Is It Worth Replacing A Broken Car Engine? Consider These 3 Things

Most car owners know that when their engine stops working, they’re in trouble. Without an engine, your car is just a hunk of metal. There are no quick fixes, especially if the entire engine is broken.

Unfortunately, a broken car engine means a big financial layout. Only car repairs that came about due to a collision are considered when calculating the cost of car insurance. So, unless your engine broke because of an accident, you are on the hook for the repair or replacement.

In some cases, it may not be worth repairing or replacing the car engine. It is difficult to justify the cost, especially if you are repairing a cheaper car. Do you buy a new car or do what it takes to revive your old car?

Here Are 3 Things To Consider

1. The Age and Condition of Your Car

When weighing up the cost of a new engine against the value of your car, it is worthwhile considering the age and condition of your car. These are two major factors in determining whether the investment is worth it.

Let’s say your engine is going to cost a thousand dollars to replace and your car would cost $5,000 to replace. Your first thought may be that replacing the engine is definitely worth it. But what if your car is fairly old or in an overall rough condition. As much as replacing the engine may be cheaper than replacing the car, your car may not have much life left in it anyway.

That thousand dollars would look like a good investment if you kept your car for a few more good years. But if you are stuck with a car that you want to get rid of (or that breaks down completely) a year from now, you spent a lot of money for very little result.

2. The Make of Your Car

Another factor that will help determine whether it is worth replacing your engine is the car’s make. Some car parts are easier to get ahold of than others. If you have a fancy foreign car without a local manufacturer, you may have to spend a lot more than anticipated when buying that new engine.

Furthermore, your local mechanic may not be able to do major repairs on your car. You may need to go to a specialist who costs hundreds of dollars an hour. The expenses will rack up quickly. This is particularly true if you drive an electric or hybrid vehicle.

As such, even if the cost of the engine itself is not too high, the cost of labor may end up making it more worthwhile to replace the car.

3. The Way You Use Your Car

Replacing your engine is a good idea when you know that your car is going to last for a long time. While that partly depends on your car’s age and condition, it also depends on how you use your car.

If you spend a lot of time road tripping with your car, driving it hundreds of miles over varying types of terrain, your car is at a far higher risk of developing catastrophic problems. However, if you don’t go much further than your home or office, your car is unlikely to degrade too quickly.

Most people will fall somewhere in between. Consider how many miles you drive every year and whether driving on dirt roads or gravel is a regular occurrence. You know your driving habits better than anyone, and can make an informed decision over how likely you are to wear out your car.

Repairing or replacing a car engine can be extremely costly. In some cases, it might be better to consider the car a write-off. Take the above 3 considerations into account when deciding whether a new engine is worth it.