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Category : Chrysler Oil Capacity

Chrysler 300 Oil Capacity

YearEngine TypeEngine Oil Capacity with Filter (quarts/liters)Oil Type2015-20245.7L 8-cyl EZH Hemi7 (6.6)5W-203.6L 6-cyl ERB Pentastar5.9 (5.6)5W-203.6L 6-cyl ERB Flex5.9 (5.6)5W-202011-20146.4L 8-cyl ESG7 (6.6)0W-405.7L 8-cyl EZH Hemi7 (6.6)5W-203.6L 6-cyl ERB Flex5.9 (5.6)5W-203.6L 6-cyl ERB Pentastar5.9 (5.6)5W-202008-20106.1L ...

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