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GM Power Steering Fluid 89021184 Equivalent

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When your GM car starts to feel a little bit harder to steer, it might be time to change the power steering fluid. If you’re unsure how to do that or what type of fluid to buy, don’t worry – we’re here to help! This article will discuss what power steering fluid is compatible with 89021184. We’ll also provide tips on changing the power steering fluid yourself.

If you are looking for a gm power steering fluid 89021184 equivalent, you have come to the right place. On our website, we’ve done decent work finding and comparing a wide variety of fluids that will meet or exceed the specs of your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) fluid.

Quick highlights:

  • Not all Power Steering Fluids are created equal;
  • Check the service or owner’s manual;
  • Some PS Fluids may contain sealers or chemical flush agents.

GM Power Steering Fluid 89021184 Equivalent

ACDelco 19329450 Power Steering Fluid - 16 oz
ACDelco 19329450
Triax Powerfluid 450
Lubegard 23232
Lucas Oil 10008

What Is GM Part Number 89021184?

GM 89021184 is affordable, reliable, and built to last longer, making it the smart option. It is also compatible with GM vehicles. This GM power steering fluid meets the requirements of GM vehicles and has been certified by GMC to meet all their standards for performance and quality.

However, you won’t find a GM p/n 89021184 if you go shopping now. This is because part number 89021184 has recently been modified to 19329450.

This GM power steering fluid is the best choice if you want an affordable, reliable option to replace your old, worn-out power steering fluid. It is designed to provide smooth operation of vehicle systems like the brakes, wheels, and other components to create a comfortable ride experience when driving on any type of road surface, including dirt roads where traction can be difficult due to mud buildup caused by rainfall or water running across pavement surfaces.

What Power Steering Fluid Does GM Use?

In the past, Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) was accepted as the correct fluid to use in many parts during systems, but that has all changed for most vehicles now. GM used to recommend using Dexron ATF but now only recommends using GM 89020661 or the ACDelco number 10-5030 or equivalent in most vehicles.

ATF is red and has a pleasant aroma. On the other hand, the PS fluid is pinkish, amber, or clear and smells like burnt marshmallows.

Why You Need The Right Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid is a highly necessary component of a car’s operation, but it is frequently neglected while shopping for automobile parts. All automobiles require high-quality power steering fluid to drive safely and comfortably. When you turn the steering wheel, the car’s tires are supposed to follow your movements, and this liquid makes it happen.

However, not all power steering fluids are created equal. Different chemicals will be optimized for particular types of cars, so the power steering fluid that works well for one vehicle may not function in another. It’s critical to use something labeled “by manufacturer” or “compatible with your car’s make.”

If you use the incorrect type of power steering fluid, you might damage your car's steering system and pump. This could cost hundreds of dollars and create a potential traffic hazard until the problem is resolved. As a result, it’s advisable to use GM power steering fluid instead.


Based on the information above, it’s evident that there is no one correct PS Fluid for all makes, models or years. Read the back of the label to see what specs the fluid meets. If it doesn’t say it meets any specific OE spec, is approved by a specific OE, or has the OE part number on it, then we’d be concerned about using that fluid. Using the correct high-quality power steering fluid is important to reduce comebacks.