2023 Toyota Hilux Oil Capacity

2023 Toyota Hilux Oil Capacity

Recommended fluidRecomeded fluidCapacity Intervals
2,0L and 2,7L gasoline engines (1TR-FE and 2TR-FE)0W20 or 5W20 or 5W30 API SM or higher; with API certification mark5.9 qt. (5.6 L)3.500 miles, 5000 km or 3 months
2,4L and 2,8L diesel engines (2GD-FTV and 1GD-FTV)EURO V and VI: 0W30 or 5W30 ACEA C2
7.9 qt (7.5 L)3.500 miles, 5000 km, or 3 months
2,5L and 3,0L diesel engines (1KD-FTV and 2KD-FTV)10W30 or 5W30 API CF-4 or ACEA B17.2 qt (6.9 L)3.500 miles, 5000 km, or 3 months
4,0L gasoline engine (1GR-FE)5W30 API SL or above; with API certification mark5.8 qt. (5.5 L)3.500 miles, 5000 km, or 3 months

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The 2023 Toyota Hilux, renowned for its robustness and reliability, features advanced diesel engines that require meticulous maintenance for optimal performance.

Detailed Engine Oil Capacities and Types

Understanding the engine oil capacity is crucial for the correct maintenance of your Hilux. The 2023 models with 2.4L and 2.8L diesel engines (2GD-FTV and 1GD-FTV) have an oil capacity of 7.9 quarts (7.5 liters). The recommended oils are EURO V and VI: 0W30 or 5W30 ACEA C2 and for EURO IV: 5W30 ACEA B1 or API CF-4.

Step-by-Step Oil Change Procedure

Regular oil changes are vital for maintaining the health of your Hilux’s engine. Here’s a detailed guide to the oil change process:

Essential Steps for Oil Change

  1. Warm Up Your Engine: Ensure your engine reaches the operating temperature.
  2. Drain the Old Oil: Safely drain the old oil from your engine.
  3. Replace the Engine Filter: Always use a high-quality engine filter compatible with your Hilux model.
  4. Refill with Recommended Oil: Refill the engine with the recommended type and quantity of oil.

Importance of Synthetic Oil in Engine Maintenance

Synthetic oil is highly recommended for the 2023 Toyota Hilux diesel engines due to its superior lubrication properties and ability to withstand extreme temperatures, ensuring the longevity of your engine.

Choosing the Right Synthetic Oil

For the 2023 Hilux diesel engines, we recommend oils that meet or exceed the specifications of ACEA C2 or API CF-4.

Understanding Service Intervals and Engine Filter Changes

Regular service intervals are essential for the longevity of your Hilux. The recommended interval is every 3,500 miles or 5,000 km, or every 3 months, whichever comes first.

Key Tips for Engine Filter Maintenance

Always opt for high-quality engine filters and ensure they are changed regularly as part of your maintenance routine.

FAQs on Toyota Hilux Diesel Engine Maintenance

What is the oil capacity for the 2023 Toyota Hilux diesel engine?

The oil capacity for the 2023 Hilux diesel engines ranges from 7.2 to 7.9 quarts, depending on the engine model.

How frequently should I change the oil in my Toyota Hilux?

Oil changes should be performed every 3,500 miles, 5,000 km, or every 3 months, as per Toyota’s recommendations.

What type of oil is best for the 2023 Toyota Hilux diesel engine?

Synthetic oils meeting the ACEA C2 or API CF-4 specifications are ideal for the 2023 Hilux diesel engines.

While it’s recommended to use Toyota-approved oils, any high-quality oil that meets the required specifications is suitable.

By adhering to these guidelines and understanding the specifics of your 2023 Toyota Hilux diesel engine, you can ensure optimal performance and longevity of your vehicle.


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