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10 Best Cabin Air Filters in 2019

  Cabin air filters are a significant detail of every car because they deal with cleaning of air in the car. Today, above 90% of automobiles are supplied with air filters, seizing dust, pollen, dangerous gases plus other pollutants, which enter the automobile via ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Filters provide you with fresh and clean air in the cabin along...

EA111 Engine

A series of small-EA111 turbo engine (1.2 TSI, 1.4 TSI) became widespread in 2005, thanks to the popular Golf 5 and Jetta sedan models. The main and initially the only engine was the 1.4 TSI in its various modifications, which was intended to replace the 2.0-liter atmospheric. At the heart of the power unit is a cast-iron cylinder block, covered with aluminum 16 valve head with two camshafts with hydraulic lifters, a phase shifter on the intake shaft and direct injection. The drive timing chain...

EA113 Engine

The EA113 engine series began to be established on cars of VAG concern in 2004 year. This series has been developed by engineers who have taken as the basis the 2.0 FSI engine with direct injection of the fuel. The most important difference is the presence of the turbo. Also on the turbocharged engine cylinder block is made of cast iron rather than aluminum alloy, as at atmospheric. Also in the construction of the internal combustion of TFSI engine apply: Improved balancing mechanism (two... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program
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