1AZ-FE Engine


AZ series was introduced since 2000 – to gradually supplant the legendary S series, and for ten years remained the main mid-size engine of company. Installed in many initially FF C/D/E-class cars, vans, light- and medium-SUVs. 1AZ-FE engine can be seen as a simplified version of 2AZ-FE. There is no balancing mechanism. No oil nozzles …

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2ZZ-GE Engine


Toyota 2ZZ-GE engine was produced from 1999 to 2006 year. The displacement of the cylinders is 1.8 liters (1796 cubic cm). The cylinder diameter is 82 mm, and the stroke of the piston is 85 mm. Equipped with the MFI fuel injection. The gas distribution system is designed as a DOHC with four valves per …

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M54B25 Engine


The BMW M54 (2000-2006) is an internal combustion inline-six petrol engine. Being manufactured for the BMW X5 (E53), it’s a substitute for the M52 engine. In 2002 and 2003, it became one of the greatest engines, according to the list of 10 Best Engines by Ward’s. The BMW S54 is the identical high performance engine, …

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M44B19 Engine


The BMW M44 is a 4-cylinder engine, which replaced the M42 engine and was produced from 1995 to 2001 at Steyr. This power unit has taken a leading position in the program of four-cylinder engines of BMW and compared to the M42, M44 has been made on the set of structural changes in the engine …

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EJ22 Engine


Subaru EJ22 engine was released in 1990, and firstly placed in Impreza and Legacy models. Later, it was applicated on the Outback. During its existence, this engine has gone through many upgrades that were designed not only to increase the power but also on the efficiency and reliability. One of the major engine modifications that the …

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N20B20 Engine


In 2011, BMW started to produce its N20B20 turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which was meant to be used instead of six-cylinder N53B25 and N53B30 inline engines. The engine features an aluminum cylinder block, which has two balance shafts and cylinders with the steel armor. Moreover, the engine features forged crankshaft with four counterbalances planted with offset. …

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S54B32 Engine


BMW S54 Engine – much more productive and high-revving engine in comparison to BMW S52 engine. The S54 engine is based on a cast iron base. The cylinder head is cast from an aluminum alloy, but a little lighter than on the M54 series. Engine’s chain is double and has rollers. The Dual Variable Valve Timing …

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5VZ-FE Engine


Toyota 5VZ-FE, a 3.4L V6 motor, was first produced in 1995 as a modified version of 3VZ-FE. It was meant for the brand’s SUVs and off-road vehicles. Keeping the cast iron cylinder block like its predecessor, 5VZ-FE features a larger bore for 3.4L capacity instead of 3.0L. The motor has a V-shaped configuration with 60-degree …

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M52B25 Engine


Like the previous 2-liter engine, this BMW M52B25 engine is also based on the M50 engine, but unlike its predecessor, it has less horsepower (22 hp less). Produced from 1995 to 2003. M52B25 in 1998 was recognized as the best engine in the United States and established on Produced from 1995 to 2003. In 1998 …

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M52B28 Engine


The engine appeared on the market in 1994 year. Cylinder capacity was 2.8 liters (2793 cu. Cm). This is a square engine, since the diameter of the cylinder and piston stroke had the same amount to 84 mm, and form the so-called square engine. Its power is 190 hp at 5300 rpm and torque of 280 …

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M52B20 Engine


The basic version of the BMW M52 engine created on the basis of a 2-liter M50 engine and was produced from 1994 to 2003. M52B20 engine was introduced to the market in 1994. The diameter of the cylinders is equal to 80 mm and stroke of 66 mm. Engine power and torque of 150 hp …

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M50B20 Engine


BMW M50 engine – six-cylinder piston engine with two overhead camshafts, which was submitted in January 1989 on 5-Series E34, and thus replacing the previously installed 2-valve M20. A little later, this engine was installed on the BMW 3 series E36 (sedan, touring, coupe, convertible and Baur). BMW M50 engine is available in two versions, …

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A16LET Engine


Four-cylinder internal combustion engine. Engine power is 180 hp. (132 kW) with an engine capacity of 1598 cu. sm (1.6 liters) The A16LET engine is equipped with a K03 turbocharger which can provide adequate air mass for 34+ Kgm and 240+ Hp. However the engine’s internal parts cannot withstand this level of stress. In order …

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M40B18 Engine


BMW M40 engine is a four-cylinder eight-valve engine with a volume up to 1.8 liter, and  is installed on the BMW 3 Series (E30 and E36) and E34 5 Series. After extensive preliminary testing, which mainly concerned the configuration of the cylinder head and combustion chamber – the final draft of the 4-cylinder BMW M40 engine was …

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M40B16 Engine


The M40B16 is a lightweight modification of M40 1.8-liter (marking M40B18). According to some sources, this engine has a M43 code, but that is not quite correct. M40 is widely used to equip younger models of BMW E30, E36, Z3. The 1.6-liter engine firstly was combined with Bosch Motronic 1.3 on the BMW E30 316i …

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