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Motorcraft Specialty WSS-M97B55-A Green Coolant Equivalent

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When your car's radiator needs a top-up, you might be looking for a Motorcraft green coolant equivalent. This specialty green coolant is designed to work specifically with Ford vehicles, but what if you don't have a Ford? Or maybe you're just looking for an alternative to the pricey Motorcraft stuff? This article will recommend some readily available and affordable alternatives to Motorcraft green coolants.

The best alternative to the Motorcraft Specialty Green Engine Coolant is the Motorcraft Yellow Coolant. It is also a P-OAT coolant, and it is backward compatible with the old orange OAT coolant and specialty dark-green coolant. It means that you can literally take this new coolant over to a system currently running the Specialty Green Coolant and top it off. You can drain this old coolant and put this in without flushing.

Motorcraft Green Coolant/Antifreeze Equivalent

If you were wondering what an aftermarket alternative to the original Motorcraft coolant is - check the table below.

Does Ford Use Green Coolant?

Ford has totally discontinued the Motorcraft orange coolant, and for newer models, it used the Yellow coolant. Previously, Ford used the Green engine coolant, and it was in a period between 2009-2011 years.

The Motorcraft Specialty Green Engine Coolant is a phosphate-based OAT coolant similar to the new one (yellow). Actually, this is a Mazda coolant that was used in the Ford Edge and Ford Fusion models.