Should my new tires match what is currently on my car from the factory?



I need to buy a set of new tires, currently I have Michelin tires with a size of 205/55R16 91H, these are what came from the factory. When searching at Sam’s Club website by model it gives me lots of different load and speed ratings in addition to the 91H, should I be looking only for 91H or can I get something different? If I can get something different, how much can it differ?




It is always best to replace your tires with the same size (205/55R16)
The letter H is a speed rating which means the tire can run continuously at 130mph under ideal conditions for something like 8 hours without failing due to overheat.


Speed ratings range from M(81mph) to ZR(above186mph)


Here is a link to a speed rating chart


The number 91 is a load index. It can tell you how much weight the tire can handle.

Here is another chart for load index numbers and what they mean.

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