TES 295 Equivalent

TES 295 is a synthetic automatic transmission fluid specifically formulated to meet the stringent requirements of modern transmissions. Developed and approved for use in Allison transmissions, it is a high-performance lubricant designed to handle extreme conditions while providing excellent protection to the transmission system.

TES 295’s synthetic formulation allows for smoother shifting and improved thermal stability, making it an ideal choice for heavy-duty vehicles and equipment.

Transmission fluid plays a crucial role in the overall performance and longevity of a vehicle. It serves as both a lubricant and a coolant for the transmission system. As a lubricant, it minimizes friction between the moving parts, reducing wear and tear. As a coolant, it helps in dissipating heat generated during transmission operation, thus preventing overheating.

Regularly checking and maintaining the transmission fluid is essential in preventing transmission failure, ensuring smoother gear shifts, and ultimately prolonging the life of the vehicle.

While TES 295 is an excellent product, there are several reasons one might look for an equivalent. Firstly, availability can be an issue in some regions. Secondly, cost considerations might lead individuals to seek a more affordable option without compromising quality.

Additionally, advancements in lubrication technology might result in new products that offer similar or better performance characteristics than TES 295.

My Choice

Castrol TranSynd has consistently proven to be a reliable and high-performing transmission fluid, and that’s why it’s my top choice as an alternative to TES 295. For anyone looking to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of their Allison transmission, I would highly recommend considering Castrol TranSynd.

Overview of TES 295

TES 295 is a synthetic transmission fluid that is made from a blend of high-quality base oils and additives. The base oils are carefully selected to provide excellent protection against wear, oxidation, and corrosion. The additives are added to improve the fluid’s performance in a variety of ways, including:

  • Enhancing the fluid’s viscosity to provide better lubrication
  • Reducing friction to improve shifting performance
  • Inhibiting oxidation to prevent the fluid from breaking down
  • Corrosion protection to prevent the fluid from damaging the transmission’s components


TES 295 offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Protection against wear: TES 295’s high viscosity and anti-friction additives help to protect the transmission’s components from wear. This can help to extend the life of the transmission and improve its overall performance.
  • Anti-oxidation properties: TES 295’s additives help to prevent the fluid from breaking down due to oxidation. This helps to keep the fluid’s properties consistent over time and prevents it from damaging the transmission’s components.
  • Corrosion resistance: TES 295’s additives help to protect the transmission’s components from corrosion. This helps to keep the transmission working properly and prevent it from prematurely failing.
  • Extended service life: TES 295 has a longer service life than conventional transmission fluids. This means that you can change the fluid less often, which can save you money in the long run.

Specific applications in Allison Transmissions

TES 295 is specifically formulated and approved for use in Allison transmissions, which are commonly found in buses, trucks, and other heavy-duty vehicles. Allison transmissions are known for their durability and performance, and using a high-quality transmission fluid like TES 295 is essential in maintaining these characteristics.

TES 295 is approved for use in a wide range of Allison transmissions, including:

  • Series 1000
  • Series 2000
  • Series 3000
  • Series 4000
  • Series 5000

TES 295 can also be used in other transmissions that require a C-4 or TES-389 fluid. It is important to check your transmission’s owner’s manual to see if TES 295 is approved for use in your specific transmission.

TES 295 Alternatives

Alternative 1: Castrol TranSynd

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  • Delivers improved gear protection.
  • Delivers extended anti-shudder durability.
  • Delivers extended clutch-friction durability.
  • Excellent corrosion and foaming resistance.

TES 295 Approval Number: AN-011001.

Castrol TranSynd is a fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid. Similar to TES 295, it is formulated with high-quality synthetic base oils combined with an advanced additive package, ensuring high performance in severe operating conditions.

Benefits and performance:

  • Enhanced thermal stability, ensuring the fluid does not break down under high temperatures.
  • Excellent shear stability, maintaining viscosity under stress.
  • Superior protection against wear, prolonging transmission life.
  • Extended drain intervals compared to conventional ATF, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Improved shifting performance, ensuring smooth operation.

Castrol TranSynd is widely available and can be purchased through various distributors and online retailers. The price is competitive, considering it is a high-quality synthetic transmission fluid.

I highly recommend Castrol TranSynd for Allison transmissions. Its robust formulation ensures your transmission is well-protected and performs optimally even in demanding conditions.

Alternative 2: BP Autran Syn 295

TES 295 Approval Number: AN-031002.

BP Autran Syn 295 is also a fully synthetic transmission fluid. It is made from premium synthetic base stocks and fortified with additives for anti-wear, oxidation stability, and corrosion protection.

Benefits and performance:

  • Excellent resistance to oxidation, reducing the formation of sludge and deposits.
  • High protection against wear, ensuring the longevity of transmission components.
  • Consistent performance in varying temperatures due to high viscosity index.
  • Suitable for extended drain intervals, reducing maintenance frequency.

BP Autran Syn 295 is available through BP distributors and various online retailers. It is priced competitively and offers good value for the performance it delivers.

Additional Alternatives

  1. Cognis Corporation Emgard 2805 (TES 295 Approval Number: AN-031003)
  2. International Truck & Engine Company Fleetrite Synthetic ATF (TES 295 Approval Number: AN-031004)
  3. ExxonMobil Mobil Delvac Synthetic ATF (TES 295 Approval Number: AN-051005)
  4. John Deere HD SynTran (TES 295 Approval Number: AN-071006)

These additional alternatives are also approved for use in Allison transmissions and meet or exceed TES 295 performance requirements. When selecting an alternative, it is important to consider factors such as availability, price, and specific performance characteristics in relation to the operating conditions of your vehicle.

Choosing the right transmission fluid is critical for the performance and longevity of your Allison transmission. The alternatives listed above are all excellent choices that meet or exceed TES 295 specifications.

I would emphasize the importance of using high-quality synthetic fluids in Allison transmissions, and the options provided here are some of the best in the market.

My Professional Choice and Rationale

After extensive analysis and personal experience working with various transmission fluids, my professional choice as the best alternative to TES 295 is Castrol TranSynd (TES 295 Approval Number: AN-011001).

There are several reasons why I recommend Castrol TranSynd as the best alternative:

  • Performance: Castrol TranSynd exhibits excellent performance under a variety of conditions. Its thermal stability and anti-oxidation properties are exceptional, ensuring the fluid does not break down even under extreme temperatures.
  • Protection: The anti-wear additives in Castrol TranSynd provide superior protection to the transmission components, which is crucial for prolonging the life of the transmission.
  • Extended Drain Intervals: Castrol TranSynd allows for extended drain intervals compared to conventional transmission fluids. This can significantly reduce maintenance costs and downtime.
  • Availability and Support: Castrol is a well-known brand with a global presence, making TranSynd widely available. Additionally, Castrol provides excellent customer support and technical assistance.
  • Reputation: Castrol has a strong reputation for producing high-quality lubricants. TranSynd, in particular, has received positive reviews and feedback from professionals and fleet managers alike.

In my years as a mechanic, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Castrol TranSynd on several occasions, particularly in heavy-duty vehicles equipped with Allison transmissions. I have observed that vehicles using TranSynd tend to have smoother transmission operation and fewer transmission-related issues.

One of the fleet managers I work with switched to Castrol TranSynd for their fleet of buses, and they reported a noticeable reduction in maintenance costs due to extended drain intervals and fewer transmission repairs. Additionally, drivers reported smoother shifting and overall improved driving experience.


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