How to Install Spoiler on a Car

In this article, we’ll talk about how to install a rear spoiler yourself. The best way to set up a spoiler is with a glass sealant.

In order to make a replacement for the rear spoiler, you will need a glue sealant (preferably polyurethane), a sealant gun, a knife, a paint tape, a degreaser.

Ideal replacement spoiler, when the new spoiler provides a regular attachment with holes for screws. In this case, the fasteners are loosened, and the old (broken) spoiler is carefully dismantled, the surface of the body is cleaned, and a new spoiler is put in its location.

If there were no spoiler on the car, it would be needful to drill the holes in the case with a drill for metal using a drill.

Step-by-step Rear Spoiler Installation

The surface of the body, which will be in contact with the spoiler, should be thoroughly removed from the dust. Then degrease with a cleaner that is neutral to the paintwork of the car. Further, following the leads for the use of the sealant, we apply it to the body of the car at the position of the spoiler.

Next, you have to attach the spoiler to the body and press hard. For greater reliability and accuracy, it’s better to apply and press the spoiler to the body together. That the spoiler is stuck qualitatively, it’s expedient to fix it with a paint tape. Until the sealant is fully set, the vehicle should not be operated.

Sometimes, instead of a glass sealant for gluing the spoiler to the body of the car, use either a double-sided adhesive tape or a double-sided adhesive tape.

Due to the increased load on the spoiler, which is installed under the bumpers and thresholds, they are additionally fixed with screws.



What Difficulties Can Arise in This Process?

In order to avoid any difficulties with the spoiler installing, you need to be convinced that it fits your auto. Before setting, the spoiler should be carefully adjusted to the bodywork of the car. You have to convince that it will not grab the other body elements (for example, the antenna when opening the trunk lid).

If it’s needful, the spoiler may be slightly sharpened to eliminate the most minimal gaps. To glue the spoiler evenly, you need to preliminarily draw a pencil on the body of the car its attachment loop.


The Three Most Popular Companies That Deal with Custom Spoilers

You may find a huge range of customized details for a car from different manufacturers. We bring to your attention the most popular companies that offer extraordinary designs:

  • Pure
  • Remin
  • D2S.

Actually, in these brands, there will be models for any budget.

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