oil quality criteria listed.

Best Audi Q8 Oil

No. 1
Castrol GTX Full Synthetic 0W-20 Motor Oil, 5 Quart Jug
1,982 Reviews
Castrol GTX Full Synthetic 0W-20 Motor Oil, 5 Quart Jug
  • Castrol GTX Full Synthetic Motor Oil provides maximum protection to help fight the impact of severe conditions that can potentially shorten engine life
  • Castrol GTX Full Synthetic has been proven to dramatically reduce engine wear - 6X better than the industry standard
  • 1.3X better sludge protection than industry standards
  • Full synthetic formula provides thermal and oxidation stability with a superior level of protection against viscosity breakdown
  • Specifications: API SP/SN PLUS/SN, ILSAC GF-6, GM dexos1 Gen 2, Meets Ford WSS-M2C962-A1
No. 2
Castrol 03124 Edge 0W-20 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 Quart
9,235 Reviews
Castrol 03124 Edge 0W-20 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 Quart
  • 42 Percent Better Rating On Fighting Power Robbing Deposits
  • Superior Engine Protection Vs Conventional And Synthetic Blend Oils
  • Superior Performance Against Deposits, Wear And Oxidation; Bottle Color: Black
  • Meets The Needs Of Honda, Toyota, Acura, Lexus And Other Vehicles Where 0W-20 Grade Is Recommended
No. 3
Valvoline Extended Protection Full Synthetic Motor Oil SAE 0W-20 5 QT
808 Reviews
Valvoline Extended Protection Full Synthetic Motor Oil SAE 0W-20 5 QT
  • 10X STRONGER THERMAL RESISTANCE than industry standards prevents oil breakdown in harsh conditions
  • FIGHT DEPOSITS & SLUDGE with Dual Defense Additive Technology to clean while providing the ultimate defense against wear, so you can experience the most your engine has to offer
  • 50% BETTER WEAR PROTECTION than industry standards with anti-wear additives that prvent metal-on-metal contact, protecting your engine’s most vulnerable components and maximizing engine life
  • BUILT FOR MODERN ENGINES with a formula optimized to outlast the extreme conditions of today’s vehicles and offer max defense under the hood, even with the newest technologies
  • MAXIMIZE EFFICIENCY & FUEL ECONOMY with friction modifiers that stop moving parts from touching, minimizing energy loss and keeping friction at a minimum so you get the best power and efficiency out of your engine
SaleNo. 4
Mobil 1 Extended Performance Full Synthetic Motor Oil 0W-20, 5 Quart
30,859 Reviews
Mobil 1 Extended Performance Full Synthetic Motor Oil 0W-20, 5 Quart
  • Mobil 1 Extended Performance full-synthetic motor oil 0W-20 helps protect critical engine parts for up to 20,000 miles between oil changes,* controlling oxidation to prevent oil breakdown and maintaining excellent viscosity
  • Utilizes Mobil 1’s Triple Action+ Formula to combine outstanding engine performance, protection, and cleanliness with the added benefit of power
  • Meets ILSAC GF-6 standards to help provide low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) and timing chain wear protection while keeping your engine clean and helping to improve your fuel economy
  • Helps extend engine life by working to prevent damaging deposits and sludge buildup
  • Provides excellent internal engine heat protection (up to 500 degrees F) and low temperature protection (to -40 degrees F)
No. 5
Amazon Basics Full Synthetic Motor Oil - 0W-20 - 5 Quart
28,317 Reviews
Amazon Basics Full Synthetic Motor Oil - 0W-20 - 5 Quart
  • For best performance, follow the manufacturer's recommendations in your vehicle owner’s manual.
  • Formulated for longer drain intervals
  • Helps prevent build up that can cause rust and corrosion
  • Reduces friction for less engine wear
  • High resistance to viscosity and thermal breakdown


2019 2020 2021 2022 Audi Q8 Transmission Fluid Capacity and Transmission Fluid Type

Transmission Fluid Capacity Fluid Type
0D5 8-speed Automatic Transmission Total Fill 9.1 quarts (8.6 liters)
Initial Fill 3.8 quarts (3.6 liters)

The automatic gearbox in the Audi Q8 is exceptional. They can last a long time without requiring any servicing. However, they require transmission fluid to function. Your Audi Q8’s Transmission fluid will eventually get low over time. The damage has already been done by the time you experience the signs of reduced transmission fluid.

The transmission fluid in your Q8 powers lubricates and cools the gearbox. That’s a lot of pressure for one liquid to deal with.

A transmission that has little or no fluid can be seriously damaged, leaving you stranded. If you believe your transmission is severely low on fluid, you should do everything humanly possible to avoid driving it. Damage will be done significantly rapidly if the transmission begins to slip as a result of a low fluid condition.

Low Transmission Fluid Signs

  • Higher RPM at any given speed – A low transmission fluid level can result in an engine that appears to be revving higher than it should at any particular speed. It could also suggest that the torque converter is not engaging. If it’s the torque converter, though, it’ll only jump a few hundred RPM.
  • Engine sounds different uphill – When you’re going up a steep hill, the fluid may not be able to be picked up from the pan. As the transmission starves for fluid, the engine will accelerate faster.
  • High transmission temperature – The fluid in an automatic gearbox is required for more than just converting mechanical energy to hydraulic energy in the torque converter. It is also necessary for cooling. So, if you have a transmission temperature gauge, beware. Your transmission fluid may be low or empty.
  • Put car into gear, but it’s not going anywhere – If you leave your Q8 unoccupied for an extended period of time, it’s likely to cough up the transmission fluid. So, even if it was full last time you drove your Q8, it may be empty now. You’ll go to use it somewhere and it won’t move at all or barely move. This can frequently be attributed to a loose torque converter. Did you detect any shuddering at highway speeds? That’s an indication that your converter is loose.


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