What is the Wheel Bolt Pattern on a 2003 Toyota 4Runner?


Hello everyone,

I’m looking to upgrade the wheels on my 2003 Toyota 4Runner, but I need to know the wheel bolt pattern before I make a purchase. Can anyone tell me what the correct bolt pattern is for this model? Any advice on compatible wheels or tips for choosing the right ones would also be appreciated!


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    6×5.5″ (or 6×139.7mm).


    The wheel bolt pattern for the 2003 Toyota 4Runner is 6×139.7 mm (or 6×5.5 inches). This means the wheel has six lug nuts, and the diameter of the circle they form is 139.7 mm. When shopping for new wheels, make sure they match this bolt pattern to ensure a proper fit.


    For your 2003 Toyota 4Runner, the correct wheel bolt pattern is 6×139.7 mm. This is a common bolt pattern, so you should have plenty of options available when looking for new wheels. Just make sure to also check the offset and hub diameter to ensure everything fits perfectly.

    Best of luck with your new wheels!


    The 2003 Toyota 4Runner uses a 6×139.7 mm bolt pattern. When choosing new wheels, you’ll want to ensure they have this pattern. Additionally, consider the wheel size, offset, and center bore to make sure the new wheels will fit correctly without any issues.

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