Subaru tuning guide

Thank you for your purchase of the Torqued Performance OTS maps for AccessTuner Race.

To load these maps onto your AccessPORT you will need the AccessTuner Race Software. This is downloaded from Cobb and linked to your AccessPORT. You fill out the form here and Cobb will send you a Download Link in about 24 Hours. Before installing, be sure you have your AP manager updated and update your AccessPort to the latest firmware.

When the software is installed (You will need your Accessport to install the software and a Windows Operating System), you will need to open the Torqued Performance Map with ATR using LOAD MAP under FILE menu. Then Select SAVE MAP under the FILE menu. When Saving the File, Save it as is. This will change the file name by deleting the –notlinked part of the file name. This will link the map to your AccessPORT. It can now be loaded to the AccessPORT via AccessPORT Manager.
When Flashing the maps always Reflash the ECU, never do a Realtime Flash. A Realtime flash doesn’t update enough tables in the ecu to have the map run properly.

There will be several different maps included with your Torqued Performance Package. They will be clearly marked for ease of use.

The oem airbox map is designed to be used with the entire air intake system, unmodified. Changes to the Intake System including additional holes or ducts may or may not alter how the MAF sensor behaves.

There are alternate maps provided for different aftermarket intakes.

The single most important element of the tune is the MAF calibration for the intake. These maps are specifically calibrated to these intakes and the use of other intakes with these maps may cause poor performance or lean Air Fuel Ratios and detonation. This can lead to engine failure.

Stage 2+ customers. Do not use any mechanical CEL Fix on the rear O2 sensor. This includes any spacer that takes the rear O2 sensor out of the exhaust stream. They are unneeded and may lead to other issues.

CEL’s are not normal for these maps and if they occur they should be looked at and taken seriously to determine a cause.
Datalogging is important to determining the health of the tune and your car. As well as point to potential issues that could cause the tune to not work effectively. Cars do vary sometimes so it’s recommended to do some logs for review.
Here is a list of items to set up in your data log list. Datalog a 3rd gear pull 2500-6500 rpm, 100% throttle.

A/F Correction 1(%)
A/F Learning 1 (%)
A/F Sensor 1 Ratio (AFR)
Boost (Psi)
Calculated Load
Dynamic Advance Multiplier (DAM)
Feedback Knock (degrees)
Fine Knock Learning (degrees)
Ignition Timing
Intake Temperature
Inj. Duty Cycle (%)
Throttle Pos.(%)
Vehicle Speed (mph)

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