Best Tires for Hyundai Kona

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In the European market, the Hyundai Kona first appeared before the general public at the 2017 annual Frankfurt International Motor Show. The car is intended for sale in the markets of the USA, Europe and South Korea. The novelty has received a bright and memorable design. She has stylish two-story lighting equipment reminiscent of Citroen models. Above, on the sides of the ventilation slot, there are LED daytime running lights, and under them you can see small headlights with lensed optics. The radiator grille is made in the corporate style, it consists of many elongated cells with chrome edging.

The off-road character of the model is emphasized by small roof rails and special lining made of unpainted plastic on the sills, bumpers and wheel arches. They are designed to protect the paintwork from mechanical damage while driving on dirt roads.

Hyundai Kona keeps pace with the times. He has a bright and catchy design, which perfectly emphasizes the character and personality of its owner. Such a car will not dissolve in the gray everyday stream and will not get lost in the large parking lot of the shopping center. The salon is a kingdom of high-quality finishing materials, verified ergonomics, practicality and comfort. Even a long trip will not be able to deliver unnecessary inconveniences.

The manufacturer is well aware that, first of all, the car should give driving pleasure. That is why, under the hood of the crossover there is a powerful and technologically advanced power unit, which is a fusion of innovative technologies and many years of experience in the field of engine building. Hyundai Kona will serve for many kilometers and will give you unforgettable emotions from the trip.


2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 Hyundai Kona Tire Size

Trim level (USDM) Factory tire size
1.6 T-GDi 235/45R18
2.0 MPi 205/60R16, 215/55R17
EV 215/55R17
1.0 T-GDi 205/60R16
1.6 GDi 205/60R16


Best 235/45R18 Tires for Hyundai Kona


Best 205/60R16 Tires for Hyundai Kona


Best 215/55R17 Tires for Hyundai Kona


How We Pick the Best Tires for Hyundai Kona?

This rating was compiled based on feedback from real users. To study the reviews in more detail – click on the stars.

This rating includes winter, summer and all-season tires.


Milestar MS932 Sport All-Season Radial Tire – 215/55R17 98V for Hyundai Kona

Milestar MS932 Sport All Season Radial Tire - 215/55R17 98V
1,618 Reviews
Milestar MS932 Sport All Season Radial Tire - 215/55R17 98V
  • Fit Type: Vehicle Specific
  • Load Capacity: 1653.0
  • Package quantity :1
  • Product type :TIRES

Tires are manufactured using modern technologies from high-quality rubber. Electronic control guarantees the stability of the quality of the finished product. The developed tread pattern ensures reliable contact of the tire with the road surface and optimal behavior of the car on the road.


Falken Ziex ZE950 All-Season Radial Tire – 205/60R16 92V for Hyundai Kona

Falken Ziex ZE950 All-Season Radial Tire - 205/60R16 92V
111 Reviews
Falken Ziex ZE950 All-Season Radial Tire - 205/60R16 92V
  • True all-season high performance
  • 3D Canyon sipe technology increases edges for ice braking and interlocks under load for better handling and improved wear.
  • Wide angled tread slot provides additional snow grip by allowing snow to be packed into the center of the tire.
  • Sculptured groove wall provides better snow grip and eliminates rain groove wandering.
  • Wide circumferential grooves effectively evacuate water and significantly enhance hydroplaning resistance for outstanding wet handling.

All-season tire for passenger cars and crossovers. The tire makes an excellent choice for drivers of modern sedans, sports cars and crossovers, for whom durability, all seasonality and excellent high-speed performance are a priority. The asymmetric tread design is designed to keep performance on any winter or summer road surface.

The narrow longitudinal rib of the ZIEX ZE950 A / S tire provides good stability, and when the car enters the wet area, this rib first of all cuts the water film and the water is discharged through the system of longitudinal and transverse grooves. Numerous edges, sipes and notches help increase grip on wet roads as well as on ice. Rubber compounds used in the manufacture of this winter tire with a high content of silica, which provides good grip on icy, wet and dry surfaces, as well as increases the durability of the tire.

Also, the composition of the rubber is selected in such a way that the desired characteristics are maintained in a wide range of temperatures. In hot weather, with strong heating, chemical bonds remain stable and do not allow the rubber to wear out faster. And at low winter temperatures, the tire retains its elasticity and softness.


Goodyear Eagle LS-2 Radial Tire – 235/45R18 94V for Hyundai Kona

Goodyear Eagle LS-2 Radial Tire - 235/45R18 94V
243 Reviews
Goodyear Eagle LS-2 Radial Tire - 235/45R18 94V
  • GOODYEAR Eagle LS-2 - 235/45R18 94V SL
  • Fit type: Universal Fit
  • Load capacity: 1433 pounds
  • PSUV

The Goodyear Eagle LS-2 is a second-generation summer tire designed for a soft and comfortable ride. It is usually installed on luxury sedans as standard. The rubber has received a symmetrical tread pattern and optimized tread block sizes for a quiet and comfortable ride. Wide longitudinal grooves ensure effective water displacement from under the contact patch for maximum resistance to aquaplaning. A large number of sipes are responsible for traction on the same wet track. The side blocks are optimized to maintain directional stability at high speeds and cornering.

The strength of this tire is also not in the last place, at the base of the tire are double steel belts that are reinforced with a nylon cover. These technologies allow the tire to withstand considerable loads during braking and hitting the curb, as well as extend the life of the tire.

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