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LM4 Engine

Having the capacity of 5.3 liter (325 cu in), GM/Chevrolet LM4 is a naturally aspirated V8 90° 4-stroke gasoline motor. It’s a representative of Generation Three V8 truck motors with small blocks. LM4 resembles LM7 (released between 2003 and 2005), but it differs by having an aluminum block. Chevrolet LM4 (Vortec 5300) keeps V8 90° aluminum cylinder block featuring 5-bearings crankshaft, 2 aluminum heads, one cast camshaft and 2 valves per cylinder (16 in total). The motor is supplied with...

5 Best Electronic Trailer Brake Controller

In case you often deal with trailer hauling, a brake controller is one of significant pieces, which is able to protect your automobile, trailer and life. Initially, these items were created for large trucks; however, they are suitable for smaller automobiles as well. You may wonder what this controller is. In short, it’s an outer device, wired in and located on the dash of the hauling automobile. As soon as you employ brakes, this tool transmits an immediate message to the trailer’s brakes...

Best Truck Tool Boxes

  Many drivers adore pickups for their practicality and multifunctionality. However, it can be rather a big problem to store the tools for such a vehicle. If you store them in open boxes, you won’t avoid much rattle during driving. Moreover, the improper storage can be dangerous. Some drivers keep all the tools directly on the back seat. However, there is...

A16LET Engine

Four-cylinder internal combustion engine. Engine power is 180 hp. (132 kW) with an engine capacity of 1598 cu. sm (1.6 liters) The A16LET engine is equipped with a K03 turbocharger which can provide adequate air mass for 34+ Kgm and 240+ Hp. However the engine’s internal parts cannot withstand this level of stress. In order to take advantage of the maximum reliable turbochargers air mass provision and to perform the maximum possible power it is essential to replace the engine’s internal... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program
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