Hydrogen powered cars?



How doe a hydrogen powered car work?




Hydrogen powered cars have already made their debut. Since hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe it only make sense that hydrogen powered cars would someday make the limelight. Well that day is already here. Though hydrogen powered cars are not ready for primetime for consumers yet, many manufacturers are showing off their concept cars and prototypes to get consumers excited about the future.

Hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered cars are the best alternatives to polluting, gasoline-powered cars for several reasons: (1) the cars are completely emission-free, (2) the fuel cells have no moving parts, (3) hydrogen is renewable and abundant, (4) the cars are compatible with cold weather, (5) the fuel cells are compact and lightweight–not overly bulky or heavy, (6) the cars are about 3 times as efficient as gasoline-powered cars, (7) the cars will have incredible mile ranges, (8) the tanks will be refueled quickly, and (9) hydrogen is safe, has been tested rigorously for use in vehicles, and is being used in many vehicles already.

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