What does 195/65 HR14 mean in relation to tyres?



I can’t find what HR means on the internet. What does HR mean?

What difference would it make if I put a 195/65 R14 tyre on a Toyota Camry CS auto 1988 sedan car that RECOMMENDS a tyre size of 195/65 HR14??

Does HR mean radial construction and high contact area? http://www.metzeler.com.au/shop/item/16060-hr-14-feelfree/scooter-maxi




HR is the speed rating. SR is standard rated recommended for up to 90 MPH( I didn’t check the exact number here) HR is high speed rated up to 120MPH sustained. There are also VR and ZR ratings. On your old Camry the 195/65R14 (SR rated) tire should be fine.

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