How To Change Wiper Blades

wiper blades change

Most of you are familiar with windshield wipers, in case you can’t remember it you need not worry about it. We will try to make it familiar with you and narrate the process how you can replace windshield wiper blades by yourself without being an expert of the automobile by just following simple steps. Simply …

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Subaru Impreza Oil Capacity

subaru impreza oil capacity

It’s easy to forget the importance of regular vehicle maintenance, but changing the oil is one of the simplest, most essential ways to enhance your Subaru vehicle’s performance and increase its lifespan. While the general recommendation is that you should change your oil every 3,000 miles, newer vehicles can keep the oil churning for 5,000 …

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Best Ignition Coil Brands

best ignition coils pack

If you notice that your car fails to function steadily and run smoothly or your vehicle starts to consume more fuel plus you witness a backfire, it’s the right time to inspect the ignition coils. These pieces deal with taking power from the generator and delivering it to the spark plugs. In such a way, …

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Best Radiator Stop Leak

radiator stop leak

Radiator is a traditional element of automobile cooling system as well as home heating system, which can be applied differently depending on where it’s used. Car radiator serves for engine cooling, transmitting motor’s heat through the water. It provokes water heating and, consequently, heats up air, entering the cabin. Home radiators function very similar by transmitting …

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FB20 Engine

FB20 is a third-generation 2.0L flat-four engine, first released in 2010. It was constructed as a substitute to EJ motors. Though FB20 seems to be alike to EJ, it features a great number of differences. It features a restyled aluminum cylinder block with diminished piston bore. Growth of piston stroke helped to preserve the same …

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FB25 Engine

FB25 are a new-generation engine by Subaru brand, first produced in 2010. It is a 2.5L non-turbo boxer 4-cylinder motor, meant to substitute EJ25 in Subaru Legacy and Forester. Being a more powerful modification of FB20, this motor features a great number of new technologies and innovations. It has aluminum cylinder block and identical stroke, …

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FA20 Engine

2.0L FA20 motor is a common venture of Subaru and Toyota (4U-GSE). FA20 was employed for Subaru BRZ coupe car while Toyota utilized 4U-GSE for Toyota 86 and Scion FR-S. This motor is built on a framework of FB20. It features an absolutely restyled bottom. Fresh crankshaft, rods and pistons were employed. The motor has …

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EJ22 Engine


Subaru EJ22 engine was released in 1990, and firstly placed in Impreza and Legacy models. Later, it was applicated on the Outback. During its existence, this engine has gone through many upgrades that were designed not only to increase the power but also on the efficiency and reliability. One of the major engine modifications that the …

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EJ25 Engine


Subaru EJ25 engine The largest member of the EJ family was released in 1995 and carried the designation EJ25, and this engine is widely used in all major car models. The EJ25 Subaru engine used the same aluminum cylinder block with cast iron liners dry, which is applied in EJ20, but the diameter of the …

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EJ20 Engine


Subaru launched the production of EJ engines in 1989 and 2.0L EJ20 was the debut one of the series. It was created as an alternative to EA82 1.8L motor and soon, it turned into the main engine for all Subaru vehicles. Like its predecessor, EJ20 is a 4-cylinder opposed gasoline motor. It features aluminum cylinder …

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EZ30 Engine

This 3-liter engine was put into production in 1999 and was a successor of EG33 engine. At the time of its production, EZ30 was the flagman engine in the lineup and was installed on the biggest cars. This motor has been designed completely from scratch, he used an aluminum cylinder block height of 202 mm, …

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