How do you repair a 1990 Honda Accord speedometer that is always on the lowest speed even when driving?

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    I had this problem where both the speedometer and cruise control quit working. The solution was to replace the speed sensor.
    Yup the speed sensor, and it will cost you about $150….be glad it ain’t the gas gauge!! I drove like you are now for 3 years!!

    : The speed sensor can be changed by you, an easy project that can be done in a couple of hours with normal tools. The part costs less than $25, it is located on the top, rear part of the transmission housing (on an automatic), it’s located just under the rear of the lower radiator hose/thermostat housing area. Remove the air intake tube to be able to see and reach it. Remove the two 10 mm bolts that hold it to the transmission housing. Gently twist and lift it out, being careful not to drop the tiny drive gear as you remove the switch.

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