Best Spark Plugs For BMW M4

BMW M4 requires new spark plugs every 30,000 miles. I’m not going to lie – the process is a bit tedious because you have to remove quite a few parts in order to get to them. But it’s definitely worth it because your car will run like new once they’re replaced.

Once you are tuned spark plug changes are recommended every 20,000 miles.

The BMW M division has always been about taking an already great car and making it even better.

2021 2022 BMW M4 G82/G83 Spark Plugs

Info/Engine 3.0L 6-cyl Engine S58B30T0 Turbo
OEM spark plug gap 0.032″ (0.81mm)
Qty. needed 6
Change interval
Best spark plug NGK 97506 SILZKBR8D8S Laser Iridium Spark Plug
Popular choice  NGK 97506 SILZKBR8D8S Laser Iridium Spark Plug


2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 BMW M4 F82/F83 Spark Plugs

Info/Engine 3.0L 6-cyl Engine S55B30 Turbo
OEM spark plug gap 0.032″ (0.81mm)
Qty. needed 6
Change interval
Best spark plug NGK 97506 SILZKBR8D8S Laser Iridium Spark Plug
Popular choice Bosch 8165 0242145541 ZR5TPP330 Double Platinum Spark Plug


BMW M4 is a premium sports coupe of the world-famous German brand. The history of the car began in 2013. He quickly won over many motorists from different countries with his outstanding power and speed data, as well as chic equipment. The first-generation car was restyled several years ago.

And in September 2020, it became known that the second generation of this model was being prepared for release. Its sales in most markets will begin in 2021. The car has changed in appearance, and also became more powerful and more perfect.

He received similar external features to the updated BMW M3. The car in front began to look more aggressive and sporty. She found a radiator grille without a frame, as well as an aggressive type of stamping on the hood. The taillights are also slightly narrower. The car will be equipped with dual exhaust pipes, which will be located on the sides of the rear bumper. The updated exhaust will give the car a unique sound. Also, the rear end will be decorated with a sports spoiler. The CFRP roof can be panoramic. The cars are planned to be sold on lightweight R18-20 forged wheels with a recognizable aggressive design. The novelty will be offered to customers in two new shades – bright yellow Sao Paolo Yellow and dark green Man Green. But the previous color options should also remain available.

The interior of the new coupe is made in a sporty style. It gets new lightweight M Carbon seats and a virtual dashboard. The interior space, depending on the configuration, can be trimmed with luxurious leather and carbon fiber. The car may be sold with an updated Harman / Kardon multimedia system, which features a huge touch screen, rich functionality and excellent sound quality.

The cars will be equipped with the most advanced security systems and electronic driver assistants. It will get an improved braking system based on carbon and ceramic. There are also some changes in engine power and other characteristics.

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