Ford Focus Transmission Fluid Capacity

ford focus transmission fluid capacity

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Approximate dry fill capacity including transmission fluid cooling system, actual refill capacities will vary based on vehicle application and transmission fluid cooling system (i.e. coolers size, cooling lines. auxiliary cooler capacities).

The amount of transmission fluid and fluid level should be set by the indication on the dipstick’s normal operating range.


1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Ford Focus transmission fluid capacity


Transmission Capacity
5-speed manual Motorcraft Full Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid 2.0L (2.1 quarts)
Automatic Motorcraft MERCON V ATF 6.6L (6.9 quarts)




2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Ford Focus transmission fluid capacity


Transmission Capacity
Automatic 6.9 quarts (6.6L) Motorcraft MERCON LV ATF
5-speed manual 2.0 quarts (1.9L)

Automatic transmission fluid:

Refer to your scheduled maintenance information for scheduled intervals for fluid checks and changes. Your transmission does not consume fluid. However, the fluid level should be checked if the transmission is not working properly, i.e., if the transmission slips or shifts slowly or if you notice some sign of fluid leakage.

Automatic transmission fluid expands when warmed. To obtain an accurate fluid check, drive the vehicle until it is warmed up (approximately 20 miles [30 km]). If your vehicle has been operated for an extended period at high speeds, in city traffic during hot weather, or pulling a trailer, the vehicle should be turned off for about 30 minutes to allow fluid to cool before checking.



2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Ford Focus transmission fluid capacity


Transmission Capacity
1.0 Ecoboost Automatic 1.9 qt (1.8 L)
1.0 Ecoboost Manual 1.8 qt (1.67 L)
2.0 Automatic 1.9 qt (1.8 L)
2.0 Manual 1.9 qt (1.8 L)

Contact an authorized dealer for fluid level checking and filling. Approximate dry fill capacity. The actual amount may vary during fluid changes.

Automatic transmissions that require MERCON LV transmission fluid should only use MERCON LV transmission fluid. The use of any other fluid may cause transmission damage.


2018 2019 2020 2021 Ford Focus transmission fluid capacity


Transmission Capacity
1.0 Ecoboost Automatic 2.3 gal (8.6 L)
1.0 Manual 0.4 gal (1.67 L)
2.0 Automatic 0.4 gal (1.67 L)
2.0 Manual 0.4 gal (1.67 L)

We recommend that you use Motorcraft oil and fluids for your vehicle. Only use a fluid that meets Ford’s specifications. Using other fluids could result in damage not covered by the vehicle Warranty.

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