What’s world famous car?



The most famous cars in the world are those known by the most people. an easy way to find out the most famous car would be to see which is the most sold vehicle ever. the Ford Model T was at one point the most famous car in the world. it was the first car to sell 1, 5, 10 and 15 million units. By 1914 its estimated that 9 out of every 10 cars ever sold was a Model T. a long time ago if you wanted a car the model T was the way to go.

After that, the volkswagen beetle went on to sell a total of 21,529,464 cars, over 5 million more than the model T. when production stopped in 1997 it was the most popular car ever. (with a long production run too from 1938 to 2003)

After the beetle came the era for toyota. with over 40,000,000 units sold, the corolla is leading the way for most sold car.

In america alone the best selling car is the ford F150 series pickup truck with over 34,000,000 units sold (in america alone).

Unfortunately, people can hear about cars without specifically having to buy them but hey if they can buy it its a guarantee that they know about the car so i wouldn’t be surprised if one of the top 3 ive mentioned happens to be the worlds most popular car.

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