Nissan Pulsar engine

Nissan Pulsar engine


The Nissan Pulsar is a compact car produced by the Japanese automaker Nissan from 1978 until 2000, when it was replaced by the Nissan Bluebird Sylphy in the Japanese market. Between 2000 and 2005, and then since 2012, the name “Pulsar” has been used in Australia and select Asian countries on rebadged versions of the Sylphy and similar Tiida model. In 2014, a European-only replacement for the Tiida was introduced using the Pulsar nameplate.

The original Pulsar was a hatchback to be sold exclusively at a different Nissan Japan dealership network called Nissan Cherry Store as a larger five-door hatchback alternative to the Nissan Cherry. Although Pulsar models were front-wheel drive from introduction, Nissan did offer four-wheel drive as an option on select models internationally.

The Pulsar sold in Japan originally served as the intermediate model offered at Nissan dealerships Nissan Cherry Store between the Nissan Violet and the Cherry, while different versions of the Pulsar sold at other Japanese networks served as the base model, with other larger Nissan products. Various Pulsar-based models were exported as international market conditions dictated, sometimes labeled as “Sunny”, “Cherry” or “Sentra”, while the internationally labeled product was actually a Pulsar and not a Japanese market Sunny or Cherry.

A pulsar (portmanteau of pulsating star) is a highly magnetized, rotating neutron star, as the Nissan Pulsar was built from the Sunny sedan.


Nissan Pulsar engine model years

Fourth Generation, N14 (1990 – 1995)

Fifth Generation, N15 (1995 – 2000)

  • 1.5 L GA15DE I4
  • 1.6 L GA16DE I4
  • 1.6 L SR16VE I4
  • 1.8 L SR18DE I4
  • 2.0 L SR20DE I4

Sixth Generation, C13 (2014 – present)

  • Nissan Pulsar (113 HP) – 1.2 L
  • Nissan Pulsar (190 HP) – 1.6 L
  • Nissan Pulsar dCi (104 HP) – 1.5 L
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